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  • Another Phoenix Mama here! The heat is what is getting me nervous, as I really have no idea as to what would be comfortable for baby in September-November! I feel like its just extremes, either really hot, or really cold. :( I'm trying to not buy anything more until we know how this summer is going to play out! 
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    @btifulriot i have the same feeling, i have no idea what a baby is going to want to wear in the heat! 
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  • Phoenix May Mom here! Around the house we did onesies with a swaddle or footed pajamas. Outside of the house, shorts and a tank/ onesie then a blanket if I felt it was cold. Dont forget how freezing it is inside everywhere. 
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  • 34 weeks here, how many contractions do you think you have a day? I feel like I have a lot. (FYI it’s my 3rd) They aren’t timeable and aren’t usually too painful. 
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  • I'm 35weeks with my second baby, and i'm having a lot of contractions back to back every day and they are painful to the point where I'm worried i'm getting dilated. I finally went in and had my Ob check my cervix just to make sure and thank God i wasn't.  
  • That makes makes me feel better! With my 2nd child the same thing happened, but at 38 weeks and I was already 3 cm. I barely even felt the contractions. So I am hoping that’s not what’s happening bc it’s so early. 
    Good luck!
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  • I think you know the answers. Be careful, but not affraid.
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