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  • We still don’t know the sex, but if it’s a boy Owen Edward and if it’s a girl Logan Elizabeth. I was so in love with both names but we’ve had them picked for so long that the obsession with them has faded and now I’m just whatever about it. I feel like the excitement will come back when we find out mid-January. Or at least I’m hoping it does lol
  • Ok So I convinced my husband that if we go with "Ollie" -- then "Oliver" will be the name on his birth certificate-- to give him an option later on in life. Woohoo. 
    So-- now the question becomes-- which do you like better "Henry" or "Oliver" with the n.n. "Ollie." ??
  • @willmisspumpkinbeer I prefer Oliver nn "Ollie" since you got the full name. Full disclosure, DD is the female version of Oliver ;)
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  • @kvh22 I love OIivia-- good choice. 
    I'm torn just because my doctor weighed in and said she delivers alot more Olivers than Henrys 

  • @eatinwatermelonseeds As someone married to a Luke, he absolutely will get the "Luke, I am your father" comment a lot. But, if that's the worst of things, it's not half bad. I love your name choice!  <3
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  • @laeberge3 I'm hoping it'll be less of a thing for him since the movies will be so old by then, but it's really not a deterrent at all. And thank you ♥️ it's very special to me. 
  • @eatinwatermelonseeds I'm not sure that the age of the movie is going to deter. My just-turned-8yo godson and his younger brothers (4yo and 2yo) have seen alllll of the movies, watch some cartoon version on Netflix, and were more excited about Jedi training than anything else at Disney.  Star Wars lives on...
  • @willmisspumpkinbeer I like both names, but slightly prefer Oliver to Henry. Ollie is so cute, too.
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  • @willmisspumpkinbeer  I actually love the name Henry and personally would pick that over Oliver, however if your set on the nickname Ollie, I would definitely not go with Henry. Oliver makes sense in that case. 
  • @willmisspumpkinbeer I love a good nickname so my vote is for Oliver.  Henry is also such a classic though... 2 good options isn’t a bad place to be! 
  • My husband and I cannot agree on names and really wanted to use family names, but some are rough (MIL middle name is Fleecy). I love Isabella (my mother's middle name), but our last name has a -ll In it too and it sounds silly. I have a few boys names I love that my husband has shot down. I am hoping when we know the gender it will help us narrow down our options!
  • @cwell2016 we couldn't agree on ANY names until we found out it was a boy. He had said he liked Arthur, but I really think he thought we were having a girl and just said that to appease me, knowing we wouldn't use it. As soon as we found out it was a boy, he was like "we're not naming him Arthur." 🙄
  • poshspiceposhspice
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    DH is being very passive about helping to pick out a name. My front runners right now are Audrey Joan and Claire Isabel. Juliet was the runner up for DD, but the middle name was an issue. DH doesn't want alliteration, so Joan is out and Juliet Isabel feels too long like too many syllables just too cumbersome. I'd prefer to go with a family name for the middle name, but we don't have great choices in our family. DH's grandma was Jacqueline, so he's a pass on that for the J. "Joan" is in honor of MIL (because I don't like her FN or MN and her maiden name is Jones), but that's also out because of the J. I'm just super duper stuck for a MN for Juliet. 

    So, other family names we have to work with for a MN: Ethel, Edith, Lorraine, Anna, Emma, Ida. I don't love any of these.  :/

    @willmisspumpkinbeer I'm team Oliver/Ollie. 
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  • @poshspice I actually like the name Edith. We considered it and I love the nick name Edee (or however you spell it). In the end I decided to veto it because I realized I shouldn’t name my child a name just because I loved the nickname. I felt for myself I needed to love the entire name. That being said, I like the names Emma, Anna, and Ida for middle names. Ida is pretty and very unique. 
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    @poshspice If you're looking for a loophole, know some people just do the same initial name and consider that an "honor" name, so say the J for Juliet is to honor Jacqueline? I've also heard of people doing a meaning-honor where they take an old-timey family name and look up a better name with the same meaning and use that as an honor name.

