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Why My Pregnant Self is Crying

What’s got you feeling like Usagi today?
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Re: Why My Pregnant Self is Crying

  • Today's was the most reasonable so far. I told my therapist that I was pregnant and she hugged me and started crying, so then of course I started crying. 

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  • @mamanbebe I would have cried too. ❤️

    @babyginjuly I'm sorry if you've already said, but what did your pup have surgery for? FX he's on the mend soon. 

    I cried today when I found a worm in one of our cucumbers I was about to take a bite of. 

  • @nopegoat, poor little guy had a mild limp so we thought maybe he tore a muscle or something because he's a wild 2 yr old pups. When it didn't go away after two weeks and two sessions of acupuncture, he was referred to a neurologist for MRI and the results were two ruptured discs and fluid in his spine (I guess he was predisposed according to the Neuro because of his somewhat longer back- although he is a poodle mix) but crazy how dogs rehabilitate way faster than humans, he already seems so much happier and somewhat walking and it's just been a few days. 
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  • Aww. Poor buddy @babyginjuly. I'm glad he's already feeling better. Animals and young kids bounce back super quick!

  • Everyone else has more legitimate/less silly reasons than I do but I’ll share my silly reason anyway. I was a huge baby today, we’re redoing our basement and we have to move all the stuff from the spare room into other spaces so we can make it into a nursery. So I had envisioned my bookcase in a certain spot in my dining room and when hubby moved it there I just hated it and started crying because stuff was moved around everywhere and it was such a mess and it just felt so overwhelming. 

    Then my sweet 2.5 year old said “mommy I love you! Please feel better” which of course made me cry more but happy tears instead. I dread to think what I’ll be like near the end of this pregnancy if I’m this emotional now! 
  • Everything makes me cry it seems. Cute puppy? Tears. Bad guy gets away from scooby and the gang? Extra tears. I forgot to put last nights leftovers away? Super ugly cry face.

    Im so over being this emotional. 😂
  • I get terrible migraines while I'm pregnant. I was laying down while my boys were napping/quiet time to relieve a migraine. Well this weekend my 5 year old wanted to sneak some Halloween candy while I was laying down. He stood on a stool, climbed the shelf in the pantry and fell. 5 stitches in his chin, 3 Staples in his head and a minor concussion. I would have cried even if I wasn't pregnant, but I was extra emotional! Especially when the girl with the service dog came over to help comfort my son in the hospital 😭 
  • kimmy_ash02kimmy_ash02
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    @hellmanpartyof5 ; im right there with you! I walked into Costco and saw all of the Christmas decorations and I was a hot mess! Watch pregnancy announcements on YouTube. You'll ball!😭😭😭
  • @superkimba02 already ahead of you! We’re trying to figure out how to announce to our families. We’ll likely wait until after thanksgiving but with this being our official last baby we want it to be really special.
  • Today I cried because I accaccidentally knocked DH's iced coffee out of his hand with my bag :( 
  • Watching the newest PS22 Chorus music video (nerd alert... haha) but really :cry: :cry:
  • Taylor Swift’s “New Year’s Day” came on in the car, and I started crying and had to change songs. Embarrassing. 
  • Listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas record while cooking lunch.
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  • That darn amazing Toyota snowman salute commercial last night!  Did anyone else see it??   :'(

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    ~Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.~
    Matthew 6:34

  • I was watching toddlers & tiaras (don’t judge, guilty pleasure) and I cried bc a little girl cried that she won. 
  • My husband is under a lot of stress from school, work and parents issues and I have no idea how to help him get through :(
  • Just found out I’m pregnant so I’m technically a August mom but they don’t have a group yet. So I’m lurking 
    But the main reason I tested is because I started crying while watching Shark Tank. Like hard crying. 
  • Anything I watch on TV!! I am rewatching Private Practice for like the fifth time and keep crying every time something bad happens even though I already know it’s coming! Ahhh! I’m usually not a crier in movies/tv. 
  • I just want to say that you all are absolutely adorable. And that I cried at an “Adele auditions to be Adele” video.
  • BFP ♡ Jan 2016 - M born Oct 2016
    PPD for 1yr+ post-pregnancy
    BFP ♡ Sept 2018 - CP @ 5 weeks
    BFP ♡ Nov 2018 - Baby R due Jul 2019

  • I ordered a steak and cheese to go... and when I got home it was a chicken and cheese. I literally started crying. My husband then offered to switch and I just felt ridiculous. It was actually pretty good once I stopped crying 
  • @secondbbygrl I totally would have cried too. Don’t mess with a pregnant hungry lady’s food!
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  • @secondbbygrl Nooo! That sounds terrible! Taco Bell forgot to add my side of nachos in my order and I just about cried. 

    I had a dream I was murdered. That’s what got me crying. Pregnancy dreams are no joke. 
  • Let me start by saying I’m a two year old teacher! Today, I got a present from a kiddo who’s leaving. It was a mug and a sweet card. I definitely cried. 😂 then, another parent brought in their newborn daughter for the first time during drop off. I cried when she cried! 
  • One of my worst symptoms so far has been acne. I've NEVER had acne before, thanks hormones. I text DH when I was at work saying I felt ugly because of my skin. He text back "I think you look beautiful!" Boom, waterworks at my desk. 
  • Yesterday was rough, my DH is going through a very stressful time (friendship stuff) and I reacted badly towards him. Lots of crying later and now my face is super puffy...
  • Ohhh gosh, my reason was so silly. Yesterday morning I was getting ready for work and I couldn’t find the tank top I wanted to wear ANYWHERE! I was standing in our closet, crying and lamenting (which is highly unusual for me as I am not a crier at all), and my poor husband got out of bed (this was 5am) and hugged me, then helped me look. We found my tank top- not hidden in the slightest, right where I had looked at least twice. Whoops...
  • My mom took me to see ELF on broadway and I cried... it’s a funny show. Why did I cry? 
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    Was listening to the greatest showman soundtrack in the car on the way to work. Get to the chorus on the song A Million Dreams and I burst into tears. Damn you Hugh Jackman! 
  • We went to church and they sang songs. I cried.
  • Watching vanderpump rules on my dvr and seeing Jax purpose to Brittany 😭😭
  • tsa208tsa208
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    I watched a special on Baby Jessica - the 18 month old toddler that fell down the well in Texas like 3 decades ago. My baby girl is now 12 months and blonde just like Baby Jessica. I can't imagine what her mom was going through for 58 hours not knowing if her baby was going to be rescued alive. Even knowing the happy ending, it's a very dramatic story! When I saw the footage of the rescuers bringing her up and the crowd cheering, happy waterworks! 

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  • The picture on the news of Sully the service dog! 😭
  • rgn12 said:
    The picture on the news of Sully the service dog! 😭
    Me too... 
  • Does the crying last the whole pregnancy??? 😬
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