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  • @mrs-howard Due date buddy here! 

    DD1 EDD 9/29/2015, Born 9/24/2015

    DS1 EDD 1/3/2018, Born 12/26/2017

    BFP #3 3/21/2019, EDD 11/29/2019, MMC/D&C 5/7/2019

    BFP #4 6/28/2019, EDD 3/12/2020 

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  • mondo77mondo77
    Third Anniversary 100 Love Its 10 Comments Name Dropper
    edited July 8
    edited, I don’t remember how to reply!
  • varimamavarimama
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    @mondo77 the reply button doesn’t really work you just have to use the @ symbol before a username to tag the person you want to reply to 😊
    Me: 29 | DH: 30
    Married: October, 19, 2015
    EDD 2/22/17 <3 DS born on 3/2/17
    (Formerly Marriedhamstermom Feb ‘17)
  • mindyfaumindyfau
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    Hey Ladies My name is Mindy I’m 29 and I have an almost 6yo and a 4yo with my ex. This pregnancy took me by surprise because I wasn’t quite ready to expand as I just got into a relationship with this babies dad and I graduate college in December. My EDD according to my app is March 7th but I’m hoping for a dating ultrasound at my first appointment on Wednesday 7/10. 
  • @hedgepig aw! Thank you! Thrilled and terrified over here LOL 

    *Formerly LuND*
    Me: 35 | DH: 37
    TTC: 7/2016
    Low AMH, mild MFI
    BFP 7/29/17
    EDD: 4/5/18
    <3  DS born 4/4/18  <3
    BFP #2 7/2/19
    EDD 3/13/20

  • @stac4056 YES! Please speak up! We'd love to have you, and OMG our kids are ALL the same age (nearly)! How cool! Also I am 36 and my husband is 38... are we twins?!?!?!

    DD1 EDD 9/29/2015, Born 9/24/2015

    DS1 EDD 1/3/2018, Born 12/26/2017

    BFP #3 3/21/2019, EDD 11/29/2019, MMC/D&C 5/7/2019

    BFP #4 6/28/2019, EDD 3/12/2020 

  • lusineglusineg
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    Hi, @stac4056 - I am totally awkward in person and online as well!
    BFP: 7/8/19
    EDD: 3/19/20

  • stac4056stac4056
    Fourth Anniversary 10 Comments 25 Love Its Name Dropper
    @EmilyLove25 I sawwww that, so awesome!! DD is November and DS is January 3, crazy close!! 

    @lusineg Thank you, no idea what it is, I over analyze responses and actually sweat, so ridiculous! Maybe the more I write the easier it will become!!
  • @projectalice I remember you from TTGP! Hi!

    My EDD is 3/21 / so cuspy

    I tested this morning at 10DPO & got a faint line--having seen a bunch of BFNs lately, I knew the real deal when I saw it. I'll be excited to retest tomorrow/etc, a bunch to reassure myself it's real, it's really happening.

    I'm a grad assistant at a Louisiana university & I teach lit & research writing--I'm almost done a first draft of my dissertation and aiming to graduate in the winter or spring of this upcoming school year, though I'm jobless and broke af for the summer. I'm a feminist, poet, & lit journal editor, none of which pays.

    DH is a restoration carpenter, ceramicist, & sculptor. We've got two lab mixes whom I love so much. I'm 35 y/o and he's 40 y/o--we are both Aries (!!!) & we'll both be first-time parents come March.

    I am long-winded, hate the winter, and love astrology. I'm a TTGP grad who is going to miss that community a lot as their support has been instrumental in my optimism and knowledge on this whole getting KU thing. I am originally from the NE & a big Philly Eagles fan. Despite what my writing style might look like on TB, I'm the best grammarian I know.

    I've had two previous losses, info about which you can see in my sig, and plan to be active in the PGAL threads. I am feeling super tentative, like this can't be real right now, but I guess it's likely that's how we all feel in the beginning, regardless of our history!

    Heeyyyy nice to see you! I love seeing ttgp grads in the due date groups 😁
    *Spoiler loss*
    I had several losses myself so it doesn't feel real and I'm trying not to get my hopes up yet!

  • MrsVP614MrsVP614
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    @kagesstarshroom SO EXCITED THAT YOU'RE HERE!!!! 
    Me: 33 DH: 33
    Married: 10.15.16
    BFP: 12.24.16
    DS BD: 8.20.17
    TTC #2 1.1.19
    BFP #2 7.3.19
    EDD #2 3.13.20
  • @kagesstarshroom Oooooooh man! What does astrology say about a cuspy baby????? I read your post and was like "of COURSE you'd have a cusp due date"  :D 

    *Formerly LuND*
    Me: 35 | DH: 37
    TTC: 7/2016
    Low AMH, mild MFI
    BFP 7/29/17
    EDD: 4/5/18
    <3  DS born 4/4/18  <3
    BFP #2 7/2/19
    EDD 3/13/20

  • fionazzzfionazzz
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    Hi I’m Fiona, husband and I are 29 living in Colorado. Love all things outdoors, hiking, skiing, paleoish cooking, wine and cats! My EDD is March 4 based on ovulation, but Feb 29 by LMP.

    I had implantation bleeding which I actually thought was a light period, but found out June 24 after an 88cent cheapy test from Walmart showed a faint line after a few minutes - was definitely in disbelief about it so have tested a lot since!

    This will be our first baby, it was “planned” based off wanting a 2020 due date and not 2019 because I’m weird like that 😹 but I was laid off in March so definitely feeling the stress/overwhelm of this in retrospect. It doesn’t feel real yet except for the nausea and sore boobs!
  • @stassischroeder Haha thanks for asking--it's wild. I *ALWAYS* say that the March Zodiac cusp is the weirdest one bc it's the oldest sign (Pisces, the end of the Zodiac) and the youngest sign (Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac (we're #1! we're #1!) Also, DH & I are BOTH Aries, and I actually joked that if we were still trying in June, we would have to skip a month bc I wouldn't want a baby born too close to my birthday... I had to iterate to him later that I was joking bc he 100% believed me bc I do love my bday so much. So... of course. 

    Also, the 21st is LITERALLY the dividing day, too--people SAY they're on the cusp on the few days before or after, but the 21st (maybe also the 20th, I think?) is the day that you COULD BE technically Pisces or COULD BE technically Aries, depending on the exact time you're born? Like, there really isn't an in-between, you're one or the other depending on the position of the Earth in relationship to the sky, but people do happen to feel affiliations to the signs they are close to if they are born early or late in a sign--and ESP. that close. Ahh!

    Me: 35 // H: 40
    Married: June 2013

    MMC January 2019 @ 6w4d w/ D&C February 2019
    CP: October 2018
    BFP: July 2019

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