    For example, Ethel apparently means "noble maiden" and Ada means "noble," so a middle name Ada could honor Aunt Ethel.
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    @poshspice I don't hate Juliet Ida. We like to use family names too. DS has fil's middle name. I don't have a father, and my step-grandfather is Melvin Francis. I wouldn't be horribly opposed to Francis, except that he named his fat, evil cat Francis-- who lived to be almost 20 and I just couldn't. My husband's grandfather was Cecil Verl. Just. *Sigh*. I'm so glad my uncle agreed to let us use his name as a middle because I don't know what else we'd do 😂
  • @poshspice while I don't really love Lorraine on its own, I do like it with Juliet. I also like Ida and Edith. 
  • @poshspice you could play off Lorraine and go with Juliet Raine. Ida is a family name in my family as well, but we decided to pass on it for this baby. 

    @eatinwatermelonseeds I’m not catholic and am not sure if you are super religious or not but Pope Francis is an amazing man and that would be enough for me to change my mind on Francis. Pope Francis has restored my faith in organized religion. Not enough to be catholic, but enough to find a new church again.
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  • @mrskoz428 I'm not really at all. Actually, since about 2016 until early on in this pregnancy I didn't believe in anything. Now I don't even know. But that's a whole thing 😂 that's an interesting take on it, though, thank you for sharing. 
  • @Sketner610 Edith in my family was not a very nice person. She was especially awful to my mom, which makes me also dislike the name. 

    @brie_and_almonds that’s an interesting loophole, I might have to look into that!! 

    @eatinwatermelonseeds I’ve been tossing around Juliet Emma and Juliet Ida (both names from my mom’s grandma whom she loved). I don’t love them, but they’re not awful! 

    @knarlytaurus @mrskoz428 So Lorraine was my grandma’s middle name, and was given to my mom’s sister, her daughter, and now my cousin’s daughter. I kind of feel like it belongs to that family line at this point. But @mrskoz428 I don’t hate Juliet Raine! I feel like DH will shoot it down in a hot second, though. 

    So last night I bugged DH about helping to name this child. He said he likes “ Clara” pronounced the German way “clah-ruh” And not “Claire-ah”. Our last name is really German sounding and I told him it’s too much. Plus she’d be correcting most people on pronunciation her whole life and that kind of sucks. And then he got pissy and said my choices are “fine”. 🙄
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  • @poshspice I love Clara pronounced claire-uh, but I have to admit I would jump to that immediately, not clah-ra. 
  • @poshspice I really like Juliet Shea/Shay!
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  • I love the middle name Shay and was strongly considering it for this baby if it is a girl, but our girl name is already typically a boys name so I wanted something a little less gender neutral for the middle name. 
  • Just curious...for those of you whose families don’t know the names you have chosen, is anyone else nervous/dreading telling people? Our boy name is Owen Edward and our girl name is Logan Elizabeth. We’re telling people mid-January when we find out the sex, and I just know that DH’s side of the family is gonna have a lot of snarky comments about our girl name. I also know my family won’t love the name but they are polite enough to keep that to themselves. DH’s sister in particular will be very rude. I’m positive. When I was pregnant with DS, we shared our name choices from the start. Our girl name at that point was Lucy and she very publically was rude and constantly talked about hating the name. Early on in my pregnancy with DD, we were still considering using the name Lucy and she convinced my MIL to name her new dog Lucy so I couldn’t use the name. I just hate the drama she causes but also don’t have the self restraint to not tell until the birth. Also not knowing is killing my family so I don’t wanna keep it a secret till then. Just dreading the rudeness I know is coming. Lol
  • @Sketner610 by a personalized blanket with baby’s name on it when you find out the gender so people don’t have a choice but be okay with it. I am also snarky and say things like “Oh, I don’t remember asking for your opinion.” But, I’m a butch that way sometimes! 😂😂
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  • DH has been throwing out a lot of ideas for names. Our front running is still Lillian Hazel (nickname would be Lily), but he has also suggested Adeline (I actually prefer Adelyn- is that how you would spell it) a while ago, nickname would be Addy. This morning he suggested Audrey, which I actually really like but it doesn't really have a nickname (at least not one I can think of).
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  • @Sketner610 umm wtf!!! We're team green again but didn't tell any names last time, and wouldn't have even if we knew/shared the sex. My brother and SIL named their son something totally ridiculous (already shared this somewhere - it's Hawaiian when we are Western European muts with my family skewing British isles abd SIL's Norwegian so no significance other than she lived there for 2 years). I am just of the opinion that what I think doesn't matter. Should they care that theyve set their son up to always have to spell and pronounce his name and explain his parents decision for the rest of his life (since it's VERY out there)? I think so, lol, but I still would have held my tongue if they told before he was born. The vindictive person in me really wants you to tell your side and not his (or at least his sister) since she was such a b**** last time.
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  • @poshspice Since Juliet is also our frontrunner for a girl I've been contemplating the mn too. This is what is got right now:
    Juliet Elise
    Juliet Hope
    Juliet Hanna
    Juliet Amelie
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  • @Sketner610 we chose not to tell our names beforehand purely because people can be so rude about it... we will do the same this time and keep it quiet... even quieter than last time because last time we told DD, and she (of course) told everyone 😂. 

