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  • Forgive me if this is tmi. Anyone using crinone have some different colored clumps come out? Like black? It’s kind of alarming and dr google isn’t really helping me. 
  • Question! Are BBT temps generally higher when it's warmer out/colder when it's colder out? OR do they stay relatively the same throughout the year?
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    kagesstarshroom - that is an excellent question! I hope someone answers it because I want to know too. 

    Disclaimer: I asked a similar question on TFAS board, but I am wanting a bit more insight. 

    My temps have been off this cycle due having to get out of bed between 3:30-5:30 before my normal wake up time of 7:30 several days a week (indicated by 06 boxes on the bottom of my chart). On CD 14, I had a temp of 97.28 (orange dot on chart) at 5:30 and 98.06 at 7:30 (blue dot). The average of the two is 97.67 (green dot). My temps can be relatively normal during 4:30 - 5:30 or they can be low. 

    1. Which temp should I use for CD 14? Normal wake up time (98.06) or after 3+ hours of sleep (97.28)?

    2. Would it be wise to continue to test with opks to see if another LH surge would happen since temps are not indicating that I have ovulated?

    From what I am understanding from google it wouldn't be but I would gladly accept additional insight. 

  • @kagesstarshroom Warmer rooms, blankets, and clothing tend to lead to warmer temps. Some women temp vaginally so they can get more accurate temps, which is something you might want to try @spacemountaineer! I also saw some women recommending this site to adjust temps for weird wake up times:
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  • @NYTino24- thank you for the link and insight! It gave me the average of the two temps. I am curious to use it with some of my other temps. 
  • What brand ubiquinol does everyone take? Also, does anyone drink tart cherry juice? Considering starting it and don’t know what to get. 
  • @kbrown2385 ;Pic in spoiler. It's supposed to absorb better than other brands, but who knows if that's true.

  • @ruby696 perfect, that’s one I was looking at. Thanks! 
  • Question!! 
    AF is due today, didn’t come. So I tested BFN of course. The dr wants me to take provera for 5 days to initiate a period and then I’ll get some surgeries done next month. 
    My question is, would you start the provera now or wait a few more days, test again and assuming it’s still a BFN, start the provera ? I have PCOS so no period/late period is expected hence the provera being prescribed. 
    Thank you so much to anyone who has any insight. 
  • Sorry, @kels0091, I don’t have any insight. Could you leave the question for the dr who prescribed it?

    speaking of asking drs questions... As I’ve finally rid myself of af, but am still spotting on cd9 for the second month since I’ve been taking notes, I want to double check things. I assume I should call my gyno, not my primary...or should I be seeing my primary in hopes of an re referral? (Month 10 ttc) ugh, I hate calling about these things, but I don’t want to kick myself later for waiting.
  • @begging4abump I would call tour obgyn.  My primary was an idiot with issues related to menstrating.  I once brought up not having my period for 2 months while I was there and she told me it was normal to not get a period for 6 months.

    does your insurance require a referral for RE?  Then I would probably still call obgyn and call primary to get a referral. 

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  • @kels0091 I would probably wait a couple of days just to be sure. This isn't backed up by ANYTHING medical, I just think I would personally be nervous :)

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  • @kels0091 I was in the same position a few months ago. It really is a personal choice. I decided to wait and AF did eventually come on her own but I was definitely worried about taking it "just in case" in the meantime. If you know when you ovulated, personally I'd wait another day or two and if still BFN then take the provera. In my case I didn't actually ovulate when I thought I did so it was another 13 days before AF showed, and in the meantime I was just in limbo.

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  • Has anyone dealt with prolonged spotting?  Got AF on 2/14 it lasted 3 days (normal)  but during that 3 days never really got any red blood it was mostly dark red/ brown and thick (small clots ) Monday (first day after end of AF) had some spotting after BD, yesterday no spotting but had what felt like ovary pain and today I have a little spotting when I wipe or check CM. Any ideas?
  • Thanks, @holly321. Part of my reason for posting my question was to give myself some accountability for follow through. I left the question for a nurse at my Obgyn, so we’ll see what happens. I’ll get working on getting that referral from my gp now.

    @kimmer1412 per tcoyf, some ppl notice spotting after bd “especially likely when cervix is lowest.” (Weschler p392) I don’t know about the second occasion. 
  • How often do you all get dizziness during your cycles? I never do, but I'm having a bout of dizziness right now and also had this Monday afternoon. Not sure what to make of it. Any ideas or similar experiences?
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    @inthewoods23 that’s one of my main symptoms, dizziness. 
    I tell myself that I need to have some sugar and sometimes that does help. But that’s just me. 
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