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YAY!!!!!! July 2019 Mamas introduce yourselves :)


Re: YAY!!!!!! July 2019 Mamas introduce yourselves :)

  • Oh...I hope not! But the thought has crossed my mind. It was an idea our shared OB had too😂
  • Finally able to post. First pregnancy for me and my hubby. I’m due on 7/24. We got married May 26 2018. I’m 33, hubs will be 38 when baby arrives. He is super excited and I’m full of anxiety. I’m trying not to worry about anything and enjoy it but damn it’s hard for my brain to shut off! We have an OB appointment this week so hopefully I can hear the heart beat again and can relax a little. Also have our NT ultrasound set for 1/16. We haven’t told anyone we’re pregnant yet. My mom is going to be so excited. Hardest part about hiding this is I work with her 😂 so trying to find clothes that hide my bloat is super fun. 
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    @jennm0724 welcome! Glad you are here! I’m super anxious, too! We are also 33 and 37! 
    I can’t believe you’ve kept it hidden from her! If I had to go to an office, I’d have been found out in week 6! I hope your appointments go well! 
  • @hakele thanks! It’s been such a hard secret to keep, but I’m able to work from home so we haven’t had to go to the office much. So i was able to stay home during the times I was having morning sickness. We also carpool together, so I’ll snack on crackers before I get to the house in the morning just to settle my stomach. Only a few more weeks of secrecy! 
  • Hello everyone! I’m an FTM at 39 and live outside the US, so it’s exciting to connect here in this group! I direct an online ed program, working from home, which I love- but am learning my new time and energy limits!  I like archaeology and history, and reading lots about babies, about which I know very little! I just started my 13th week and had an ultrasound where I saw the baby fingers and toes and brain! I keep thinking, “there’s a brain in my abdomen!” :) Still shocked by it all! Looking forward to chatting with everyone. Take care, ladies!
  • Glad to have you @catebn824! ❤️ 

  • Yaaaay! I’m so new at this but I want to get more involved! I’m 22 and due July 24th! This is my first one! I’m very excited and very naive and I’m doing my best to do lots of research and also read more peoples experiences! So glad there’s a safe place for us all to communicate :) 
  • Welcome @knottie1da2b8bbc1724307! Please change your screen name so we can really get to know you! There are instructions in one of the announcement threads :)

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    Brittney from Baltimore, Maryland due 7/23/19 Hello Everyone It’s really amazing to see so many Women due in the same month coming together from everywhere!!!! this will be me and my Husband’s 5th bundle of joy and the LAST LOL we’re all super excited!! This is definitely gonna be one funny household I already have 2 girls and 2 boys so really doesn’t matter! I kinda want another girl though😂😂🥰🥰🥰😃
  • I’m really late to the party, but my name is Andrea and I’m a nurse educator. I have a 3 year old daughter and have been married for 4.5 years. We are due on/around July 19th. I had a blighted ovum in March and pray everyday for healthy, happy pregnancy and baby! Nice to meet y’all!
  • Welcome everyone!!

    @britbrat916 this is #5 and our last as well!! We have 4 boys. I'm banking on boy #5. H has is heart set on a girl though. 

  • @britbrat916 oooh! A tie-breaker!! How exciting! 
  • @alyssss4 welcome to the boards! We are excited you are here. I’m a FTM (first time mom), too! It’s a fun time. Jump right in and ask your questions. I’ve done probably too much research, haha. 
  • My Hubby wants another boy I’m like noooooo!!😂😂😂😂
  • hakele said:
    @britbrat916 oooh! A tie-breaker!! How exciting! 
    Yeeeesssss it’s really exciting!!❤️
  • alyssss4 said:
    Yaaaay! I’m so new at this but I want to get more involved! I’m 22 and due July 24th! This is my first one! I’m very excited and very naive and I’m doing my best to do lots of research and also read more peoples experiences! So glad there’s a safe place for us all to communicate :) 
    Yaaaay ur due a day after I am 
  • Hello everyone!
     My name is Thalia and I am almost 22. I just got married in October of 2018 and my husband is 27. We got outselves a honeymoon baby and our EDD is July 25th. This is my first pregnancy and I'm really nervous and hope everything goes smoothly. I'm hoping to learn a lot from all you ladies in this community and I hope for the best for all your pregnancies. ♡ 
  • Hi! Im 22 amd my so is also 22 we were ttc 13 months b4 getting our bfp with 2 past miscarriages. I have pcos so we knew it was gonna take along time but thank goodness my dr jumped right away to help us. This month we have been together 8 years so happy we r getting our rainbow this year! Currently 14w3d and doing beautifully so far, we will be fonding out the sex early febuary (yay) thts really all i can think of atm lol 
  • Welcome and congrats @knottiea96b23f6aa9370a6 and @knottie13934f037e31e951