    I'm a bit worried because I have cousins who are having a baby boy due about a week after us and I'm worried that we'll go into labor on the same day and accidentally name our kids the same thing! It's pretty unlikely, but their daughter's name was on our "long list" last time, so it's a possibility. Probably not super rational, but we are planning to have a backup name just in case because DH's stepsister is also having a boy in March.
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  • @Sketner610 yes! Thats is why we aint telling anybody until after the baby is born and named. I dont feel like listening to everybodys opinion. My husband picked the name Jackson Edwin. Edwin after his dad (my fil) and Jackson just because. I was trying to get him to go with Owen Edwin or even Jackson Owen-Edwin (that way i can call him JOE). Husband aint budging so i guess i will go with the nn Jack. 
  • @Sketner610 just tell your mom and don’t tell YH’s family your names. That’s what I’m doing this time around.  :D Your SIL sounds awful. 

    @kvh22 I was born and raised in Hawaii and most people I know wouldn’t dare give their kids a Hawaiian name unless they are part Hawaiian themselves. Or they are transplants who suck and don’t understand and give their non-Hawaiian kids Hawaiian names. I’m 5th generation Hawaii and I still wouldn’t do it - I’m not part Hawaiian. I side eye the sh** out of any mainlanders who give their kids Hawaiian names. So inappropriate. It feels like cultural appropriation to me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

    @imrachellea those are all good options!! I feel like I’m limiting myself to a one syllable mn because our LN is 3 syllables and Juliet is also 3 syllables. 
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  • @kvh22 @poshspice Haha, man I wish I could just not tell his family but I know DH would never allow that. And my family is full of blabber mouths so it would at some point end up on social media where I’m sure his family would find it. And then they would be so offended and we’d never hear the end of it. So we’re gonna tell after the anatomy scan in January. I’m excited to tell but also have a lot of anxiety about it. I just hope his sister isn’t too rude. I don’t really care about her opinion but don’t want her ruining our announcement and that excitement by voicing her opinions and making it about her. Also I’ll be announcing on social media so I don’t need to be lectured in person by her or anyone lol
  • @poshspice ha they had leis at their wedding and DH was seriously like "she's NOT Hawaiian, that's cultural appropriation!!!!!!" We are so on the same page as you.
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  • @sketner610 we did not reveal DD's name until she was born because it is an old fashioned name that I thought people would turn their noses up at. It's easier said than done to live by the "who cares what other people think" mentality - I just knew that if my mom or sister made a comment about it, I would be second guessing myself and possibly regretting our name choice, which we had already fallen in love with. It was also kind of a nice surprise to everyone once she was born to introduce her to the world with her sparkling new name that no one else knew yet. We are going to do the same thing with this LO and not tell anyone ahead of time.
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  • We also didn't share until baby was born. Good thing too, my parents tried to convince us to change his name. Nope, it was done, get over it.
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  • We aren't going to share our name either and since we are sharing the sex eventually it will be our little secret to share with the babe. Now that my husband and I know we are having a boy we have started thinking of names.

    I really like Max - my husband likes it it but would want that to be a nickname and have Maxwell or Maximus (or some other long name -any suggestions?) on the birth certificate. I honestly don't mind if the name was just Max though! Maxwell is okay.. (I automatically think of the coffee but w/e it goes nicely with our last name). With Maximus all I can think of is the movie Gladiator (which don't get me wrong is a good movie but I don't think it flows as nice with our last name)

    We also have Lennox and Axel on our short list. Apparently we like the letter "x" :)

  • @kaitcrystalline how about Maximilion? Thats the only other name i can think of for the nn max
  • @Sketner610 maybe put something at the end of the online announcement about opinions arent needed or welcomed? But in a nicer way (im too blunt sometimes) thats should let SIL know how you feel (and maybe keep her opinion to herself)
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