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  • nimmlenimmle member
    @hillbillywife Lol, look what you did! I'm glad it's less scary than you thought. Hopefully it stays that way throughout the day.
  • nimmlenimmle member
    @acunamatada Dying of cuteness!!

    @lindsayleigh1989 That doesn't sound stressful at all, lol.
  • Ugh guyssss I asked my mom to come today since my H is back to work, I really just wanted some help with toddler nap time and then for her to take him to the playground so he could get out of the house. Well she’s been here for a couple hours and I’m already regretting it. She put my son down and now she’s sitting next to me on the couch trying to do something on her phone and cursing/talking to herself because whatever shes trying to do isn’t working. I finally told her feeding the baby is hard work right now and I need a calm environment and she said okay but then kept doing it! Now she’s on the phone with some help line trying to fix whatever her issue is and I just don’t want to listen to it. I feel like it’s gonna be such a long summer of trying to keep my toddler occupied by myself. I’m so lost as to how to do that and take care of a newborn. Feeling kind of bummed. 
  • nimmlenimmle member
    @zande2016 ugh that would annoy me so much. I feel like Mom can  sometimes has that "mother knows best" mentality that their ideas trump ours. Like, I love you but Look lady, this is my house and my kids. Chill out or get out lol.
  • Congrats to all the new mamas - and woo-hoo to all the multiples mom's juggling more than one alone!

    @nimmle that is awesome! We have a local restaurant I really wish we went to more - they always remember us even if it's been MONTHS and when DD was really little they'd even entertain her and carry her around the restaurant so we could eat warm food at the same time.  We ate there the night before DD was born and will be going tonight to continue the tradition for DS.
    @lindsayleigh1989 that is exactly my fear for DD and the baby >_< she likes to play hide and go seek by putting blankets over her or other peoples faces, or share her lovee right in someone's face...where's that toddler force field when we need it!?
    @zande2016 I'm so sorry help isn't working out :( I have no real help but completely commiserate - I stopped asking parents and in-laws for help a long time ago because either I call when I'm really desperate because they said call if you need ANYTHING and then they won't help, or they come and make everything worse.  Plus I just don't like people. I hope you find a groove.

    AFM my final me-day did not start great... I'll save for a BF but nothing is going to plan so here I sit bumping and watching Pirates of Penzance because Kevin Kline in thigh high leather boots usually cheers me up.  Then I'll finish up the milestone blocks I decided to make last minute and double check the hospital bag.  Eventually I'll try to home-spa it up with nair and flat iron my hair so I don't have to worry about hair of any type while in the hospital.
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  • @acunamatada such a sweet picture!

    @lindsayleigh1989 my youngest (23 months) is stressing me out too.  His “pats” to her head are way too rough and he can’t be trusted to be near her alone.  

    @zande2016 I usually end up regretting asking my mom for help if were are around each other for too long.  It’s so much nicer when she takes the kids to her house and I don’t have to witness all of the things that drive me crazy!
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  • @Sarafuss yeah my H offered to drop him off at my moms instead of her coming here and I really should’ve taken him up on that. 
  • Calling our nurses and experienced moms:

     There are a couple new blisters on both of my hands and I am freaking out because I don't know what it is. They don't itch or hurt, but I want to make sure it's nothing that's dangerous for baby. I already called my GP but he can't see me today (maybe the NP can tomorrow) and I am waiting for a call back from my OB. I don't already have a dermatologist but maybe I need to find one.
    What do you think? I see things online about stress blisters...and I have had very little sleep the past few days...I mostly just want to know if it's something contagious or nothing at all. There is one on my other hand in the same area that is flatter and then a couple pinhead sized ones. I feel a little silly, like maybe I have had these and just didn't notice before today. I need sleep...

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  • @flockofmoosen3 I think your okay. They don’t look like anything to worry about. 

