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Post Ultrasound Pics Here!

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Alright ladies - lets see those little nuggets of grainy black and white joy!

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Re: Post Ultrasound Pics Here!

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  • I know now we’re not suppose to add a lot of comments but...

    @olivemomma oh my gosh!! I can NOT imagine. Did you suspect/have any reason to think you would have twins? I think I would die from shock, congrats!!
  • @olivemomma oh my goodness! Congratulations!!!
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  • OMG. Congratulations!
  • @suzycupcake So excited for you to see your little one for the first time!!!
  • @olivemomma guess we're in the same boat!!
  • @drmrsthecounselor congrats on twins! they are a wonderful challenge. from your images i am guessing the are mo-di.  only with mo twins there is no hereditary increased chance... its just a wonderful fluke that the embryo split.  happy to field any questions on life with twins, congrats again
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  • So jealous you all have pics and confirmation. I’m 6 weeks but my doc won’t see me for another 3 weeks :( I’m on edge since I miscarried in feb. This will be baby #3 if all goes well. 
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  • I am jealous as well!!! I had my first apt on the 27th and I’m 6wk4d now, and they arent doing the us until Jan 24th!!!! They just did a bunch of blood work.  I’m a first time mom so this whole waiting period is really not fun!!! I just want the reassurance that everything is ok with my lil babes! 
  • Jealous here too. Nothing til the anatomy scan here....end of Feb likely 😣 

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    Re-started TTC Aug 2016
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    BFP #3 November 2018: Baby #2 expected August 2019

  • I'm in ultrasound purgatory as well. Waiting until 1/8, when I'll be approximately 10 weeks 😫😫😫
  • I’m paying for an early ultrasound because I couldn’t wait till 10 weeks (Jan 28 for me). It was too far. 

    *Live, Love, Laugh, Learn*

  • Hi I am 6w1D according to U/s with a clinical guess of 5w4d I’m not too sure which is most accurate. My edd according to the u/s is 08/23
    i had my first ultrasound at the Er because I couldn’t even keep water down and was becoming dehydrated. They did a vaginal u/s to make sure baby was okay and could only see the sac and yolk sac and said it’s a little funny shape in some views but it could either be too early or an early miscarriage.. I’m still having all my symptoms including sore breast very tired and nauseous when I wake up. No bleeding or extreme cramping. Friends say I’m okay and so do experienced mothers. Even the pregnant nurse I had (36wks) said I’m fine as long as no bleeding.
    Here’s a live view I snagged on my iPhone. Look normal? 
  • My follow up U/S is 01/15 let’s hope I can wait that long 😩
  • @deecherise that is awful! I thought mine was bad waiting until 8w6d - I think they secretly like to make us wait. 
  • App is being a bit funky for me so couldnt post with comment first one is week 6 second is the 7th week and we go back Friday for 9 weeks due date 8/8/19
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