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  • I love your announcement @knottiec0e2e04abba6b4f0.
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  • I finally had my anatomy scan at 21 weeks. It's a boy! That makes 2 DS's for me! 3 boys (including my boyfriend) in the house means I'm very outnumbered!
  • Results are in for us: our 3rd child is also our 3rd girl 💕🎀
  • Just found out I’m having a girl 😌 20 weeks and 2 days 💕
  • Did our reveal today, it's a girl! I'm happy either way but was expecting a boy. So I'm shocked still. My DH is having a hard time, he really wanted a boy.
  • We are Team green :) not finding out until the baby’s birthday ❤️
  • We had our 20 week anatomy ultrasound today and we're having a little girl! We're so excited .
  • We had our 21 week anatomy/echo scan yesterday. It took two and a half hours which was enjoyable. I’ve been wanting to do a wait to find out until it’s born but I knew if it was a girl I would have been so disappointed the day it would be born so I decided to find out yesterday and the disappointment hit me like a rock. I so wanted to have a boy with my BF because he already has a girl and I have this huge fear about it, plus when we first found out and we decided to tell his baby momma she started sending him pictures of his daughter all the time and he posted one stating “his little princess” and it was a definite stab at me. We talked about it months ago and I told him standing near our room in tears saying I hope it isn’t a girl. We’ve talked about it a lot. But the tears came yesterday, a lot. I just couldn’t control them. I was so saddened that it was a girl. I didn’t know what to say. I just told my boyfriend that hearing him talk about how excited he is helps a lot and it does. I wish he’d post something about it or talk more about it. His daughter was suppose to go with us yesterday but his baby momma told her that her aunt has a surprise for her so she had his daughter call him in tears wanting to stay at home so she can get the surprise. The one appointment that was so big - she used her daughter as a pawn to keep her away from seeing the baby. But yay for having a girl....I think. But as they say - this too shall pass. 🤷🏼‍♀️😕
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    I got my anatomy ultrasound a while ago but we found out it was a girl!Caught us by surprise we already had boy names picked out too😬 so happy though 💕
  • We are beyond excited to be having a boy. ❤️My husband and I have been saying girl because we assumed that would be our luck and didn’t want to be disappointed. We have an older daughter a middle son and a little girl. So this is the prefect end to our family. Besides our son said he would move out if it was another girl. 😂
  • Baby boy over here!! Yay!
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  • Baby Girl here! I swear I shared this but I do T see it in here so sorry if it's a duplicate. 
  • Baby girl!! Excited to meet her
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    We're team pink!! 
  • We found out yesterday we’re having a GIRL! So strange since I was SURE it was a boy... dreams and all. We were hoping for a boy but we are so excited regardless. Maybe the second time around we’ll get a boy. 
  • We’re having a girl! 🎀💗 Two big brothers are very excited!!!
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    Been absent for ages, but we found out in January...
    I had a feeling from the beginning and am sooo happy I was right!!
  • Found out today (finally!) that we're having a boy!! And he wasn't shy about it at all!
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