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  • @ruby696 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 there aren't enough <3s in the world rn. 3/29 is MH's bday!

    Me: 35 // H: 40
    Married: June 2013

    MMC January 2019 @ 6w4d w/ D&C February 2019
    CP: October 2018
    BFP: July 2019

  • Oh my gosh!!! @ruby696 So very excited to see you here!!! And yes, please come join us AMA ladies <3
    Me: 36 | H: 43
    TTC #1: May 2015
    IF DX January 2016- Me: Right sided hydrosalpinx 
    Right tube removed: February 2016
    Acupuncture + TCM: March 2016
    BFP: July 4, 2016 | DS: March 2017 (39w 2d)
    TTC #2: April 2019
    BFP #2: April 2019 | CP: April 30, 2019 (4w 2d)
    BFP #3: July 15, 2019
    EDD: March 27, 2020

  • ajp03dajp03d
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    Hi hi! My name is Amanda, EDD is 3/6. We have an almost 7 year old boy and this will be our second pregnancy. Coming back to TB after 7 years is a weird feeling! Had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago as we had ectopic red flags but all was clear. Had an ultrasound today and saw the heartbeat! Starting to feel more real but still a little crazy.
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  • ruby696ruby696
    Seventh Anniversary 2500 Comments 500 Love Its Name Dropper
    Yes @chichiphin you NEED to be in March!! 
  • @ruby696 I’m so excited for you! I hope and pray this is your rainbow! 🌈 I also hope this pregnancy is super boring but so very happy! 
  • @ruby696, @chichiphin ❤️❤️

    DS: 05.2017

    #2 EDD: 09.2019

  • @cam1025 I am also finishing up a humanities PhD (in English) AND will be a FTM come March! <3 plus..... 3/26 is my birthday! Welcome.

    Me: 35 // H: 40
    Married: June 2013

    MMC January 2019 @ 6w4d w/ D&C February 2019
    CP: October 2018
    BFP: July 2019

  • @Malidocious Love the names of your dogs! Gone with the Wind is one of my fav books!
  • @alyssajr22 ; Aww, thank you!  :)  Mine too!  I love when people know the reference of my dogs' names! 
  • Welcome to the new ladies!
  • @dunder_mifflin Huge The Office fan here and fellow Social Worker. Welcome! 
  • aprileiaaprileia
    100 Love Its 10 Comments Name Dropper Photogenic
    @dunder_mifflin @stacey6689 Also a massive fan of The Office! (Though not a social worker ;))
  • @stacey6689 that’s awesome. Michael Scott for ever! What area of social work are you in? 

    @aprileia love meeting office fans! 
  • @dunder_mifflin Juvenile Rehabilitation. I work at a Juvenile Detention Center.  
  • @AmyKDuffy welcome fellow Seattleite!  I creeped on your photography page (I googled your screen name) and would have LOVED to hire you for my elopement at Lake Crescent.  Oh well, maybe next time...kidding!
    Me:  35  DH:  35
    <3 DD born 4/19/18  <3
    EDD:  3/11/2020

  • @stacey6689 Your job sounds fascinating!!  I'm a teacher and would love to work in the Juvenile justice system some day. 
    Me:  35  DH:  35
    <3 DD born 4/19/18  <3
    EDD:  3/11/2020

  • @keeksie84 Aw that's awesome! Yes, I specialize in outdoor mountain stuff and love Lake Crescent. :)
    Me: 34, DH: 33 // Met: 10.21.2007 // Married: 9.18.2015
    BFP: 4.29.2016 // EDD: 1.2.2017 (IT'S A BOY!) Born 12/26/16
    BFP: 2.10.19 // and MC on 3.19.19
    BFP: 7.9.19 // EDD 3.16.20

  • SP128SP128
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    edited July 26
    I started out working in a juvenile detention center. Def was interesting @stacey6689
    Me: 36  DH:35
    Married: 7/10/2016
    TTC#1 - May 2016
    BFP 9/6/2016 - Missed MC 10/20/2016  
    BFP 5/5/2017  - CP
    IVF #1 - June 2017  - Transferred 1 fresh 4 AA embryo.  7/9 Beta #1 - 161 
    <3 Adam <3 Born on 3/18/18

  • @stacey6689 oh so awesome! I used to be a youth addiction counselor so I worked with a lot of youth in the Youth Criminal Justice System (as we call it in Ontario). I LOVED that job so much, but I relocated back home. I also did youth mental health, I work with adults now in IP mental health but I miss working with children and youth! 
  • @keeksie84 Yeah it's definitely an interesting environment to work in. It's sometimes tough but can be rewarding when you actually are able to help.
  • jenEPjenEP
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    @AmyKDuffy another Seattleite! I’m in Woodinville now but lived in Seattle for 6 years before moving to the Eastside. Welcome :) 
  • mrsvp614mrsvp614
    1000 Comments 500 Love Its Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    @SDSwenson Are you April 17 or Aug 17?
    Me: 33 DH: 33
    Married: 10.15.16
    BFP: 12.24.16
    DS BD: 8.20.17
    TTC #2 1.1.19
    BFP #2 7.3.19
    EDD #2 3.13.20
  • Hi! I’m Heather. My due date is March 5. I have a daughter who will be 28 months and a son who will be 14 months when #3 is born. I really want 4 kids, but hubby says we’re done after this one. I’m an orthodontist, and he’s a general dentist. Looking forward to getting to know you all!
  • Hi! I’m Shannon! My EDD is 3/3 so I’m about 8.5 weeks along. I’ve been married for about 5 years to my awesome husband. We’re so excited for this baby and thankful to be pregnant. I found out pretty early—few days before my missed period but had a hunch because I couldn’t stop burping Lol. We experienced a loss with our first earlier this year so we are praying and have shared with others so they can pray too. The support has been great! Still a little nervous but we have been able to see a healthy baby which has helped. Looking forward to supporting each other and making some friends on here! :) 
  • @MrsVP614 April
    Me: 28 DH: 28
    Married: 9/25/2015
    TTC: #1
    CP: Nov. 2015
    MC: Mar. 2016
    BFP: 8/9/16
    EDD: 4/17/17

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