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  • I’m glad everything is looking good @runsomewhere @TalesOfASocialIntrovert

    I agree these babies need to keep cooking a bit longer! 

    Tales- I feel the same way. Almost 31 weeks but it feels like it could be any day now! And really some of us beginning of the month-ers could be having babies in like 4 more weeks! 4 MORE WEEKS?!?! that seems insane... 

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  • @MichelleAG05 I have heard that expression before! Where are you from again? Maybe its regional. 

    @runsomewhere @TalesOfASocialIntrovert glad everything is looking good, keep those babes cookin!

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  • @hillbillywife omg that is making me so anxious ahahaha while I'm excited to meet little guy I'm not ready yet! My mom will be pissed if he comes any day before June 29th lol. She will be here on June 28th.
  • @kissableviv I mean chances are not many of us will deliver at 36 weeks, but you just never know right? 

  • @hillbillywife totally, better be prepared for all outcomes! I want him to bake as much as possible although I wouldn't mind a few days early or on time rather than late ;) I was 4 days early and so was DH but anything can happen.
  • @runsomewhere So glad everything looks good! 

    @TalesOfASocialIntrovert glad things have slowed hope they continue to stay at bay. 
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  • @kissableviv definitely, you never know what will happen. 

    Also- baby has made it very apparent to me today that he is breech as he kicked my vagina repeatedly 

  • @runsomewhere & @TalesOfASocialIntrovert I'm glad everything is looking better!!

    @MichelleAG05 I've heard the expression quite often. It's the same expression as "getting a wild hair up your a$$" 

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  • Are we at the point where we should have a birth announcement thread just in case?? 

    Im annoyed- just opened an explanation of benefits from insurance and looks like they’re not covering my fetal echo. I don’t understand since the MFM made it seem like it was medically necessary due to the GD. Has anyone had a fetal echo covered/not covered? It’s another $400 I really wasn’t anticipating spending right now (didn’t I just say this morning that I was waiting for the next unexpected expense!) 
  • @zande2016 you’re really having a rough stretch on the expenses! Maybe you should buy some lottery tickets as karma might owe you on the upside!
    I almost think we should open a birth announcement thread. I’m convinced someone will be early statistically speaking (happy to volunteer it to be me at 36 weeks!). ;)
  • @zande2016 Neither fetal echo was covered as prenatal for either DD or this pregnancy. I spent weeks last time going back and forth between the biller at the MFM and the insurance company. Basically, the insurance company said they started with a "diabetes" code, then followed with a "pregnancy" code so it automatically gets processed as a "normal" medical issue. The MFM biller insisted she did it right and it shouldn't really matter how it's sent to the insurance company. Neither would talk to the other so I finally gave up and just paid the stupid bill and have do so this time too.

    Also, as an aside, my Endo bills my appts as "prenatal" then "diabetes" but each insurance company basically gets to decide how they want to process it. So some patients have a referral Dr co-pay (as I do, every time!), and others get billed at the end of pregnancy with the rest of their prenatal charges (OB appts, NSTs, delivery, etc). It's all really stupid and doesn't make any sense :/
  • @TalesOfASocialIntrovert ughh I’m going to bring this EOB to the MFM tomorrow and see if there’s anything they can do. All my other ultrasounds have been covered, and diabetes seems to be one of the accepted reasons to do a fetal echo that would make it necessary and not voluntary, but insurance confuses the crap out of me. The code they have on here is an OB code from what I can tell, maybe they just need to add a code for diabetes...? 

    @pretzellover I totally should! 
  • @zande2016 none of mine was covered and went through my HSA. Like not a single penny. And I had a daughter born with a damn heart defect. So...our medical system sucks. I am such a downer right now, I am sorry, but really just wanted to say, "I understand, so sorry! It sucks!"
  • @wildtot Lol. Your DS and my mom seem to have the same food preferences. I have seen her do the same thing... She said it was because she didn't want to waste. lol.
  • Ugh sorry @smashjam. Unfortunately I don’t have an HSA. Well I used to before my husband was wrongfully terminated and we lost our HSA. So I’ll have to pay it but at least it’s going toward the deductible I guess. That’s really ridiculous and shitty that yours wasn’t covered when you had a child with a heart defect. I also feel like I may have turned the fetal echo down if it wasn’t really necessary and if I had know it wasn’t routinely covered, but that’s my fault for not asking. The doctor just made it seem like a routine course of action. Stupid insurance in this country! 
  • @zande2016 yeah not a bad idea to least start the thread and pin it. I know several of us will have June babies :) 
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  • You know how I won't even start about health insurance, mine didn't cover the freaking anatomy scan!

    And yes to the birth thread!
  • @kissableviv did you try appealing that?? That’s insane. This is the only thing so far that mine hasn’t covered but it’s making me angry because my plan info says maternity is covered at 100%. Lies! I just know when my twice weekly NSTs start I’ll probably being paying for those too.
  • @zande2016 I think it’s probably a good idea to start the birth thread too. Worst case it’ll be ready when sh*t hits the fan for all of us lol. 

    I had to have 2 fetal echos last pregnancy and didn’t have insurance. That was rough. i guess it’s a bright side that it’ll count towards your deductible. 

    @wildtot my kids do that periodically. I have to hold back gags every time lol yuck!

  • foxbaby2016foxbaby2016 member
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    @wildtot I am that person that will eat ketchup plain. I love anything vinegary. I make my husband gag on a daily basis  :D:D

    So glad all of you ladies are okay! I've been having some major shortness of breath and dizzy spells.  Last week I was seeing lots of floaters and had a bad headache as well but those symptoms have seemed to stop. I actually fell in the middle of Lowes this weekend because of the dizziness and shortness of breath. I went to the doctor and my blood work and blood pressure were perfect. They want to see me again today because I had a bad spell this morning but I feel stupid going back in....maybe it's just a normal thing for some pregnancies....maybe she's just in my lungs and that is why I am feeling like this.

