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Welcome to Feb 19!
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  • @thrillsmomma my first beta with this one last Weds was only 27.. not sure what the second was, but the third (two days ago) was 440. Fingers crossed for rising numbers! 

    @threeby23 I have had SPD with both of my pregnancies and rumor has it that it starts earlier and more uncomfortable each pregnancy.. which was true for my last one so I’m anticipating it this time around too. I had physical therapy for DD and it helped quite a bit. 
  • Yes I've heard that too! Ugh. Thankfully, my Dr's wife happens to have the same thing, so he helped me a lot last pregnancy. I'll be doing the physical therapy right away this time!
  • @cmjenkies

    Thanks for sharing your numbers! I never had blood draws to test hcg while pregnant with my daughter so I don't have my own positive experience to compare this pregnancy to.

    That seems like awesome timing for your number to be where they are - congrats and lots of crossed fingers all around.
  • @thrillsmomma I didn’t have to have betas with my first two pregnancies either so I really didn’t know what to expect. Now, in the last 6 weeks, I’ve had my blood drawn like 10x. Fun times  :D
  • @BumpAdmin Could you sticky this, please?
    DD - August 2015
    TTC #2 - April 2017
    BFP May 13, 2017 - NMC June 5, 2017 (dx blighted ovum)
    BFP August 6, 2017- CP August 17, 2017
    BFP October 14, 2017 - NMC November 5, 2017
    BFP February 1, 2018 - CP February 3, 2018
    BFP May 25, 2018 - Due February 5, 2019

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