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  • @Sketner610 ; I am open with the name with our family and DH refuses to be with his family, because his mom will bug us to change it. Our name is Noah and when I told my mom that was the only boy name that we both liked the week after I found out I was pregnant, she poo pooed it. Then after we told her it was a boy she was like "so you are really going with Noah, huh?" This week,l we told most of MY extended family and I was reminded that my aunt had a dog named Noah. Ha. Oh well. None of this bothers me at all and my mom lamented that it will grow on her eventually. But once again, my family is pretty respectful and easy going. My brother and sister and law are like the most straight-laced people ever and their kids have unusual names that my parents did not care for at first. DHs family on other hand are NOT respectful and will be rude about it. So they will not learn the name until he is here. 
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  • Late to the game here but we have decided on Sawyer Bryant.. We actually decided and agreed on this very early and easily but were super convinced he was a girl.... Now we are stuck deciding on calling him Sawyer(my fave) or Bryant(dh fave). I guess we have time but we are stuck!
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  • @kaitcrystalline Maximilian, Maxence. Imo, just "Max" by itself is fine too as long as it sounds good with your last name. I think my preferred long-Max name is Maxwell, and I didn't even think of the coffee until you said it despite having a student with that name last year.
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  • @brie_and_almonds Maxwell is also my preferred long name and its nice to know that you didn't think of the coffee right away. I was in Canadian Tire today and they were selling Maxwell coffee and I just started smiling. 
  • Sketner610Sketner610
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    Man I’m jealous of everyone’s ability to keep the name a secret till birth. I love the idea but I don’t have the self control to not tell people. Not to mention I have a lot of old fashion family members that wouldn’t understand and would be offended. I’m excited to tell people our name, just also nervous. Lol

    @kaitcrystalline my neighbor growing up was named Maddox (nickname Max) which I always thought was unique and cute. 
  • Dh and I have started talking names and we are so far apart, especially on boy names. Since we have never used the girl list there are at least a good few contenders.  I really like Etta or Penelope/Penny for a girl (not sure about middle names yet). For boy names the one name we are both kind of partial too is SAwyer, but dh loves Marshall (just does not do it for me) and I am partial to Theodore (teddy)or Zeke and he hates both. 

    Lol we were going over our long list with mil (we do a baby name bracket with our family and friends, where they vote for their favorite each day, though we obviously chose which name we want in the end) and she definitely hates all of our non traditional names lol. She kept saying things like you know Jeremy isn’t too bad or Thomas. Can’t wait to find out what this little one is so we can put our bracket together. 
  • Jaxon "Jax" Ryan is my pick. SO came up with it then started waffling when I started to get on-board with it
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  • Alright ladies, after knowing the sex of our baby for 5 weeks, my husband and I finally agree on a name for our little girl. Buuuut, we are having trouble deciding on spelling:

    Sloan or Sloane

    @Sketner610 I too am so jealous of being able to keep names a secret. I was trying to at first, but just gave up this week. 

    @Stormiewinter that's such a fun idea to do a name bracket to make family and friends feel involved in the process.

  • @megstevens92 I am tempted to say Sloane. What's the middle name?
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  • @sleepy33 Middle name will be Elizabeth
  • @megstevens92 I like Sloane but I think no matter what, people will always ask you/her if there is an e at the end or not. Very pretty name!
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  • @megstevens92. I like Sloane as well. Such a pretty name 

