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YAY!!!!!! July 2019 Mamas introduce yourselves :)


Re: YAY!!!!!! July 2019 Mamas introduce yourselves :)

  • Hi all, FTM here due July 24. I’m a lawyer in Ontario, Canada and my husband is in academia. Looking forward to picking the brains of some STM+s in particular for how to go about this whole thing!
  • @Cbeanz

    Yes - March 2017. There are I think 4 other March mamas who are now also July 2019 moms now but I don't believe any of us have enough time to feel like we can be super active on this board. Many of us switched over to Facebook in like April/May 2017. Glad to see you are well and welcoming another :)
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  • @shines721 Yeah I remember the FB migration! Alas I'm not on FB so I miss everyone :-(

    Do you know who else from our board is due in July? I was kind of hoping to see Kelsey but didn't find her.
  • Hello, I’m a STM with a 3 yo DS. I’m looking forward to our summer addition!

    ** TW **
    I’ve been hesitant to participate bc of a loss we experienced prior to this pregnancy.
    I’m hoping everything continues to go well.
    end TW
  • Hi ladies! I've been lurking for a while but thought I should introduce myself so I can start participating  :D 

    I'm a SAHM - my daughter will turn 2 in February! I'm due July 24 with baby #2.
  • @FrancesGrace630 Welcome! Congrats on number 2! 
  • Lil late to the party. I'm expecting my second on 7/7 while dealing with a 21 month old rambunctious boy 😪 Hoping this time around goes a lot smoother towards the due date. Doubt my family can deal with more dramatics at births lol
  • Welcome @JLHeisler! What a crazy and amazing story!
  • @JLHeisler welcome! Wow! What an emotional roller-coaster! Congrats on your baby boy! ❤️

  • @JLHeisler How exciting, that's amazing! So happy for you and your fam, and happy to have you here! 
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  • @JLHeisler Amazing story ... welcome!!
  • First time momma here unplanned pregnancy but been with my man for 4 years and engaged. I am currently 27 weeks 💜
    Praying and hoping for a healthy happy baby 💜
  • Hey guys! I'm  a bit late to the game this time around, but my name is Tiffany and I'm  from Florida. I have one daughter and we have another on the way :). My EDD is July 7th but I have a scheduled c section for July 1st. This pregnancy is a lot bumpier than my first, but looking forward to talking to people here for support!
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    Hello everyone!! I’m also late to the game! My name is Dana, I live in Philadelphia, this is my first pregnancy and My EDD is July 23 😊 My husband and I are both 30 and we have been married for 3 years. We have a 4 year old fur baby. We aren’t finding out the gender and we are so excited to be growing our family!!

    My pregnancy isnt isn’t quite what I had imagined so far.. physically I have been feeling great but I recently was diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction and my baby is in the 9th percentile currently :( The doctors are recommending weekly scans which to me seems so excessive and also overwhelming. I’m a chiropractor and I own my own business and my midwife just yesterday suggested that I stop working which seems crazy to me as I’m only 28 weeks. I would love to talk with any moms who have dealt with this and what your experience has been!
  • I'm Ginny, I'm a middle school teacher in Oregon. I just got married this year (woohoo) and I have three kids and one on the way. I have only boys and this'll be my first girl! Due July 24th. 
  • leylea89leylea89
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    @ginnieswillies welcome! I’m due July 25th. Congrats on your first girl.
  • leylea89leylea89
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    @d_metz723 congrats and welcome! There are quite a few team green (not finding out) on here but not many with their first. My baby is team blue/boy and as a FTM, I wanted to know as much as I love the idea of being surprised. I was just too anxious to name him and talk to him with his name. 

    As far as stopping work, it could be the physical nature of what you do that would have your midwife advising you that way. That and the more high risk you become, the more they want you to focus on baby. Because of your condition, weekly monitoring allows them to know if baby stops growing or starts to develop physical complications. It might seem excessive but if baby gets too small for their age, you’re likely to be induced or have a c-section in just a few weeks. They might have already given you a steroid shot for baby’s lungs or they might decide to do so in a couple of weeks to prepare them for an early delivery. It may seem excessive but remember that a healthy baby is the whole goal even if not working and getting monitored often is important for baby. 
  • Hi I'm Britany im 26 yrs and my bf is 30 my baby is due July 26th. I'm already a mother to two handsome little boys 6 and almost 3. This baby will be my first and only girl 💛 getting fixed after this!  So ready July can't come soon enough! 
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