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WTO Thursday 1/10

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!**





Me: 30 DH:32

DD 3/11  

MMC 2/12

DS 1/13

TTC #3 since 2/17.  Malignant molar missed miscarriage 8/22/17

Re: WTO Thursday 1/10

  • Month/Cycle: 4/4

    CD: 12

    WAYDTGKU:  opks, cm, HIO EOD
    R/R: Rant - I'm soooo tired. I have been super busy this week and feel like I could sleep for 48 hours straight. Thank goodness the weekend will be here soon!
    Rave - I have nothing major to do after work tonight, so I get to go to bed early. Yippee! Such an exciting life I lead 😂

    CS/Q: nada
  • Hey, @galentine and @jennifer_louise! Can I crash your party? :)
    @galentine Sorry that you're so tired, but at least you can get to bed earlier tonight. You've been such a warrior at work lately!
    @jennifer_louise We are on the same O train! I'm glad that you feel good about not temping. I try to tell myself that it's super important to jam a thermometer inside of my vagine every morning, but deep down I know it's not. Maybe I'll have the zen mindset to stop temping one of these cycles...

    Month/Cycle: 7/7

    CD: 17

    WAYDTGKU: HIO, PNV, OPK, BBT, B6, B12, progesterone, preseed
    R/R: I have my first RE appointment set up for next month, but I'm really hoping that I don't need it for lots of reasons. One of those reasons is because the office is 70 miles away, but I have to use them because they are approved through the fertility program covered by my insurance. The benefits are great, but I have to go to a specific Center of Excellence and that is the closest one. Luckily, the insurance company will cover for mileage (to some degree).

    CS/Q: Vaginal temping is awesome, but I do find that I get a ton of repeat temps. Hopefully, I get a spike tomorrow.

    Me: 34 DH: 49 Married October 2015
    TTC #1 since July 2018
  • @jennifer_louise and @elle-0409, NOOOOOO you can't leave me!!!! I mean really, I'm happy for y'all that you are O'ing and moving on to the TWW, I just wish I was joining you!

  • @galentine yay for early bedtime! DH always makes fun of me when I go sleep by 9:00, but 12-hour work days zap me!

    @jennifer_louise hooray for O! It’s always such a relief.

    @elle-0409 how long have you had your BBT thermometer? If you’re getting a bunch of repeat temps, it may be worth buying a new one.


    Month/Cycle: 4

    CD: 2

    WAYDTGKU: Nothing for now. Will start round 2 of Clomid tomorrow for my LPD.
    R/R: I don’t start work til 11:00 this morning....but I have to work til 11:30 tonight 😩

    CS/Q: none

    Married: April 2012

    MC: Aug 2014

    IF Dx irregular periods & Luteal Phase Defect: May 2015

    DS: April 2016 on Prometrium

    TFAS: since Oct. 2018

    On 2nd cycle of Clomid for LPD

  • @galentine LOL at your GIF! 😂 I’ll probably stick around for another day. 
    @daffodil_shoe My thermometer is only a couple of months old. After this cycle, I’ll change the battery. Good luck with your long shift! Hopefully, it is not too stressful. 
    Me: 34 DH: 49 Married October 2015
    TTC #1 since July 2018
  • @elle-0409 I sincerely hope you don't need the RE either because 70 miles is rough!! I'm gonna be crossing fingers for you hard. Did you get your progesterone figured out? PS cycle buddies for life!! 

    @DAFFODIL_SHOE that work schedule would kill me! My morning-person brain shuts down at around 230pm lol. 

    @galentine lol hopefully you'll join us soon!! In the mean time, I will creepily stalk you from afar

  • @jennifer_louise My doctor's office finally called me back almost two weeks later and said to stay at the same dose because it could be something else that's the problem so if it happens again, I should call them. Clearly, I'm ignoring her recommendation and finding a new OBGYN because she also wanted to put me on Clomid but not monitor me. I'm just really glad that getting KU is super easy and fun and inexpensive!

    Me: 34 DH: 49 Married October 2015
    TTC #1 since July 2018
  • Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD: 16

    R/R: rave: I can finally hear out of my left ear again! I caught a pretty bad cold last week and then ended up at urgent care over the weekend for an ear infection. Thankfully, the antibiotics have killed off my cold symptoms so we've still been able to HIO this week. 

    CS/Q: Nope
    Me: 31  DH: 35
    Together since 2007 | Married June 2013
    TTC #1: June 2015
    BFP: 11/9/16 |  EDD: 7/22/17
       <3 DD born 7/16/17 <3 

    TTC #2: December 2018
    Mirena out 12/5
  • @kiki047 That story is really heartwarming. It must be so neat being able to see the progress of your follies. How often do you go in to be monitored? Hope you have a wonderful time on your date night! Let us know how Come From Away is.
    TTGP January 2019 Siggy Challenge - Pets in snow

  • @misshelen86 it warmed my frozen, cynical little heart this morning. The tech was just going on and on about how this poor woman has been through hell and back and she is so over the moon happy for her. Normally I'm a little bitter about these things but it was so sweet to see her so invested in someone else's success. // I was going EOD at the beginning of my cycle but now that my follies are within range of possibly releasing they want me to come daily except Sundays. It's not so bad, I just have to leave about an hour earlier than I normally would to get to work. 

    Me: 32  SO: 35

    TTC since Dec 2017

    Aug 2018: PCOS

    Nov '18: Cycle monitoring, testing w/RE. SA showed count on the low side (19mil)

    Dec '18: Letrozole + TI - BFN

    Jan '19: Almost at 30lb total weight loss milestone since Aug '18. Natural monitored cycle + TI

  • @kiki047 That must make for a long day. Especially with SMEPing it out as well. I wish you didn’t have to go through this. Keeping FX this will be your month. 
    TTGP January 2019 Siggy Challenge - Pets in snow

  • ohhh @kiki047 I will miss you too! Don't worry, I won't be far :). And WOW daily monitoring sounds intense, but I hope it's just what you need!

    @misshelen86 I'm with ya on bedtime is the best. Yes, I still did OPKs. I got my + on Wednesday night, and another yesterday morning. (and then a negative yesterday evening, because apparently I can't stop peeing on things).

    And @stephanie123456 I did still OPK, see above :). I'm glad that there's a much more reasonable option for a bachelorette party. I, personally, hope that you won't be able to drink at the winery.
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