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****READ THIS FIRST**** Board Organization

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I stole this from previous BMBs.  Full of great info! We can update down the road if we want!

Some links that you may find helpful: 
What do all of those abbreviations mean? 
How to add a signature 
How to GIF 

How-To Guides: 
-How to quote: Hit the "quote" at the bottom of the post you want to quote. You will be taken to the reply box with the quote set up already. 
-How to tag: Add an "@" in front of the username of the person you are talking to. 
-How to change your username: log in to TheKnot, hover over My Knot, and click Account Settings. Be sure to log out and log back in after changing your username. If you are having issues doing it that way, you can email [email protected] and ask them to change your username. Give them a few suggestions just in case your top choice is taken. It may take up to 24 hours for the name to update. 
-How to insert a spoiler box: click the drop down list arrow next to the paragraph symbol (sixth from the left, next to the emoji button) and choose spoiler. It will insert a grey box, and everything that you type in there will go into the spoiler. 

For the sake of board organization, here are some simple guidelines for posting threads: 
         -Introduce yourself in the "Introductions" thread 
        -Feel free to start one of the weekly posts listed below if you don't see it started yet
        -Check to see if a thread has already been started on your topic or question so we can avoid too many threads of the same topic
        -Post a thread that would apply to the entire community and doesn't fall into one of the categories for daily threads listed below (Ex: what to pack in your hospital bag, baby gear, etc) 
        -Comment, share advice and show support for your fellow bumpies; this is a two-way street, to get support, you must show it as well 

        -Ask the community if you are pregnant, it is against TOU 
        -Post pictures of your pregnancy test, this is also against TOU (there is a thread on the open 1st tri page for this)
        -Post a thread that asks a question only applying to yourself unless you suspect you may be going through a MC 
        -Get bent out of shape if someone calls you out for not following these guidelines; if you expect to be part of a supportive board (which we are), you need to be able to take the time to learn the ins and outs of the board.

Here are some weekly/monthly ideas that may be good to start with. We can always add to best suit our boards needs, so please let me know if you have any other ideas! Per this BMB's decision, anyone can start any thread on the day. 

Weekly Randoms 
Meal Plan Monday

Ten Things Tuesday 
TW Tuesday 
Plus Size Mom Check-In

HDBD (Hump Day, Bump Day) 
PGAL Check-In  

TTGP Grad Check-In 
Thankful Thursday
Unpopular Opinion

Flame Free Friday Confession (FFFC)   
Fit Friday

Weekend Randoms  

Weekly Questions 
Due Date Week Groups:
- Group 1: June 1st-8th
- Group 2: June 9th-15th
- Group 3: June 16th-22nd
- Group 4: June 23rd-30th

Symptoms Thread 
Appointments Thread
FTM Check-In
STM+ Check-In

High Risk Check-In
GTKY Threads
Product Spotlights

*We can also look into getting a spreadsheet going down the road when everyone gets more comfortable. 

Once we all get farther along, we will also have pinned threads for things like ultrasounds, sex announcements and birth announcements. I've copy/pasted this from previous boards, and it seems to be the way that they are all organized, but of course we should feel free to tweak for our needs! For example, some boards do weekly ticker changes while others do weekly due date check-ins (ex, DD 1st week of Nov.). If anyone has a suggestion for other threads, please feel free to comment a suggestion. PLEASE keep in mind that there will eventually be a lot of us on this board, and an organized board will be much easier for everyone to use. If we can all keep the one-off posts to a minimum the board won't be too cluttered to navigate, and hopefully we won't end up answering the same question 2,000 times.

Re: ****READ THIS FIRST**** Board Organization

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  • jhems776jhems776 member
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    Hope we can walk that line of being organized but fun!
  • Of course @luckystar28 !
    I’ll edit the post and add that. I’m going to list it under “other threads”. If you want to be in charge of it each week, feel free to start it on any day you choose!
  • That’s a good one @jmvander!
  • edited October 2018
    @nmbrcrnchr1 I think that's a good plan.

    Edited for autocorrect drama 
  • meatballs37meatballs37 member
    edited October 2018
    +1 for weekly symptoms 
  • @nmbrcrnchr1 agreed! Maybe weekly until we’re out of first tri at least?
  • What the what? Why so many rules? 
    Cant everyone just scroll past any threads that dont interest them? 
  • JOcello said: n-o
    What the what? Why so many rules? 
    Cant everyone just scroll past any threads that dont interest them? 
    No one wants a cluttered board. Important threads could get lost in that kind of mess which is why we don't do it that way. 
  • catmommaccatmommac member
    edited October 2018
    @JOcello the bump has has this sort of organization for several years. It has gotten more refined and tweaked with each BMB. I second not wanting a cluttered board. 
  • And considering most of us have been here for weeks and you are the first to complain. 
    Jinx 😆
  • JOcello said:
    Wow. So you guys speak for everyone. Good to know. This is my third birth group on here and I've never seen anything like this. Maybe the bump can create a separate June birth group for those of us who are more easy going. 
    Did you change your screen name bc your history shows 1 post before today, back in 2014? And I wasn’t around back then but I believe that was before the mass exodus. So maybe things were different then but as the other ladies have said, this is how it’s been done for the last few years. If you look at any of the BMBs over the last year they all have a similar set of guidelines and members are expected to follow them. And I’ll second that this board has been open for almost 4 weeks now and it’s actually working quite well. So I think since the majority of us like it we’ll keep it that way.
  • @nmbrcrnchr1

    On the intro thread she said she has a one and two year old. So she was “here” after the mass exodus. And I mean she did read the rules and intro in the right thread...So it can’t be that horrible around here. 
  • Me thinks we have a troll. 😂
  • (Just to clarify, I promise, I wasn’t calling you troll - I see word troll and that’s the first thing that pops into my head. I’ve been listening to Harry Potter on Audible pretty much on a loop and feel like I haven’t slept in four days. I promise the GIF wasn’t meant as an insult!)
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  • srscott3srscott3 member
    edited October 2018
    edited: thanks for looking out @meatballs37

    jist of my original post: things aren’t going to change here. 
  • I agree with liking the setup here, being more organized helps foster the community. I participated in Mar 17 and Feb 18 BMB briefly before my MC, I thought they were set up pretty similarly? No matter...I’ve seen many other sites that are “more flexible” for those preferring that style, I personally just find them all over the place and hard to follow/engage in.
  • @JOcello this really is the way BMB are set up. I hope you will get over this and join in. The organization really helps. I found my first BMB to be so helpful and supportive. I've become so close to the women and especially postpartum needed the support.  It took no time at all to learn the code of conduct and it really helped keep everything together. As someone who uses the mobile app, having lots of threads is very difficult. It's hard enough to stay on top of all the regular threads.
  • I jokingly called you a troll because, let's be honest, you rolled up in here starting drama and complaining. You haven't even bothered to join in on the threads that are active and pertain to most of the topics that would be discussed at this stage of pregnancy. 

    The board is going to stay organized this way because it works so well for us. It has worked this well for every other BMB too. It's as simple as that. Honestly, most of us have been here since before this page was even available to join (we originally gathered in first tri) and we set the tone for the board. So it is what it is. 

    We are a great group of ladies. You couldn't ask for a better BMB. There has literally been no snark and everyone is super supportive. You haven't even given it a chance though because you're so bent out of shape that we don't want random people posting 10 threads on the same topics. Who wants to sift through that crap? I honestly don't think you do. You would have to scroll through 3 or more pages to find a thread that actually had any meaningful conversation. 

  • @bakerstreetboys I am now looking forward to mondays more 😉
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