    Could you please head over to The Knot to change your usernames? We would love to get to know you both more, but it's hard to recognize the random generated usernames with so many numbers. Once you change your name at TK, log out of The Bump and then log back in. Thanks!
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  • Hello fellow mamas! I'm Becca, 26 and a FTM from Ontario Canada. My husband and I got married last Canada Day (July 1st), and sprog's due date is July 2nd. Guess no anniversary party for us eh? This will be our first and only child, so we're both a little overwhelmed and trying to make sure we do everything right. I don't work so I spent most of my days reading, writing and petting my dogs. I'm stoked to share this experience with you all and hope to gleam some insight from S/TTMs on how to, ya know, keep baby alive haha
  • @beckyystarz I'm due ON our 5th anniversary. Just tell your husband your gift better be really really good!  ;)
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  • Hello all! My name is Gigi, I am a mother to two beautiful girls and have a surprise baby on the way! I am due July 22nd, we are keeping the gender a secret and very excited to be expecting unexpectedly in 2019! 
  • @knottie9bef9dd70d2cdc3d Welcome and congrats! Would you mind heading over to The Knot to change your username? Once you are done, log out and then in again at The Bump to see the changes. It's so hard to get to know participating mamas with the randomly-generated and very long 'knottie' names :) 
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  • Awesome news! Our due dates are four days apart. It's nice to have other woman going through the same thing. 
  • @catebn824 we have the same due date! My husband and I also are in the Bay Area.. a little way south of you out in Gilroy. 
  • I'm suuuper late on this because my friend recently told me about how to utilize groups, but hi! I'm Samantha. This is our first, due July 30th! I just turned 28 and my husband is 27. We live in Ohio and I work a university and am also in grad school. Looking forward to getting to know you all!
  • Hi all! 

    My name is Stephanie and I’m 32 and live in New England. My husband is a youngen and just turned 29 and we’ve been married for 6 years.  I am a mom of two boys (March 2015 and March 2017). I am a teacher and am currently (still!) trying to survive first trimester nausea. My EDD date is actually August 3.. based on ultrasound but my LMP was 10/14/18 and I’ve always delivered early (hoping I’m not jinxing myself) so I’m hoping for a July baby! 

    @Cbeanz Honestly.. I saw you on here in a random post I clicked on and thought “omg, I remember her and her crazy birth story.. I need to introduce myself also i can say hi.” 👋🏻 I hope that doesn’t come across as creepy and I’m realizing that sounds. 
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  • Hello all!

    **first a disclaimer**

    I’m actually due end of June (6/25) but would really like to build community on this board if possible.
     Just as I was getting involved on the June board there was some sort of drama that caused it to implode. :-(
    Many of the actively posting moms left and started their own private group, and I’ve been pretty bummed watching the community fizzle. 
    I would really like a place to get to know and talk with other moms - so I hope it’s okay that I’m here!

    I’m a FTM and my SO and I will both be 34 when this LO is born. 
    I had a really difficult first tri (mental health wise) but things have been looking up the past few weeks and I’m finally feeling excitement and like the world isn’t caving in. 
    (BTW I loved the thread I just saw about “what makes my pregnant self cry” - yesssss. So many things, lol!)

    I’m truly looking forward to getting to know you, July mommas!! xx
  • Welcome @raemy12345 you are more than welcome to join in with us. It is still fairly slow moving around here but come on in and start posting! 
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    Hi! I've been hesitant to post because we've had a bit of a rocky start this pregnancy, but things seem to have settled down. I have another child, 5 years old, born via c/s. I'm planning a home vbac for this baby. EDD is 7/19.
  • Hi Ladies, I’ve been enjoying this board for a couple weeks now but this is my first time posting. I’m a FTM and this will be our one and only. I’m 35 and my husband is 39. I’m exactly 14w today. We’re so excited but frankly the first tri has been hellish (hence the OAD decision). Thankfully, I’ve started to regain my humanity this week. I really look forward to getting to know all of you over the next few months. 

    P.S. I really loves crafts like sewing and card making, as well as interior design type things. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get some fun conversations going about baby crafts and nursery design! 

    P.P.S. I could probably also use an excess saliva support group. Yuk.
  • @whinemom, you and my mother could talk for hours! She's an avid and very skilled quilter that has just picked up card making. She's been getting kits where it comes with all the pieces and she assembles them. She's loving them!
    I'm a quilter, but not nearly as avid or skilled! Haven't gotten into the cards yet...
  • @whinemom I’m so with you, not sure how people do this more than once! I’m oad, too. I’m so jelly you are feeling better. Welcome, welcome! Can’t wait to see what crafting you get up to! 
  • @cindler your mom sounds like my kind of lady! I bet she’s going to make something beautiful for you and baby. My mom is a great quilter too (way better than I am) and I’m excited to see what she comes up with. Hopefully this supposed second tri energy will give us all some crafting energy!
  • @hakele I’m so happy to meet another OADer! My husband is an only child and he absolutely loves it. I’m sending good vibes that you start feeling better soon. And the best part is that once the nausea ends, you know you’ll never have to go through it again.
  • Hello! I am 14 weeks pregnant- edd is July 28th. This is baby #3. It honestly took me the whole first trimester to be excited about this baby. DS is 4 and he wasn’t overly thrilled and now feels better and DD is 2.5- she doesn’t quite get it. I look forward to sharing my journey with you ladies! Happy and healthy pregnancy to everyone!
  • Hello! I'm Jennifer, first time mom expecting a baby girl on 7/5/19. I'm 30 years old, and my husband is 36. We have been married since 10/3/15 and together since 2007! We are over the moon excited and were extremely lucky and grateful to be able to conceive without really trying. I am really overwhelmed with gratitude that I am able to experience this journey, and am loving every second of it. I had a rough first trimester, but am feeling pretty wonderful now at 16 weeks and a few days. Really looking forward to being more involved on this board and getting to know you all :)
  • @shines721 Hi!!! You were in March 2017 right?? I ended up delivering in February but yeah whirlwind birth.

    Congrats and welcome to July 2019!!
  • Hi, I just discovered this group. My name is Mary and I am 33. My EDD is July 10th. My DH is 36. This is my first pregnancy. We have been married for almost 5 years but were TTC for over a year, until we tried Ivf and got pregnant on the first round. We feel so thankful and are very excited to welcome a baby this summer. Excited to chat with you all.
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