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  • @jarethinafrock that's super considerate of you. We did that last pregnancy with a good friend who was also DH's coworker. They'd been trying for a few years, so I sent her an email the day before DH told their boss (they were a team of 3). Everyone processes it differently, I'm sure, but I hope they take it okay and giving them the opportunity to have time beforehand and not in person should help a little.

    @secicc12 that is so cute!!! And we'll all have bumps by Christmastime so that's perfect timing.
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  • We have told our parents and siblings. I have also told a few coworkers at work because I have been peeing a lot and getting random bouts of nausea that could turn ugly! Otherwise, we will probably do a little pumpkin photo announcement with our dogs on Facebook after our 13 week appointment on November 2. My parents bought grandparents shirts to announce to their parents and siblings just before we do our FB announcement. But I’m a fairly tiny person (5’7” and 123 pounds) so I’m already starting to show a tiny bit. We’ll see how long I can hide it!
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  • We're waiting until Thanksgiving week to tell my family, but we haven't decided when to tell his. My first appointment is 23 Oct, and with a history of loss, we both want to wait until we hear the heartbeat.

    As far as a social media announcement, I'd love to get a snap of the ultrasound with my two cats and caption it "baby sister/brother on the way" or something like that.
  • I legit just scrolled through this thread searching if I'd posted yet or not bc I couldn't remember ha my brain is mush.
    After this weekend both sides of our immediate family will know (my side knows already but not doing anything spectacular just bringing it up in conversation). 3 people very close to me besides family by accident and I'm concerned about her spilling the beans to others bc she can't keep a secret but she guessed it and I couldn't lie to her so 🤷‍♀️ ..... thinking about announcing to everyone else around mid November. We're getting family pics taken in a couple weeks  (scheduled before we found out I was pregnant) so now I'm thinking I'd like to get a photo of DS placing his hand on my belly or something like that...maybe I'll make a little sign to bring...and we can use that photo as our announcement.
    I wanted DS to dress as a "big brother in training" for Halloween and thought we could announce on Halloween but DH thinks it's too soon even though I'll be 13 weeks (and no doubt showing) by then.
  • I love all of these announcement ideas.

    I'm not sure what we will do for an announcement. We are holding off telling our families until after we have the anatomy scan and all the genetic testing, so assuming that is in early December maybe we will tell them before Christmas. As far as social media, I'm not sure if I will post anything until after the birth.
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  • @bashmama18 i have a lot of respect for those who adopt.  It kinda relates to what i was saying to @iwishiwaspreggo about going through IVF. It blows my mind how difficult it is to adopt a child.  I get that they have to and they should do proper background checks.  But I've heard of people waiting years for their child and paying thousands of dollars to adopt.  

  • We’re actually getting family pictures done on 10/7, and have an ultrasound on 10/3. If all goes well and we get a decent picture, I may just have the photographer take a picture of our daughter holding the ultrasound pic. Then I will probably put it on Facebook after the first trimester is over. 
  • We’ve told all family and close friends that we felt needed to know. I think we’ll be announcing on social media after the birth. We’re team green too so it’ll just be one massive exciting announcement.
  • We’ve told all family and close friends that we felt needed to know. I think we’ll be announcing on social media after the birth. We’re team green too so it’ll just be one massive exciting announcement.
  • We’ve told all family and close friends that we felt needed to know. I think we’ll be announcing on social media after the birth. We’re team green too so it’ll just be one massive exciting announcement.
  • @kvh22 that's super cute!! 

  • We haven't told anyone yet, and I'm nervous to.  I think I want to keep this secret for a little while because it felt like so many people knew our business once we started with IVF.  Before that, I felt crappy that I wanted a kid so badly, and I felt like our families were wondering what we were waiting for.  I want this happy news to be ours, and then maybe we'll tell them all at once at DH's birthday party over a week into November <3  Luckily, not many symptoms so far, so we may be able to keep it under wraps until then.
  • Eh, when you consider what people pay to have a new’s all perspective. I’ll gladly pay for lawyers and plane tickets and social workers. Our kids were older and considered “waiting kids,” so our timeline wasn’t that bad. Now pregnancy...waaaay harder for me, lol. It’s kind of crazy to think that our #3 and #4 could come so close together though!
  • @jarethinafrock That is really considerate of you to think of your sisters. I struggled with infertility for years and my sister in law had three kids during our troubles and each one was hard. We tried not to be upset, but it was so hard not to be. They will need time to process and it is best to not spring it on them. My sister in law made one of her announcements on my birthday and another on my husband’s birthday. Talk about being tone deaf...
  • We wanted to do something cute to tell MIL, but she was over watching DD and I threw up four times... so there went that 😂. 

    My my dad has his birthday the day after our first ultrasound, so I will wrap up a picture for him and that will be our surprise for that family. 

