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  • @expandcontract
    How I imagine your coworker:

    kids with flags
  • @expandcontract that's very sad for her, but I do not think going through something difficult gives you license to be an ass. I have some friends who have gone through hell and back and have never taken that out on anyone. Have they been upset? FOR SURE. One of them has a terminal illness (she has a couple decades left to live but once it comes on it will be horrific and fast, she is living with a long term death sentence) and has never been snarky at people who aren't going through the same thing as her. I don't snap at the parents of children without CP even if I'm having a particularly hard week with it.

    That's not to say people aren't allowed to be upset and have feelings, I just don't believe that are a valid excuse for being rude to someone else. Life is hard and unfair and really sucks sometimes.
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  • @imrachellea awww your poor baby's hand! 

  • @jwalters2019 That's too cute!!!!
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  • @missy052819 while I'm a bit disappointed there's no cats in sweaters, that's very cute! 
  • @vchu0602 that picture is so cute!

    I have a question for you all - how are you planning on telling family that lives far away from you? It's my family (aunt, uncle, cousins) that I don't regularly speak on the phone with but I do speak to occasionally on or comment/msg. on IG or FB. Are you letting other family members pass the word, calling, emailing, fb announcement, etc.? I was between an email or DM, or letting my mom pass the word, but not sure what the "protocol" is. 
  • @knarlytaurus we told our close extended family via text. Extended family that I talk to via Facebook found out via Facebook. We only told immediate family and grandparents in person.
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  • @knarlytaurus I told my favorite uncle and his wife by phone, and my favorite cousin through Facebook messenger. Everyone else found out through my mom, social media, or not at all. I actually imagine I might have some pretty surprised cousins in about 6 months 😂
  • @eatinwatermelonseeds yes, me to! I have numerous cousins that have blocked me on Facebook (I so don’t care) and with my grandma gone not spreading the gossip, I’m sure 50% of my cousins don’t know. 😂
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  • @knarlytaurus I called one uncle that lives a state away but really they all found out via social media. I told my immediate family myself and close friends. My parents were told not to tell anyone, or else. I would say it depends on hos close you are to them. Or text them a picture before you social media post.

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  • @mrskoz428 I deactivated Facebook ages ago, which was my only connection to one of my cousins. When my son got sick, several of them couldn't be bothered to say a word to me (my favorite cousin included, but I've since reconciled with her, I don't care about the rest) so I deleted them all. Instagram is my only social media outlet and I don't follow and am not followed by any of my family. So, it'll be interesting lol.. My Grammy will probably tell them. But she also has a tendency to think she told someone something but never actually tell them 😂
  • I let everyone know on Thanksgiving and went live on social media this weekend so everyone else will just have to find out through the grapevine.
  • @knarlytaurus With DD1 (who was due in July), we told my parents, sister, and grandma in person and I emailed my one uncle and cousin with Christmas wishes and an announcement. DH's family is all out of town so he called his parents and twin brother, and texted his sisters. MIL and SILs took care of spreading the news to his extended family. And we told several friends personally. Everyone else found out via social media or word of mouth. We are planning on similar with this baby (some people found out this weekend, but it will be a few more weeks before we go public). 
  • @mrskoz428 why do your cousins have you blocked!?
  • Thank you Everyone for your thoughts/experience! I think I'm going to email aunt/uncle/cousins and everyone else can find out later on fb or from my mum. 
  • @journey721 oh, we are the black sheep of the extended family. Very different political and religious views. Plus, they were mad because while my grandma was in the hospital dying after a stroke, we all got together and had pizza as an extended family at the hospital, surrounding my grandmother with love and laughter and sharing memories and that pissed off a lot of people. They thought it was inappropriate to be joyous (meaning sharing happy stories from her life) while she was dying. Whatever. Most of my cousins are my parents age anyway (oldest cousin is 54, I’m the second youngest at 24) so I really don’t care.
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