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Baby’s sex/gender thread

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Find out baby’s sex and want to share? Post here! 

**Please keep additional comments to a minimum. Feel free to show your love and support by giving lovetits (clicking the "Love It" button)**

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Re: Baby’s sex/gender thread

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  • @luckystar28 Congratulations!! we have 2 DD so we do want a boy this time but I still find myself looking at girl stuff!

    @liamsmommy09 @jmvander I did too can that be a symptom because last time I didnt want him to look at me but this time is a whole different story! 
  • @harrierwife ditto.

    But also exciting! Congrats @luckystar28

  • Maybe change the name to “sex/gender”? I thought it was sexy times too 
  • How do you know already??
  • I’m due June 2nd I will find out by ultrasound December 10th I’m wondering the same thing seems like people find out way before then 
  • NIPT or Non-Invasive Prenatal Test is a blood draw as early as 10 weeks that checks for chromosomal abnormalities and can also tell you the sex of the baby. Currently waiting on my results, I should have them early next week. 
  • Congratulations on a little girl! Would you mind sharing what those smoke things are called?
  • I ordered them online from a Canadian company at rocket.ca but I found they are even easier to find in the US. Just google “smoke bombs”. These ones were the smallest handheld ones I could find and they let out plenty of smoke!
  • **Please keep additional comments to a minimum. Feel free to show your love and support by giving lovetits (clicking the "Love It" button)**

    Since some are clearly not reading the initial post, this thread is for members to post the sex of your baby once you actually know, whether that’s via blood test or ultrasound. Please do not post in this thread with questions/comments.

    I'm quoting this because clearly people are not reading the comments. 🙄 
  • I think a gender reveal thread would be an appropriate place to discuss it. 
  • @mcbabyjune2019 I completely agree with you. Unfortunately it seems some women have monopolized the right to dictate which threads can have extra comments and which can’t. Although this thread does say to limit comments not “do not comment at all” that’s the approach they’ve taken. It looks like someone did start a gender reveal thread and I’d love to have fun conversations with you over there! 
  • If this continues we are going to have this thread shut down 😑 Not cool, people. Not cool. 
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