  • Thanks for the input everyone! 
  • @DuchessOfCambridge I've only heard the name used twice in movies/tv and its 'Sloane' in Ferris Buellers day off, and 'Sloan' in Entourage. I love both of the characters, but they are obviously not helping my predicament haha. 
  • I like Sloan, it was on our list if we had a girl!
  • So DH today mentioned that he was worried his family would be offended that we didn’t pick family names from his side if the family for LO. All their names are common and boring. And my MIL didn’t really do the whole family name thing. Should I care? We could always do two middle names, I have two, one for each side, but it’s a girl, it’s getting to be a mouthful!
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  • @missmcgonnagal that’s kind of how I feel. I mean, I don’t want to name my baby darrell. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Oh well, I guess.
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  • I agree with @missmcgonnagal let them be offended! There is no reason you have to pick a family name. Our girls have family names but not because we felt the need to name them family names but because we truely loved the name. Baby boy will most likely only have a family middle name. I don’t like any of the family boys names for first names. I’m not about to give him that I dont love. And at some point people need to add new names to the family tree! 
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    @mrskoz428 the only thing to be aware of is that when your DH says he's worried they may be offended  maybe check in to make sure he's OK with it (making sure he's not using that to voice his own concerns)  Someone else mentioned not using the names but trying to honor the meaning of a name or using a shortened version, etc. 
  • @knarlytaurus I asked him if he was okay with them and he actually shut down non-family names for the names we currently have picked, which only honor my family. His mom is super sensitive, I think he’s just worried about her being upset about it. 
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  • @mrskoz428 when you say that your MIL didn't do the whole family name thing, does that mean that none of her kids have family names from her/FIL's side? If yes, that makes no sense to me why she would be offended in the first place - she has no platform. I vote just going with the names you and your H love. If she is offended, it will probably be for about 10 seconds and then she'll get over it as soon as she meets your LO.
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  • My husband is the same way he won't talk about names either until we find out. Then lastnight he said something about if its a boy we should name him John Wayne after his boss and dad. I'm not 100 percent that I like it. He still won't talk anymore about it even though he brought the topic up. 
  • @mrskoz428 Did you find out the sex??? You said it's a girl above, did I miss that you found out?
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    @missmcgonnagal what's super weird? 
  • @kdressler64 are you or DH into old western movies?  I think most people would assume he was named for John Wayne, not your husband's boss and dad.
  • @fatmonica no I said that when he mentioned it. It's not because of the western it is because of his boss whose name is John and his dad's middle name is Wayne. That's why I'm not sure that I like that. I like it because of who the baby would be named after (boss and dad) but I don't much like it because of the western and that's the first thing everyone will think of. The other variations of their names don't really work though so I'm stuck. 
  • @imrachellea we find out Wednesday. The name we have now for a girl is a 3 syllable first, middle and last name. I feel like adding a second middle name would just be a ton! Our boy name is 2 syllable first and middle plus 3 syllable last name. A second middle name for a boy wouldn’t be awful, but still a lot of syllables!
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  • @kdressler64 It's weird that he talks about it, drops one name that's going to make EVERYONE think of old westerns without your input, then refuses to talk about it again.
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  • DH and I have both agreed that no one finds out the name until after he’s been born and officially named.  There are just too many opinionated people in my family and I don’t want to deal with that, plus it means we have plenty of time to use the name between ourselves and really make sure we are happy with the name we picked out.

    So far our top contender is Frank Joseph.

    Frank was my father’s name.  He passed away when I was younger, and I’ve always felt that if I ever had a boy that I would like to name him after him.  Joseph is DH’s father’s name, because he felt that if I was getting to use my father’s name that he should get to use his.  I like that both of our families are represented, but I’m not sure how I feel about how they sound together.  Then again how many times does anyone really use their full name, so I guess it’s not that big of a deal.

  • @missmcgonnagal yes I know I don't think that's going to be the name I'll bring it up again. We'll know what the sex is on the 2nd so we'll see what name we go with. I have others
  • @kdressler64 I understand your frustration. My husband would not talk names until we knew the sex. Except for Buck. ... No. 
  • Names are hard. Especially boy names.  Dh is Jewish and they typically use a first initial to honor a deceased family member. It hasn’t been too hard to stick to that because there is almost always at least someone you can think of with the same initial and when in doubt (ds1) we chose a Hebrew name that had the same initial. The tough thing this time around is that dh just lost his grandfather and while I would love to honor him in some way I am not in love with any “S” names. Both our boys have 2 middle names, the second middle name is our nod to my side of the family. Since my grandparents were from Scotland the boys second middle name is the name of the Scottish clan of my grandparents ancestors. We have used my great grandfathers clan on my dads side and my grandfather’s on my mom’s side. This next baby will have the second middle name Campbell for my grandmother’s side. It was my way of getting a piece of my family history in without just using my maiden name. 

    For the record I have 5 names total (my parents were very indecisive) and that might be a little much. Now that everything is electronic it’s is an enormous PITA anytime I have to change an official form because there is not enough spaces to type all of the names. So records get messed up and it takes forever. 

  • We have 2 girl names but this baby is a BOY sooo we are struggling. So far we have 
    Noah Robert
    Henry Dean 

    Taking all suggestions. Family names: Reno, Ben, Dale, Kenneth, John, Harry, Robert, Dean, Brian 
  • @brichanelle I love the name Dean and would've gone with Dean Thomas if H had taste. (Kidding..  kind of 😂). So Henry Dean is my top pick but really I love both names you picked. 
  • @brichanelle the names you picked put are cute. I also like John Henry for a boy
  • @brichanelle both name are super cute- you can’t go wrong with either!

  • @brichanelle I like both names.
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