YAY!!!!!! July 2019 Mamas introduce yourselves :) — The Bump
July 2019 Moms

YAY!!!!!! July 2019 Mamas introduce yourselves :)

Ladies, our board is finally open - although I still cannot access it through the app.

Formal intro thread?

Re: YAY!!!!!! July 2019 Mamas introduce yourselves :)

  • @literatureandink Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I'm rooting for you <3 

    <3 Boden Gray 8-13-16
    <3 Lil Bean Expected 7-9-19 

  • @BumpAdmin Sticky please??
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  • @zaraanity I'm also turning 30 in January !! Anything planned for it? 

  • @asupernovablizzardstorm uncertain!! I have a very large, very diverse friend crew so not totally nailed down yet... perhaps a night of music and dance and board games? :) what about you?? 
  • @kl89 same same! ^_^ so nervous haha 
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    @zaraanity praying every day for happy, healthy pregnancies for all of you ladies! The nerves will probably never go away 🙈😂
  • @kl89 I’ve been saying all the little cells just need to get their choreography right! :wink:
  • Welcome to everyone!

    @BumpAdmin can we get a sticky for this please
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  • @zaraanity nothing planned at the moment. Maybe just going out to eat with family. I have a very boring life. 

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