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I can’t make sense of this u/s...Ramzi Method?

Hey guys, this is the u/s pic from my first u/s at 8w4d. It looks like a blob to me lol but I was wondering if anyone can make sense of it enough to guess the gender based on the Ramzi theory/method?

P  S  - if you can make sense of this pic, you must be some kind of wizard or something because I don’t see ANYTHING! Lol

Re: I can’t make sense of this u/s...Ramzi Method?

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  • Lmao you guys suck but thanks for the laugh I guess
  • Hi, congrats! It looks like it would be a boy if the Ramzi method is at all accurate. I would do the Chinese gender calendar over that. I double checked it with my previous babies and everyone that is preg. That I know and that know the gender already & it seems accurate! 
  • Of all the pregnancy message boards I’ve visited since becoming pregnant, the bump is definitely the rudest and snarkiest 🙄. Definitely not very warm and welcoming here. 
    I think it’s fun for some first time parents to guess but we are just so excited. Goodluck with your pregnancy mama! 
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