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  • @cindler Check out some baby name books from the library! If you know you want the letter T, that makes hunting through those books SO much easier. 
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  • I'm loving all of these names ! 

  • So many great names here! 
    My DD is Margaret Alice which I thought was a lovely combo of family/classic/uncommon - of course there’s another Margaret in her next door class but oh well🙄
    That’s likely the trait combo we’re hoping for again, we didn’t get serious about it last time until the third trimester but I just downloaded that app- it’s fun! 
    We went to the hospital with 3 options and chose the final when we met her, will probably do that again. 

  • @cindler I had never heard the name Trinity until I taught one last year. She is one of the most wonderful young women I have ever taught. I actually threw the name Trinity into the ring last pregnancy because of her. So I'm a little biased but I actually love that name. 
  • These are all such beautiful names!! No duds for July ‘19!!!
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  • cindlercindler
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    @Panaceia DH first suggested the name while we were watching the Matrix. It is all I think of now. I dont hate the name, and we'll probably go with it if LO is a girl, but I'm not totally in love with it. Then again, i haven't yet found a girl name that i love...

    ETA: I do love the name Tyler for a girl, but that's DH's name and I'm not going to allow my daughter to be named after her father. That just seems cruel.
  • @cindler I didn't love DD's name when we named her but once I started using it I started to love it. I don't love the name we've chosen for this LO either, but I know once she is here it will grow on me too. Like you I didn't really have a name I loved either so I didn't mind using SO's choices. That being said I kind of like the idea of a girl being named after her father. And love the idea of Tyler for a girl. Either way you can't really go wrong:)

  • We have two girls. Ryley Faith and Harmony Rae.  It has always been easier to pick girl names! I have a feeling this is another girl, and I am the youngest of 4 girls so it very well could be! Anyway, I love either Annika Everly or Abrielle (haven't thought of a middle name yet) for a girl. We also love Isaiah, Elliot, or Emmett for a boy. I love thinking of names and poring over the baby names book😊
  • @nolemomma14 That's funny,  we have 2 girls and it's always been easier for us to choose girl names😊 Being team green is fun! We did that with our second, but I knida think I want to find out this time. I think because my other two were fall/winter babies and this one's a summer baby. Even if it's another girl we'll need mostly new clothes!
  • rgn12rgn12
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    Whoever originally mentioned the Kinder app, THANK YOU! Hubby and I were arguing about names forever haha, but now we have a long list for both boys and girls (we don’t know the gender yet). I’m optimistic now! Haha!
  • hakelehakele
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    OK... this is really weird. But after I told my in-laws we were expecting, my MIL knew the name I liked for a girl, and she used it and I about hurled. I hate it now. It doesn't feel right anymore. 
    We are going to do my maiden name for a middle name if it is a boy. And we threw out the first name we were thinking of for a boy now, too. Ugh. What the hell. I think I gotta get the gender figured out so I can start feeling more like this is a person and not just something making me sick... 
  • We threw out both of our first pics and are currently going with Lola Jane and Luca (stills undecided on a middle name). We’ve never changed the names with our boys so this is weird for us lol 
  • hakelehakele
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    @bartonolivia I love the name Luca! Our rules for our name is an Italian name that doesn't sound ridiculous with a southern accent and who's nickname isn't too ridiculous. Hahaha. Gonna be a tough thing to figure this out. 
    Also, did you know the name Andrea is a boy name? 
  • acgxacgx
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    @hakele Not just you... I keep telling my husband I can't make any decisions until I know the gender. He thinks I'm crazy, but I'm having a hard time with hypotheticals!

  • @hakele I've been there! When I was pregnant with my son, MH and I had agreed on what we thought was the perfect name. Then when we had the anatomy scan, suddenly the name was making me cringe, I couldn't stand it! It took us until maybe the month before my due date before we narrowed it down to even three names and then I let DH choose from those on delivery day. 

    Fast forward to 5 years later, there is a kid in my son's class with the original name and that kid is a piece of work. I feel so much better about my decision to nix it now! Instincts! 
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  • I think we are pretty set on Owen for a boy! MN is still up for debate. DH likes Owen Alexander. I like it, but not overly crazy about it. His grandma’s maiden name was Miers (pronounces Myers). She passed away two years ago, and was just the sweetest. I would like to do Owen Miers, so we will see! 

