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  • @Dancer688 I have never done it before but I am considering it. Although I haven’t spoken to DH about it. 
  • @Dancer688 I did cord blood banking with my son, and we probably will again. Happy to answer questions if I can! Although I have to say I need to re-read all the info about it. 
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  • @creamcheeseplease is it expensive? I remember thinking it was very cool when I was pregnant with my son and signed up for every sweepstakes to win it for free but definitely didn't think I was in a position then to afford it ourselves. Is there an ongoing fee? 
  • @creamcheeseplease - I'll take any information that helped make your decision.  We didn't do it with my first 2 but I was curious what kind of benefits there might be down the road.  

    Honestly, I wish we could just donate it but our hospital doesn't have it as an option yet.
  • Where can you go to read about cord blood banking? 
  • @ABabyMarshall @Dancer688 we used ViaCord and we pay $175 per year for the storage. There was a fee up front of course but I can't remember how much. I know that I've seen several coupons floating around for it, I know one came in my amazon registry welcome box. I’ll look for them later today and if there's a code I'm happy to give it whoever if someone wants it. I think I'll get the same discount as a returning customer.

    @emeraldcity1214 my OB had some packets of information that she gave to me last time. I'm planning to ask my son's pediatrician for some information as well, not sure though if you have doctors lined up yet since you just moved! There's also some info of course on Viacord's web site, although obviously slanted toward banking it. However my understanding overall is that these cells can be used to help treat certain blood cancers. I don't actually think that you are guaranteed access to your own kid's cord blood but that most treatments are done with other cord blood from the bank, though I need to check back on that. 

    One of the reasons we ended up choosing to do this for DS was because at that time we were not aware of what his potential kidney problems would be, and while I don't think these cells can be used for any treatments for that right now, frankly I was making a lot more money at that point and felt it was worthwhile from a "just in case" perspective.
  • JBos82JBos82
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    I feel super dumb and I’m going to ask my doc about it on Thursday, but I think I’m having Braxton Hicks (I’ll be 23 weeks tomorrow). Started yesterday, I get kinda weird muscle stabby pain under my bump (different from round ligament pains) and I just feel huge all day. Usually only feel super huge after dinner. I don’t really notice anything in my back, just my belly feels “off” of that makes sense. Not painful, just uncomfortable. A little more out of breath than usual. Not constant either, just throughout the day. I didn’t have BH with either of my first two pregnancies (or if I did I didn’t notice), so I know something is different, I just can’t quite put my finger on it. Do I sound crazy or is/has anyone else experiencing/ed something similar?

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  • @JBos82 BH feels like a tightening all over your uterus. It actually feels like your uterus turns into a ball. It just feels tight. Not necessarily uncomfortable and certainly doesn’t come with any “stabby” pain under the bump. I will say, I have had weird stabbing like pains that happen randomly but I haven’t been concerned because it isn’t like a menstrual type cramp that would make me think I’m having preterm labor. Definitely y’all to your OB about it just to rule everything out. 
  • @jobos82 - I had that with my last pregnancy but not my 1st or 3rd.  For me it happened to be my baby girl was positioned in such a way that she would do a legit jab.  Like I would call out in pain (the first 2 times I actually blamed my husband because I thought he poked me really hard) Whoops. 

    Definitely tell your OB so they make a note of it even if they don't think it is anything to worry about.
  • Anyone have advice/tips/resources for unmedicated delivery? With my first, I got the epidural, but I would like to try this one without. I'm open to pretty much whatever, and in the end if I need one I will get one, but want to prepare myself so I can at least try. Thanks in advance!
  • Can anyone recommend something for my back when I'm sitting at the computer most of my day? I'm seriously in so much discomfort.. I had a back pillow a few years ago but I got rid of it, so I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions. 