    Anyone else feel like a hypochondriac while pregnant? I'm thinking maybe I should just cancel this appointment and wait until my next scheduled appointment to see how I'm feeling. 

    *edit to add - after reading this, this is probably more of a symptoms thread topic. sorry ladies*
  • millpemillpe member
    +1 to starting the birth thread and getting it pinned. I was just thinking the other day that I am happily surprised we all still have our babies growing on the inside and I hope it keeps up.

    I have no motivation for work this week... at all... I am looking at the planning I did with my supervisor a couple weeks ago and I feel like I still have plenty of time to get everything done before leave... but I also know that could easily sneak up on me  
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  • Hey ladies this may have already been answered elsewhere (looked quick but didnt see) but figured I'd ask.  We have our hospital tour tonight and I read the bumps "Maternity Ward Tour Questions" article but anyone have any suggestions of questions to ask? Things to look for? Important questions, etc?  I dont know what to ask because I dont know what to expect (FTM) Thanks for any help  with this!

  • @babygagnon2018 they should address all the important stuff during the tour, so just ask anything you may be curious about. I just looked at the bump's questions in the link you posted and I'm surprised, they seem pretty dated to me, maybe it depends on the area?

    I can't believe we're going to be getting a birth announcement thread! How crazy is that?! July is like a month and a half away!

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  • @KatyF0813 We ended up in the ER a couple of weeks ago for the same thing. DS was fine during the day but woke up from a dead sleep trying to suck in air but couldn’t for a minute. The liquid steroid fixed him right up. Scary stuff.

    @wildtot DS eats ketchup on his ketchup too. Kind of gross.

    I can’t remember who said it, but I feel like a hypercondriac too. I haven’t ended up in labor and delivery yet but I am glad the mommas who have, are doing well. 
  • @chaser61 same here, he was totally fine then woke up in the middle of the night struggling to breathe  :'(   The steroid IS like magic though.   Sorry you're little one was sick too, so scary. 
  • Ugh the girl I’m supposed to be training at work has mono. I know it’s not airborne but it freaks me out still! Is it super bitchy and ridiculous of me if I avoid her for awhile?

    I feel like the answer to my question is yes but I’m asking it anyway lol
  • @ashbub714 Yikes! I'd avoid her for my own peace of mind, but I'm a germaphobe.
  • @chaser61 *raises hand* me! I'm a hypochondriac but surprisingly I've been pretty ok during pregnancy. Before pregnancy I swear every little symptom was a death sentence lol.
  • I scheduled an elective 3D/4D/HD (I don't even know what that means really but that's what they called it) for Friday.  I'm so excited!  We had one done with my last pregnancy and DD loved it.  She'll be coming to this one as well and I am so looking forward to it.

    @ashbub714 I'm kind of a germaphobe so I would be avoiding her if at all possible.  If she so much as coughed on something I might ask her to wear a mask lol.  

    @babygagnon2018 some things that I like to know about the hospital: (if attempting a med-free delivery) are there tubs you can labor in?  Can you request the room with a tub at check-in?  Are there monitors that can be used in water?  Are all mom/baby unit rooms single rooms?  What is the hospital policy on weighing/measuring/giving baby a bath after delivery?  (My hospital recently started giving mom/parents an hour or two of time to bond and breastfeed immediately after birth and they don't take the baby unless something is wrong.  So they don't do those things until hours later (or give the bath until the next day).  If I have a c-section can I breastfeed ASAP in recovery?
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  • @sarafuss thanks for the reminder that I want to ask about when they will take the baby and weigh him and all that. I would love to try to hang in there and breastfeed/snuggle for an hour or so, but I am SUCH a baby with the stitching and the uterus massaging...I always end up making them take the babe because I am worried I'll drop them due to the pain.
  • @SmashJam I totally get that.  I'm fine as long as it's my DH holding the baby rather than them doing all of that stuff immediately.  Which they don't do that anymore because of their policy but they did with my first two births.  And my third they took her to NICU immediately.  So it was so nice to just have a more relaxed environment right after birth where they aren't rushing around the room.  Hopefully you don't tear this time and can avoid stitches!  But the uterine massages are brutal!
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  • Thanks Sarafuss!   Ugh tearing and stitching- my biggest fear.  Did you guys tear naturally or get an episiotomy? Deff adding that to my list of questions for tonight too.
  • @babygagnon2018 same here. I know my doctor does not perform episiotomies. Def a good question to ask!
  • @babygagnon2018 I had a 2nd degree tear with DS, no epidural but they did numb me for the stitching. For me, holding the baby was enough of a distraction, once it was numb I only felt some uncomfortable tugging.

    I don’t remember uterus massages, is that standard or did I manage to block that out lol.. I remember all the uterus pushes after the birth to make sure it was going down but nothing super painful? 
  • Ahhh can't believe we're already at the point of having a birth announcement thread! (which hopefully no one will need to post in for at least another few weeks). I'm having a hard time concentrating on work, there is so much sciatica pain going on, even though I'm just sitting in a cushiony office chair. I'm also feeling anxious for no particular reason and feel like I need to get in the shower and just chill out for a while. IDK why, whenever I'm working from home, I get anxious and then get the urge to shower. Strange. 

    I think partially I'm nervous to have a sit down with my boss, hopefully this week. Aside from demanding my annual review (where I will ask for a much needed raise), she needs to commit to letting me add a second work from home day starting in 2 weeks when I start the NSTs, and to working from home full time starting at 37 weeks per the midwife's orders that I no longer commute at that point. I know these are reasonable requests, but I am still expecting push back and I don't want to deal with it. 
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