    I am crazy! This was an unplanned pregnancy- we had decided to be one and done. Now I’m telling H we need to just try for the boy and have another. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea because of money. I hate being pregnant but I feel like we need our “boy”. Haha crazy hormones. 
  • @zande2016 Love tits for support. So sorry she is just stressing you out! Confession I set up camp in our living room. i get everything i need for myself and baby for yhe day and set up a spot on yhe couch. We do decent amount of tv time but right now thats what i can manage with the cluster feeding We do lots of coloring on the coffee table so I can still color with her or read books. Target has cheap art supplies right now I have stocked up. I also try to take her outside just in our yard in yhe afternoon so she can play with chalk. I usuallt use my moby so i can be a little more mobile. Hope that helps some. It is hard with two so little but know there is no right or wrong way to do this is :) 
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  • @acunamatada love that picture
    @Sarafuss yes the head pats  :#
    @flockofmoosen3 I sometimes get little tiny water warts. I would say you could definitely ask a GP or nurse line but they don't look very bad to me.
    @elizabethrn87 nothing wrong with that :) I would suggest waiting a little while before making any hard and firm decisions ;) these hormones are a beast haha
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  • I am home alone with my mom for the first time since DH went back to work. He was so sad about it poor guy cried multiple times in the past few days. My mom has been helpful but also sometimes she is kind of all over me and around all. The . Time. So it's a little intense. Aside from the occasional comments about how strange/different/wrong things are in the US vs Europe (all shit I've heard a million times already), I think I can manage her...

    We apparently said goodbye to our morning nap post feeding and replaced it with 2 hours of "I'm awake but slightly fussy and can go time bomb on you at any time". Then we fed again 2 hours after dad left for work. And now after 30 minutes on my chest we are feeding again!  Guessing it's all normal??

    Yay for STM+ kicking butt even with overly affectionate LOs!

    @nimmle I also think it is cool to be a regular! What did you get? DH got me our favorite almond croissant yesterday and we had it for breakfast this morning, so good!

    @gingerbride26 I hope you manage to get your spa day!
  • nimmlenimmle member
    @kissableviv I get a small coffee and a chocolate croissant. Sooo yummy. That's so sweet that your DH is sad about going back to work. It really is tough to leave such cuteness!
  • I miss my cricut so dang much :'( my hands just aren't as steady as they used to but these will do until we find it and I can re-do them...I'll touch up the edges one more time once paint dries.  DH is very happy they are in Cowboy colors (picture in spoiler).  I also found that fugly pirate ruffle onsie I mentioned ages ago while we went through all the baby clothes this weekend!  Hospital bag pretty much packed (just need toiletries and chargers I'm still using), and i tamed my eyebrows...trying to decide how much I care about hairless legs and non frizzy hair...

    @zande2016 lovetits for support - my house is only clean ATM because DH went on some pre-baby cleaning binge - my room hasn't looked this good in probably a year - I'm sure if I took at pic next week after we're back home it'll be a mess again. Hide away!
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  • @acunamatada I haven’t showered yet today either, and I smell. All those night sweats plus leaked milk plus baby spit up. Yuck. I’ll also confess, just scarfed down my sons frozen pizza (SO GOOD) and now I’m sneaking Oreos so he doesn’t notice and I don’t have to share with him.

    Well, my moms gone. I told her to just come back Friday so I can take the baby to his pediatrician appointment. Meanwhile I am ordering some toddler toys and activities on amazon prime, just wish it wasn’t going to rain all week. Mickey Mouse clubhouse has been on the entire day....
  • @gingerbride26 hope the rest of the day and your dinner tonight go well, and happy early baby day! 

    +1 for night sweats, gross. 

    @moguippy I feel the exact same way about company right now. We spent the night with my in-laws on Friday night (AC trouble) and she still randomly stopped by, woke the baby, that afternoon because she just "had to see him". Blech.