  • @dani_0921 that is a question that definitely could be a new thread. I actually have had 2 unmediated births and I tried with my second baby and wasn’t able to get past transition. So I definitely have some advice on the subject. 
  • @emeraldcity1214 ok, I made one. Thank you!
  • @dani_0921 I will post in it later today because I have a busy morning. 
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    @creamcheeseplease as a fellow all day sitter, here are my tips:
    1. I know this one is going to make you roll your eyes but get up and walk at least 1 minute at a time. Not just to the bathroom but an honest full minute. It’s easy to get carried away and stay seated forever but it’s  so much more important to get your spine moving.
    2. There are these really great mesh lumbar supports that strap to the back of any chair. They are adjustable and will help with any level (cervical thoracic or lumbar) of skeletal issue. Consider getting one for your car too if you have a commute. 
    3. Keep those feet propped up! Get a little stool for under your desk. I prefer as high as possible because I’m a little fidgety and like to rest my whole leg up there sometimes. Lower is probably better for most people though. 
    4. This changed my liiiiiife- about 4 years ago I changed to a ball chair. It’s a yoga ball on top of a wheeled base so you still have the functionality of a chair at your desk. 
  • @cl4157 thank you! You are so right that I should be getting up more, and the bathroom is really close to my office so thats not too long of a walk. I'm going to order a lumbar support and get a stool to prop my feet up.
  • @creamcheeseplease I have struggled with lower back issues too.  I used to do sit-ups and that would help, but of course it's a no-no for pregnancy.  So I recently started planking and I haven't had any back pain so far this pregnancy (keeping fingers very, very tightly crossed).  Sometimes it's counter-intuitive but strengthening those little support muscles in the back can help.  If you want to try this, I would say start small, say 20 seconds and 3 reps, but do it every day and really watch your form.  You want your back to be totally straight (butt not sticking up or sagging down, it helps to have someone look at you to be sure when you're getting started).  Also, you really want to feel all the core muscular support while you're holding the plank. 
  • What's everyone's thoughts when it comes to washing babys clothes? Can I get away with using Tide (or Costco's version of Tide) like i do MH and my laundry in, or is baby specific detergent a must? Google isn't all that helpful, I've read too many differing opinions lol
  • @angieeeeee former Tide user here too.  Since I was pregnant with my son I stick to free and clear or less scented stuff than tide and my son’s been fine.  We use Seventh Generation Lavender now and really like it.  It’s super lightly scented because I don’t like not having a scent at all.  Stay away from Dreft, it has all of the things you want to avoid for a baby (fragrance, phnenols, optical brighteners, etc.).  I used the Method brand detergent when he was a baby and liked that as well, but I feel like the seventh generation gets my husband’s work clothes cleaner!  

    The way I see it, it can’t hurt to do the first few loads of baby clothes in a very mild detergent, then see if they have a reaction to cuddling up against your clothes at all before washing all your laundry together so you don’t drive yourself crazy separating everything.  
  • We use Tide and I've always just washed the baby clothes in the same thing.
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  • @angieeeeee wash baby’s clothes in whatever you usually wash your own clothes in. None of my babies have ever had an issue. 
  • @angieeeeee I have sensitive skin so we use a dye-free, scent-free detergent and baking soda or oxiclean on everything. Sometimes babies have sensitive skin, so switching to a free and clear detergent can help avoid a reaction, but if you want to just wait and see that is fine.  
  • @angieeeeee - We used Dreft.  My firstborn had sensitive skin so Tide gave her a rash for whatever reason.
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    So on the topic of laundry- we pulled out our son's baby clothes we stashed away and pulled out what we thought we could get away with with baby girl. Soo much of the lighter colored pieces have formula or breast milk stains that were definitely not as apparent when I put them away 🙈 It's been almost 8 long years. I looked up some fixes for this and I know enzyme sprays are supposed to work but what else? Oxiclean? Should I soak them then spot treat? I really really want to be able to use some of these clothes. Let me know what has worked for you tried and true!!

    ETA: @angieeeeee at first we used Dreft but I got so sick of the extra expense of buying two separate detergents before switching to a free and clear. I really prefer scented personally so eventually I tested out how his skin was with regular detergent and it was fine. Just keep in mind LO could be sensitive
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    Question for STM+ moms: How many onsies are a good amount for the newborn stage and the 0-3 size? I feel like I'm going to have too many newborn clothes and before I know it, I'll need bigger clothes, but I have no clue how much! 
  • @mc0303 my son wore newborn size for way longer than I anticipated and he was 7lb 6oz, 21.5in at birth.  I think he was 6 weeks before he fit into the majority of 0-3 stuff without it looking huge on him.  Then he was pretty on point for the age and clothes size.  It depends on how much you’ll be doing laundry for how much to buy, but I’d count on changing baby’s outfits about three or four times a day between spit up, blow outs, milk.  Also, each brand runs differently for sizing so it’s hard to gauge!  
  • @ABabyMarshall I would soak them and then put them in the sun to dry. If they have been dried the stains are set in. 
  • @mc0303 I only have a handful of newborn stuff and a tad bit more of 0-3 month. I think I’m done buying for that size. Although, I’m not really sure what I need for winters in AK. So I’m probably going to need a few more things. 
  • @mc0303 my son was 8lb1oz at birth and wore newborn for about a month. But I really only had a few NB stuff, he mostly wore 0-3m along with newborn. But I agree with planning for outfit changes, between leaky diapers and spit up.

