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  • @knottieef36f27ba666b18f where in idaho do you live? I'm in kuna, due the 13th!
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  • @cpirtle02 Welcome!  Your pregnancy journey sounds a lot like mine, except my partner and I aren't married.  We experienced two early losses this year (one in March and the other at the end of May), but I'm currently 10 weeks exactly right now.  FX for healthy pregnancies for both of us! :) 
  • I live in Dubois, ID, just west of Rexburg! I have a few friends that live in Kuna. 
  • 2 losses must've been hard on you both! Super excited to hear your 10 weeks though! 😊😊 And yes, healthy pregnancies for us please!! 
  • @kristris2018 nice to see another Canadian on the forum! I’m from Toronto too :) my due date is not far off since I’m March 25th sitting at 8w6d. My dad was also a secondary teacher and now he’s retired so we have many crossing paths. I am sorry about your loss, I’m wishing you nothing but a healthy, happy pregnancy 💛
  • @kristris2018 I'm so sorry for your loss, but I'm so glad that you're here with us now.  :)  
  • Welcome new mommas! :) It's great to have you all here!
  • Super late introducing myself but I’m here! My name is Virginia and I am currently living in the PNW. My EDD is March 7! This is my first pregnancy.

    My husband is in the navy and I am a criminal defense paralegal. We have a 2.5 year old dog that is our LIFE! I am obsessed with all things true crime, and also enjoy reading, cooking, and working out!
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    Hello everyone! Dominique... New here :) expecting baby March 28th! ❤️

    My husband and I are 23 and married- and were not expecting this little bundle of surprise! Couldn’t be more happy though as the weeks continue to go by! 

    We have 2 dogs, Oakley and Sedona and on our free time love to watch scary movies (mostly me.. lol) and stay out of our Phoenix heat! 🤣

  • - EDD March 28
    - How you found out: I was trying to make my cycle come early before my hubby came home (he works out of state) so I took a test... much to my surprise, it was positive! 
    - Stay at home mom
    - Have 7 kids 3 girls and 4 boys
    - Found out at our first dating ultrasound that I am pregnant with twins, and we are beyond excited! 
  • My due date is March 31st! This is my second pregnancy! I am a fifth grade teacher and I’m anxious and excited for this pregnancy. My fiancé and l found out right before I turned 5 weeks and I had a “feeling” before the pregnancy was confirmed.
  • @stassischroeder You read my mind.  :|
    Me: 33 DH: 33
    Married: 10.15.16
    BFP: 12.24.16
    DS BD: 8.20.17
    TTC #2 1.1.19
    BFP #2 7.3.19
    EDD #2 3.13.20
  • @chrsell welcome! It’s nice to see another Torontonian in the group!
  • aprileiaaprileia member
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    @uno_mas Yay for another corgi mama!! Welcome!
  • Hello! I'm Randi, 31, with EDD of 3/24/20 for my first! DH and I are so excited, tried for years and stopped worrying about it while building our house then next month  BOOM - baby! I work full time as a billing manager at a pulmonology clinic in MO, planning to still work after baby is here. Fun times ahead, lol!

    Will know sex of the baby by end of the month and very excited. Literally everyone, even the nurses and doctors, have called the baby a "he" without thinking about it, so I'm interested to see if they are all right, lol!
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    @luckyinlove2020.      Lol @ your family hassling y'all to have kids - same here! My husband and I have been together since we were 15. Always with the "you better get started"  :#. Now I'm 31 with 1st baby, lol! Yay for you and me!
  • @fustilugs3 crazy! Same happened to us. Decided not to worry or try until after we moved and got through a ton of renovations at the new place, and got pregnant immediately!

    Congrats! Everyone told me I was having a girl and they were right :)
  • My estimated due date is March 29th. Saw the baby on ultra sound last week with a strong heartbeat. This is my first pregnancy. I found out 3 days before we got engaged. 
  • Hi! I am late to join here because I thought I was due in April! Turns out my “period” in July was not a period at all, but heavy implantation bleeding, and I am four weeks farther along than I originally thought. Talk about a surprise at your first ever ultrasound! My EDD is March 24, 2020. This is my first pregnancy. I found out by taking a home test after feeling very strange for a week. I am an elementary school teacher. I also love to run. My husband and I met running track in college. I am now 30 and he is 28. We are super excited for this new journey!
  • Hi!! My name is Molly (33) and I am just shy of 12 weeks along. This is my first ever pregnancy; my husband (34) and I have been trying for 4.5 years, were unsuccessful "naturally" and with IUI so this summer we did IVF and got lucky! I'm due March 24. We live in Seattle but I am from Wisconsin and lived there my whole life until 2018. I'm excited to meet some other new moms 😊 
  • Same due date!
  • @mollyanna324 welcome! I live in Woodinville, and there are a few other Seattle (or suburb of Seattle) moms in this group as well. 
  • @mollyanna324 welcome! I'm in Seattle(ish) too! My husband and I know a shocking number of Midwest transplants for some reason. He grew up in Madison and my best friend's husband is from Wisconsin too. 
  • @kevschickee2 haha we do love it out here! I lived in Madison for 13 years before we moved west. I'm glad to see two other local-ish March moms!!
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