    @zande2016 my house looks the same or worse. I'm proud of myself today for loading and unloading the dishwasher and putting away DD's laundry. 
  • @MichelleAG05 thanks! I'm a bit happier with the blocks after re-outlining them a bit... now i'm watching breaking dawn as a guilty pleasure until fam gets home

    @zande2016 i love it! I told DD that gatorade was "juice" when she had a stomach bug.... whatever keeps the peace
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  • +1 for not having shoeered yet! Also, DH asked me to smell DS' head this morning because he wasn't sure if he spit up or vomited on his side (and then leaked on to his hair/head). Thanks dude, nothing I want more than test smelling potential vomit in the morning!
  • In other randoms, any new mom(FTM or not) checking for LO's breathing while they nap? After a feeding marathon, Milo went down an hour ago but now he is sleeping so heavily he is barely moving and I find myself going upstairs to check his breathing despite the monitor...also they breathe so differently than adults it's so weird to look at sometimes!
  • nimmlenimmle member
    @kissableviv My LO isn't here yet, but sounds like what I will do forever. Apparently the first time I slept through the night as a baby my mom woke up in the morning convinced I was dead and ran into the room to find I was fine. I was also the second. So I guess she did that with my Sister too, lol. Probably never stops no matter how many kids you have.
  • Im also a member of the five baskets of clean laundry that aren’t folded or put away club. No shame. 

    I have also also checked to make sure LO was breathing a few times. Just gotta make sure lol
  • @kissableviv always checking her breathing when she gets quiet.. She’s such a noisy sleeper sometimes when we get a minute of peace it’s almost unsettling lol. 
  • zande2016 said:
    My toddler asked for milk and we’re out so I told him he had to have water. He got super upset. I gave him half and half. He happily sucked it down. New parenting low :lol:
    For a second there i thought you were gonna say you gave him breast milk lol
  • @zande2016 the extra fat is good for their brains right?  ;)

    @wildtot ^^^ this!! From the sounds of it @zande2016 you’ve got an endless supply anyways- breast milk for everyone!  :D
  • @kissableviv I honestly still check on my 22 month old’s breathing sometimes. If I check the monitor and he’s in some funky position or stays in the same position for over an hour, I can’t help it, I have to go put my hand on his chest and make sure I feel him breathing. I was so freaked out when he went into his own room at 5 months that I got the angel sense monitor with an alarm if he stops breathing. Now with this baby every time he Naps I go check him every hour or so to make sure he’s breathing. My sister who is 8 years older than me always told me she used to sneak into my room every night when I was a baby to make sure I was breathing, maybe I get it from her. Come to think of it, my dad always came into my room in the middle of the night to check on me until I was a preteen. okay now it sounds like i come from a family of paranoid weirdos haha. 

    So my baby is 9 days old and has never had a bath. We were going to delay it 24 hours in the hospital but then we got discharged early and forgot. Then we were waiting for the cord to fall off. It finally did fall off, but he still hasn’t had a bath. Has anyone else noticed dried blood/a scab around the belly button after the cord fell off? I think he can be submerged now but part of me wonders if I should still wait until the scab comes off. 
  • nimmlenimmle member
    Ok....we're going with indian curry night. Old wives tales day today lol.
  • wildtot said:
    zande2016 said:
    My toddler asked for milk and we’re out so I told him he had to have water. He got super upset. I gave him half and half. He happily sucked it down. New parenting low :lol:
    For a second there i thought you were gonna say you gave him breast milk lol
    Omg that didn’t even occur to me, but if it had, I totally may have done that lol! I’ll keep that in mind for next time :wink:
  • morethanamamamorethanamama member
    edited July 2018
    @nimmle I already gave my mom a scare twice, LO was sleeping SO SOUNDLY I seriously could not wake him and I started flipping out. I'm sure it will be hard to "sleep when baby sleeps" when I'm by myself.

    EtA: thanks for making me feel in good company on the breathing check! 
    @zande2016 yes we had the same scabbing but submerged just fine!
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