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Weekday Randoms 7/23 - 7/27


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  • thanks everyone. @hillbillywife They're still saying it's just Transient tachypnea of the newborn (TTN) but are a bit perplexed why it's lingering this long. TTN is fairly common in planned c-section babies because they don't go through the same labor stages that clear the lungs of amniotic fluid.  He should have no lasting effects and should be fine as soon as he can figure out how to clear his lungs and breathe deeper and more slowly.  I just went over to nurse him at midnight but he was still fast asleep, they think he's going to go 4 full hours between feeds this time and the extended sleep will do him good.
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  • congrats @amdftw

    Working at the library today, and if I make it through the entire shift then I'll get an entire paycheck this Wednesday, which is really great! I have a few different ideas for programs today flopping around inside my head so we'll see how old the kiddos are that show up. 

    Afterwards we're going up north to a town that's having a heritage fest (kind of like a fair, towns around here have heritage fests and "old home days" around this time) and going to one of our fave restaurants we still have a gift card to as a belated anniversary. I was going to have a small 4 oz beer taster but DH is all weird about it and actually googled to see if they can deny me service. Turns out in 18 states its illegal for pregnant women to drink (Vermont is not one of them) and they CAN deny me service in the restaurant. I guess its considered child abuse in those states, which seems like a slipperly slope to me legally but its mostly midwestern and southern states with the law. Anyway, thought that was interesting!

    Hope everyone has a glorious weekend! Is everyone else dealing with these damn storms? It has rained every single day this week and its supposed to continue into next! At first I was stoked for my garden but now I bet my garden would love some straight up sun...

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  • @gingerbride26 gotcha. My LO was gaggy and spitty because of amniotic fluid because he was born really quickly and he still was squeezed out. I can imagine it’s harder for Lo’s who don’t get squeezed at all! I hope he continues to get better!

    @SmashJam have fun!!

  • @SmashJam yes on the storms/rain. And when it’s not raining it’s soooo humid. Gross! 
  • @SmashJam yup storms here every afternoon and continuing till Monday they say. We were also in tornado watch yesterday and a few touched down not so far from us. Definitely not prepared for that with a newborn, it makes me nervous.
    Sorry TMI STM moment- Mentally curing H because i need to poop and he’s out getting a hair cut and I’m stuck with a toddler and infant. Trying to figure out how to do this...
  • @wildtot I always just put the baby in the bassinet (out of toddlers reach), turn the tv onto my toddlers favorite show, and leave the bathroom door open so I can monitor him. 
  • @acunamatada LOL. We said that so often to DD that she now tells us she needs privacy and wants to potty by herself.
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