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  • @pizzaplz we actually got the idea for the name when I was pregnant with DS and we went to see a musical of the 80s movie Benny and Joon. Joon was short for Juniper and as we left the theater we both were talking about how we liked Juniper for a girl. Obviously we had a boy, so it's still in play. 
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  • I saw Starbucks has a new Juniper late or something  ... that's where I heard of it first, at least this year.
  • tsa208tsa208
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    DH and I downloaded the "Baby Name Together" app last night and narrowed down to 12 names that we both like. The app is free - you make your list and he makes his, and then you can compare. 

    Neither of us feel strongly about the names we picked. They're all just "meh" to us :( So different from when we named our daughter and just absolutely loved the name from the get go.
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  • @Amphibious22 ;Joon also means "dearest" in Farsi, so that's another cute pitch for it as well.
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  • I'm being torn between Abigail, Zoey and Emelia. I'll take votes! lol
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  • @babyginjuly LOVE Abigail. But my husband said no because it’s my cousins name. I love it and we met in math class. We both HATED the teacher but her name was Abigail. So he said he cant shake that 😂 
  • I'm being torn between Abigail, Zoey and Emelia. I'll take votes! lol
    I love Emelia!!! Love love love. And while I love Zoe/Zoey, waaaay too popular for me at this point.
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  • I'm not sharing the names I've picked. I'm far too superstitious. 

    But I can share all the name traditions from my family. *Note: We aren't following any of it.* 
    In my family, all of the names are traditional family names. Almost every single one.
    The Boy names that run in the family are: 
    - Alfred
    - James
    - Jared
    - Thomas
    - Drew
    - David
    - Francis
    Everyone has at least one of these. Some have multiples. 

    The girls all have: 
    - Catherine
    - Mary
    - Theresa
    Or some combo therein. 
    *spoiler alert* my mom refused and I have none of these! Muahaha! 

    My husband was born a JR. And HATED being named after his dad. He hated it so much he changed his name at 16 years old.  He is staunchly opposed to naming your children after someone. We've had a girl name picked out for YEARS and we thought we had a boy name, but after last night, we might be changing it up. I told him that we should just wait and see at our anatomy appointment and start worrying about it then. 
  • @nolemomma14 we have two boys both with "C" names too! Deciding if we will stick with it this time around or not. We are also leaning towards team green this time since it will most likely be our last. 
  • @ccmama3 we haven’t come across many C names for this one that we’ve considered using. Clark is a maybe, but nothing definite. I’m excited to be team green this time around! 
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  • @babyginjuly +1 to Emilia. Love this name:)
  • @cindler I have the nickname TJ with my family!  My first name is Tara and my middle name is Joy . I actually have always loved my nickname!
  • I really like Isla for a girl and Henry for a boy. We have a long last name so I want to keep the first name short! Not sure on middle names, though. 
  • @firsttimemommy0719 That's great to hear! I always wanted to choose a name that could have a formal version and a nickname. The girl's name we're learning toward isn't that way. I'm thinking TJ will be her nickname. Hubs was called TJ when he was little, but only his mom and sister call him that, I think it's a nickname that's perfect for passing on to our little girl (if that's what we end up having).
  • @strickland8052 Genevieve is our girl name too! It's actually my middle name, and I love it. I'm going to be that slightly PITA parent who doesn't like the nickname Gen/Jen or Genny (I knew someone in HS who spelled it this way)/Jenny as a nickname. It'll either be full Genevieve or for some reason I like Vieve as a nickname. We have a few names in the air for the middle, I like Kate (not Kaitlin/Katherine, just Kate), but DH hates it. Also considering Grace and calling her GiGi...
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  • For a girl we're doing Genevieve, with the middle name TBD but probably Gra(y)ce (y is a family spelling) or Kate (DH hates that it's sort of a nickname as a middle).
    For a boy we're doing James Meyerson. James is a fam name on my husband's side and Meyerson was my late grandma's maiden name. I've almost thought about trying to flip it, but I haven't consulted DH on that one.
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  • @greeneyedgirl12 - Yay! name twins! For a boy, we are also using James (as middle name though), because it is a family name for me!

    For Genevieve, I really like Genevieve Claire. I too like the nickname Vieve (or Vivi?), but NOT Jen or Genny! But probably the full name, because I just love it so much. My daughter is Evelyn, and we are constantly squashing the "Ev" and "Evie" nicknames. Nope! Full - Evelyn! and Full - Genevieve! 
  • @strickland8052. It could be worse. We could be going with Squire Sebastian Senator as a first name and insist on the full name... That was so ridiculous.

    Also, I know TWO people (who also know each other, but don't live in the same state, so less big deal, I guess) who both named their kids Aviva and both call them Vivi, so that one's sort of out for me.

    We seem to have the same theory on shorter middle names, but at least Claire is a full name. I don't like it enough to use it (NO OFFENSE intended, I do like it, but wouldn't use it, especially since we have fam middle names in line), but it might be an easier sell for DH since it's a full name. Although I think Kate is a full name, darn it.
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  • Since i know we are having a girl its a littlw easier this time. We have already  settle on 2 names.