    Our announcement on on social media was pretty funny, so hubby is working on that idea 😂🙃. 
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    @kbeers13 that is too cute with the half pint idea and playing off your last name. ❤️ 

    We have a shirt coming in the mail for DS. We’ve always been nature-themed with most of the things we do with him so this will be no different.  
    We’ll have family photos taken by DS’s daycare provider (she’s done all of our photos for years and is one of my closest friends) and I can’t wait for DS to take off his little plaid shirt and show it off to her. She’s going to die! She loves babies and will likely be our birth photographer too. 

    DH and I have already told both of our parents. Mine live in town and they would’ve figured it out quickly and DH’s are visiting and keeping this from them would be next to impossible. We will announce to everyone else who’s important through email, postcards, or calling by Halloween with the photos from our shoot. Everyone else will find out on FB with photos from that as well once important people have been informed first. 

    I have a baker’s costume I’m wearing for Halloween with another t-shirt with a baby peeking out of the belly. (I’ll have a little cardboard oven door covering it that I can open.) That’s how I’ll announce to the kids at school. We have an 8th grade fashion show each year, so I’ll walk the catwalk with a “bun in the oven”. They’re in 8th they *might* get it. 😉 

  • @kvh22 Thats so cute! I wish I could do that! But at this rate I may be big enough to by then.
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  • @eatinwatermelonseeds Don't you just love IG trying to rat you out. I made a private album on fb to post pregnancy stuff to. I'm not ready to tell my out of state family so I'm just documenting stuff on the album. But I like triple tested to make sure it was really private before posting anything lol
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  • @psychobutthead I know! I triple checked it was private but I have like 10 follow requests already 😂😂
  • We haven’t announced yet since we only just found out on Friday about this pregnancy (which is our third and very unexpected) but I’m thinking we’ll do a pumpkin type announcement for social media and then for telling our families I’m thinking one of these two shirt options. I’m leaning towards getting the kids shirts but I can’t decide. 
  • @sketner610 I definitely like the kids shirts! More subtle, which makes it more fun if you don’t have both kiddos right next to each other. :-)

    @psychobutthead @eatinwatermelonseeds I made a family on Tinybeans. The only people who can see it are people you invite via email, which is really nice! That’s where I’ve been posting all of my bump photos, updates from appointments, and little fun facts that The Bump shares with me. Right now, I have only shared it with our parents and siblings but it’s essentially like Instagram but you can also add written memories, not just pictures. I have also created multiple private Pintrest boards with ideas for pregnancy announcements, nursery ideas, and just info about being pregnant that I will be public once we share. It’s hard keeping this secret in! I might cave and share after next weekend as my DHs brother gets married next Saturday and I don’t want to make their day about me.
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    @mrskoz428 I ♥️ Tiny Beans! We've kept #1 almost entirely off of Facebook, so use Tiny Beans to update family across the country. I'm on there multiple times a day, pictures and videos. It's perfect for tech-illiterate grandparents too. 
  • @liliumstargazer13 My sister used it for her first and it’s very convenient to allow me to get my sharing fix without going public!
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  • @rozpre - We've mostly been telling the people who know we did IVF, but we waited until we knew the beta was strong and at least doubling (turns out it's been tripling). We'll tell our extended families about the pregnancy after the first ultrasound (Friday, WOO!). I have a cousin who did IVF and is pregnant with twins and I really wanna tell her but I KNOW she'll tell her mom (my aunt) who will tell my grandparents, uncle, and other cousin and I wanted it to be more fun so I'm keeping quiet for now. My grandparents are going to freak out if I have twins, too. Two sets of twins in a year would be wild, especially since my son was the only great-grandchild for a long time. I'm elated, though. Holidays will be more fun with more kids.
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  • I was sitting in a meeting yesterday with my team,  manager,  and director when asthma started acting up (nothing terrible,  just SOB). My manager asked if i was ok and i told her it was just asthma but she kept looking at me throughout the meeting and smiling.  Well fcuk. After my team left the room i had to tell her and the director. Manager was really happy for me and she said she could tell because my face is round (thanks but that's actually the steroids lol). My director's reaction,  however,  was "ugh you suck." I like my director, she's cool, honest, and transparent.  But wtf? She's upset because that means I'll be taking maternity leave soon.  I don't get it,  our company is 80% women.  Did you really think I was going to not want my daughter to have a sibling? 

  • @expandcontract I always feel like that's the secret reaction to these kinds of announcements, especially here in Canada where we get - and most women take - the full year. It was actually really nice not being employed when I was pregnant with DD2 because I didn't need to worry about telling a boss and feeling like I'm letting them down by leaving for a year. 

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  • @elliebo I seriously could have written that 😂 I'm not currently employed though. I set up a secret Instagram to surprise the 6 people who don't know yet once we find out the sex 😂
  • @elliebo yes! 😂😂 I’m glad I’m not alone on the “can’t keep my mouth shut” train!
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