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****READ THIS FIRST**** Board Organization


Re: ****READ THIS FIRST**** Board Organization

  • @bakerstreetboys I don't know about everyone else, but I'm loving MCM. Please keep it up!
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    If I have something I want to post, I’m going to post so I don’t pay attention to all the rules and I didn’t even bother reading it. Not a big deal to me.
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    ***Removed for TOU Violation***
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    ***Removed for TOU Violation***

  • I really need to learn to gif! 

  • *or* and this is a lot to ask, I know..just participate in a nice, non pot-stirring way?
  • @meatballs Yes! 
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  • I can start it. It’s never too late 😂
  • I like the organization and the general tidiness it provides. And I like MCM and BF Monday. Just saying. 
  • My only recommendation is that the people disclose their location b/c jurisdiction counts with financial/legal matters. 
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  • @ki1244 I would LOVE to participate in any threads related to meals and meal planning. But I won’t be able to participate until I feel better. Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve cooked a full on dinner.... zero times lol. Maybe the second trimester would be a great time to start those threads? 

    @Dcwtada I love your ideas!!
  • I 100% agree on waiting until second trimester for meal planning. I have zero planning at this point. 
  • ^wss. It worked really well in past groups I’ve been in to just go ahead and start any group wide discussions you were interested in. Anything that wasn’t popular just fell to the bottom of the board 
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  • Bump... just to get this a little closer to the top? 🤷‍♀️
  • Are there any threads on workout/exercise routines? I'd love to see what other moms are doing. 
  • @holyboobsbatman there used to be a Fit Mom thread. I haven’t seen one in awhile but feel free to start one
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