    We’re so stuck on girls names. We like Hayden, Reece and Emery, but aren’t sold on any of them. Poor kid probably won’t have a name if it’s a girl 
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  • @hakele hahaha the accent thing is so real. DH's family are New Yorkers and my family is southern so it has to sound good with both that nasal long island/brooklyn/queens accent AND southern drawl. Like DH likes Miles and all I can hear is my family saying "Mahls" lol
  • @hakele fun fact: Rosario is a male name in Italian and a female name in Spanish. :) The male Rosarios on my mom's side go/went by Russ.
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  • @quinniebear I'm dying laughing at "Mahls" :lol:
  • @greeneyedgirl12 I have a Madeline who is always Madeline. No nicknames at home or school. It’s someghing we were adamant about. 
  • We have discussed baby names before we were even married! Both DD1&2 have strong women they are named after. I’m one of the few that loves to name their child’s middle name after a loved one. 

    Emmalyn Christine: many women in my family have the middle name Lynn(e) hence the Lyn. Christine is named after my late father, Christopher. 

    Mackenzie Nicole: Nicole is the middle name of her great Aunt. When ExDH was young his mom walked out and his aunt stepped up to raise him. We wanted to honor her. They are extremely close as well! 

    This baby: Harry Potter has been a major part of our lives. It’s one thing that brought DH and I together. We have matching HP tattoos and our wedding was HP themed.

    boy- Theodore Paul. Theodore is the name of Harry’s son. Paul is the middle name of DH’s dad. 

    Girl- Lillian Dawn. Lily is HPs mom. DH has loved the name since he read the books! I hate nicknames for first names (which is why DD1 is Emmalyn not Emma), so we agreed to Lillian. Dawn is after his mom’s middle name. 

  • My DD is Leia Ryan.  This one will be Anne (Annie) Sophia.
  • @quinniebear I can hear my mother now! She has a really nice Georgia Plains slow drawl, so you gotta watch it. Then all my cousins have these backwoods GA accents. Your gonna have to tell hubs to nix that one. Haha. 

    My husband and I met in Italian class and have an Italian last name, so we really want something that works well with that. We are going to teach him/her Italian, too! Though maybe that’s a bad idea to lose our secret language... 
  • Looking for opinions.. Our DS is named Xavier. When I delivered him, my nurse had two boys named Xavier and Xander. We have said since he was born that if we had another boy, we'd name him Alexander, Xander for short. Now that it's actually happening, I feel like Xavier and Xander might be too close...
  • @shawnacrest I think that people would get their names mixed up all the time, which will be annoying for them later. Does it have to be an X name? 
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  • @shawnacrest I second @mamanbebe. How close in age will they be? Of they're within 4 years of each other, the confusion in two similar, unique names. Both are great names, but since they both start with x and end with r, they sound so close.

    If you decide to go with Xander, but are worried about them being so close, you could always allow either boy to go by their middle name (or a nickname), if they don't like being so similar. 
  • @mamanbebe No, it doesn't have to be an X name. We just liked it when we heard it, but now I'm not so sure.

    @cindler They will be 3 years apart. That's my fear that it will be too close and cause confusion. I think we may just go back to the drawing board.
  • @wineandcoffee, our name is going to be Emmeline, but we definitely don’t want Emmie/Emma as a nn. I’m hoping people will respect our choice if we lay down the law early. 
    Momma to Amelia Marie (7/14) and Austin Samuel (11/17). Adding baby (girl) #3 on 7/21  <3
  • @ameliabedelia-2 we have just always introduced her by her full name and told her daycare staff from day one that we don’t do nicknames. We had to remind a few, but overall it hasn’t been too big of a deal. 
  • @ameliabedelia-2 I have found with DD's friends that everyone seems to follow what their parents call them. If the parents don't use a nickname no one else does either. So I think if you just stick to using her full name everyone else will follow suit.
  • @shawnacrest Xavier is one of my favourite boy names. And Xander is the name of the son of a really close friend and he is wonderful so Xander is another name I love. When you see them written they look quite similar but I think they are fine if that is a name you love. My nieces' names are nothing alike and I still mix them up all the time. And I call DD by my sister's name (although maybe that's just my age showing;). People will mix names up no matter what you call them. And if it becomes a problem you could always use Alex instead if Xander later on.

  • Now that we know it's a boy, we're struggling with names! We had girls names squared away already, of course. 
    STMs, moms of girls, please throw me your cast away boys' names! 
    So far we have tossed around:
    Luciano ( nn Luca)

    We both *like* those names but aren't *excited by* those names. *facepalm* 
  • @shawnacrest I love that you're keeping the x "theme" (if you want to call it that)!
  • @cindler thanks! I like how they go together in a more subtle way so I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks so. 

    @scp2585 I love the name Calvin! It was on our list when my first son was born.
  • @scp2585 I love Calvin too! Other ones I liked but my hubby vetoed: Micah, Josiah, Jack, Wesley
  • @scp2585 my boys are James Mathieu, Everett William, Charles Gregory, and Russell Albert. 

    I love but can't use Samuel and Nathaniel.

    I also love Joseph, Grahm, Jude, Reid, Levi, Christopher, Jeremiah, and Alexander. 

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