    Also, dont assume every baby will follow the clothes sizes with age. My son grew fast in the first 6 months and bumped up to new sizes early (he wore 6 months around 3 months, ect). I did not take that into account with some seasonal stuff.
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  • mc0303mc0303
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    @gumby22c @emeraldcity1214 @rogro118 thanks so much!! I’m not thrilled about doing so much laundry, but I also don’t want to leave soiled and spit up clothes around. I’ll try to get a little of everything. 
  • @ABabyMarshall ours had those stains too (3 years of storage in AZ heat). My Mom soaked them in oxiclean and then spot treated them. A lot of it faded or came out enough to use.  I think she had todo it twice on some of them. 

    @mc303 mine never fit newborn sizes. I think it really depends upon how big babies in your family tend to be.  Do you know what you weighed when you were born?
  • @emeraldcity1214 @drama_llama thanks I guess I'll do the works. These are definitely washed, dried, set-in stains that are now much darker with age. If it comes down to it they can just be house clothes I guess thanks ladies
  • @ABabyMarshall Oxiclean!!!!  Worked like a charm for my son's 7 year old baby clothes with breastmilk stains.  I was skeptical, but so happy with the results.

  • Oxiclean is really good stuff. I always soak poop explosions in it for a few hours and it washes clean every time. Just a PSA for when that time comes. 😁
  • Oxiclean is the bomb! I will try it hope it works 🤞🤞

    Now another thing that came down with son's clothes is the Bundle Me. Have any of you used this currently or in the past? We loved it at the time but it seems kind of frowned upon now. Am I just reading over zealous car seat safety things or do you think it's a legit concern? I don't remember having to reroute his straps to work with the Bundle Me and it seemed so secure. Thought it was such a great product/we were doing the right thing since we could leave baby in base layer of clothes since he was so cozy inside. 
  • @ABabyMarshall I just googled it. I probably wouldn’t use it because you are adding a considerable amount of material to the car seat. Not just dropping it over. 

    If you’re reading about this in a car seat safety group you will get lots and lots of negative feedback because adding anything that isn’t from the manufacturer to the car seat (between baby and buckles) is a big no no. 
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    @drama_llama I think babies in my family haven been pretty average to small...around 7 lbs. I’m pretty petite so I’m not anticipating a super large baby. No idea how much I weighed, I’ll have to ask my mom. 
  • @ABabyMarshall I had this question the other day.  My friend works at one of the big stroller/car seat companies and has gone through car seat safety training for years so I asked her her thoughts and she said it would be fine.  My sister handed down the JJ Cole one to us and it is thin for the part that goes under the baby so there isn’t any fluff to compress, which I think is typically the issue in case of a crash.  However, I probably still won’t use it for car rides because I’m a worrier, but if we’re going to be outside with the carrier for any reason longer than just walking to/from the car I figure it might be helpful since I don’t have anything like that for my bassinet that goes on my stroller.  

    Last time I used a  Milkmaid nursing cover to put over his infant seat to block the wind and a swaddle wrapped around his legs and torso (after buckling) and that worked fine.  My son was a September baby and I don’t remember being worried about the New England weather at all.  
  • Thank you both for your input 😊 I googled as well, but wanted to see about personal experience. I'll probably be too paranoid to use it for car rides now as well but for walks it will still be great. We thought it was a great product but I can see how it can affect the integrity of the car seat. I wonder how much else I have that's no longer up to snuff 
  • FTM here wondering what people do for fall and winter coats while 8 to 9 months pregnant? I live in Northern Michigan and it can get quite cold quickly - anyone have any good brands they can recommend?
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