    Loretta Emily (H's grandmother  and my grandmother's name)

    Lilly Mae

    For right now we are leaning towards Loretta.  We have to see her to decide.  Thats how we did it with our son
  • If we have a boy, my husband is pretty dead set on naming his first born boy after his father; which is James. Every important man in my life also has the name John somewhere in their name. James John would be the name, but right from birth we would nickname him J.J. I love nicknames for names. 

    For a girl we've always loved the name Isla, but my mom isnt a fan. Not sure that has much weight on our decision. Also like Abby as well . :) 
  • @sarac986 Loretta is my middle name. It was my great grandmother's name. I love it:) I've been teaching for 15 years and have never taught a Loretta.
  • We have a boy name decided.....I think.

    We are still trying to decide the girls name.

    Family names in the running:
    -Elsie (my great grandmother) and her middle name was May debating changing it to Elsie Mae
    -Ruth (my grandmother)
    -Elsie (my ggm) Teal (his ggm)
    -Elsie (my ggm) Lou (his gm)
    -Emma (my ggm)

    Elsie Charlotte
    Elsie Catherine 

    Any thoughts?? (He vetoed Grace)
  • DH vetoes all my picks. Right now the only girl names in the running are Grace and Emmaline.  For boys we have Henry and Charles (Charlie). I like really classic names, but I’m not in love with any of those. Any suggestions? Can’t be an A name, we already have two and I refuse to have a third:) 
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  • mnkennedmnkenned
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    Ours is pretty easy - will be Jack or Jaclyn (who I will still call Jack, ha) after my late grandfather.

    Our first is Rose (Rosie) after her great grandmother

    The titanic thing bugs me a little bit I'm hopeful one day people will forget about that stupid movie  :D
  • DH vetoes all my picks. Right now the only girl names in the running are Grace and Emmaline.  For boys we have Henry and Charles (Charlie). I like really classic names, but I’m not in love with any of those. Any suggestions? Can’t be an A name, we already have two and I refuse to have a third:) 
    I really like Grace and Charlie :)
  • @mnkenned I completely forgot about Titanic and wouldn't have made that connection if you hadn't mentioned it.
  • We always use family names. So DD is Mil.a A.na and this LO will be Ni.kola A.va. Unless SO changes his mind. But I think we're pretty set.
  • We are pretty set on Cassie Olivia and Riley Lando. 
    But I'm loving Emerson, which dh replied 'like the electric company? ' and Raylan. 

  • @doodlemomma I really like the sound of Elsie Mae. I feel like I would use both names all the time as they sound so cute together! 
  • @nopegoat I love all your names. I love the name Joseph for a boy. And both Astrid and Sybil are gorgeous. SO's last name ends with an A and both DD and new LO will have an A at the end of all of their names so I don't think the L is too much:)

    @indulgentgypsy I love Josephina! DD has a good friend Josephine and no one ever shortens her name. It's beautiful and regal.
  • @mrscammack I love Elliot and Adelaide. I'm partial to A names for girls for some reason.
  • @Panaceia :) all my children are at least loosely named after characters in my favorite Scifi shows. Stargate SG1 (Jonas & Jackson) and Eureka (Josephina).
  • Thank you @Panaceia!  I can't wait till we find out the sex and we finish talking names. 

    @indulgentgypsy we are rewatching the entire SG1 series right now. Love that show! Also I adore the name Joesphina! 

  • @nopegoat Jonas is named for Jonas Quinn, and Jackson for Dr. Daniel Jackson. 
  • We’re officially decided I think. The other night I woke up from this vivid dream of my daughter holding a baby boy named Elliot and I woke my husband to tell him we’re having a boy and his name is Elliot. 

    So I felt it was only fair to let DH pick the name of it’s a girl, he had his heart set on Adelaide and I love the nickname addie so I agreed. So our boy names is Elliot James and girls name is Adelaide Michelle! We have a Charlotte Grace already but we didn’t have her name picked out at all so early so I’m feeling very productive this time around lol 
    I love the name Elliot! And Adelaide, Addie is a cute nick name. 

    We we are pretty much set on Darcy for a boy or a girl, but I guess we will have to decide when the baby is born, they might not look like a Darcy! Not sure about a middle name, my late pop’s name is Edward so it would be nice to pass that on if it’s a boy. 
  • @mrscammack I LOVE Adelaide! We had a few hours in the car on the way to Christmas, so naturally I bombarded DH with names. He's pretty hard to please, and that one didn't make the cut for this July baby...
  • @nerdtoyourmother that’s funny it was the opposite for DH and I he instantly loved it and it was the only name he liked at all, meanwhile I was on the fence. I’m fully on board now though lol 
  • Not getting serious about names until we know the sex, but I'm struggling hardcore with girl T names. I have yet to find one that I love and DH is stuck on Trinity and refuses to listen to any other ideas... 

    I want a girl, but naming a boy would be so much easier!
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