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    @hillbillywife DD as born last July and I had a shortsleeved onesies with pants (we live in the midwest). I honestly felt like she was cold! Hospitals are notoriously chilly and we went straight from there to cool car to cool house. Also, layers are not your friend if baby needs a diaper change during the process of leaving. This time, I've packed a cotton long sleeved onesie in NB and 0-3m. I'll also snag a hospital blanket for the ride home.

    Edited to add that LO does currently live in a nearly 100° climate so 70s or 80s will feel much cooler for them :)
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  • I am hoping that if I vent here I'll be able to let it go and move on with my day.  Every year I take pictures of DD holding the letters D A D and put them in a frame for him.  I decided to do it this morning.  Meanwhile, DD decided that she was absolutely not going along with the plan.  I should have given up but instead we both got stubborn and I basically have a bunch of pictures of her reading a book with the letter propped next to her.  I got so stressed out during the experience that it's 2 hours later and I'm still tense.  SO STUPID, I know!!!!  
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  • My hair is blonde and purple and I went to have it touched up yesterday so it would be nice and vibrant with no roots for my baby shower tomorrow. Not sure what happened but she got way too heavy on my purple and I feel like i have all purple hair and am so sad. I know it's stupid but my baby shower is tomorrow and I'm so hoping I can shower with hot water enough to fade it out to where it looks okay. My husband assured me it looked great and he loved it and I've had compliments on it at work but I feel my husband has an obligation to say it and the people I work with are simply being nice. It's not the worst but it's not what it started out as forsure.
  • DS and I took the dogs on a walk because it was a pretty great temperature this morning, it was about a mile, took a little less than an hour. 

    I AM SO TIRED. I have had 44 oz of water today, so I don't think it can be that, and I'm eating, so I don't think it can be that. But I am exhausted. Also baby is jabbing my cervix something fierce, and maybe my bladder too, because it always feels like when he moves a bunch of liquid is going to come out of my vagina. I guess this is more of a symptom but I feel bad because its beautiful out and I can't bring myself to move. Luckily DS and I are on the same page I just asked him if he wanted to go outside and he said no, lol. 
  • @kbernal2021 I decided to cut my hair a little bit shorter for my shower for DS and it looked like someone stuck a bowl on my head and cut around it.  I still look at the photos and cringe. Sorry, not helpful but I feel like my hair always goes wrong before photos.

    @SmashJam I am exhausted today too. I was sitting at my desk with my eyes closing. We are just that pregnant!

    My company decided to do headshots and I hate mine because my face looks chubby and puffy because of the pregnancy. I have been holding off on adding it to my outlook and Skype because of this but we were told again today to add it. I just want to add a note: pregnant...  I also don’t want people to see my photo and judge me without knowning me. I work in a male dominated field and I feel like women are treated a little differently. I would rather them not know what I look like. Oh well, planning to leave early and to stop caring about it!!
  • @kbernal2021 I'm sorry that your hair didn't turn out as you hoped. It sounds really pretty though!

    I'm so excited that the weekend is here! 21 more days of work left!

    The weather is warming up and I'm ready for weekends spent on the water. I have no idea what swimwear to put on my body right now. I'm normally all about bikinis but I don't know how I feel about wearing one now. I also don't want to spend a ton on a frumpy maternity suit that I will only use for 2 months. It makes me kind of sad and self conscious just thinking about it. At the same time I don't want to miss out on the summer fun with my daughter. 
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  • @kbernal2021 Sorry about the hair! At least you know how quickly the vibrant colors can fade, hopefully some hot water will bring it closer to what you were hoping for, but I'm sure it looks gorgeous! I haven't gotten to purple yet, but I'll get to that side of the color wheel eventually! :) My shower is tomorrow too, and I went the opposite route and didn't get into get my hair touched up because I'm going to be switching in a couple weeks from dark rose to emerald and now I'm kicking myself because it looks terrible. My roots especially. I figure I'll just curl the heck out of it, throw in some bobby pins and a random flower and call it good. Won't be what I wanted, but will still be pretty (I hope). Have fun at your shower!
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    @kissableviv We have a version of that onesie with the classic NES controller on it! Went with the NES because 1. I still have my original console from like 1988 (and now I feel ancient!) and 2. our media room color design may or may not have been inspired by the same console. :p   I've been debating bringing the NES one with me or one we have that is a little more rockabilly with a swallow and heart tattoo print on it. I know it doesn't really matter to anyone but me, but somehow it's a really big deal, lol! Maybe I'll pack both and just decide when we're ready to come home.

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  • @noideawhatshesdoing that's so awesome! This has been the theme for us since our announcement had the same phrase so we figured why not:) 

    Also, random, my DH found this website that sells prints of charts and it's so awesome! They have a HP one with the wands, one about pasta, one about coffee, video game controllers, you name it...I plan on getting the coffee chart print as a gift to my.main shower hostess since she works at Starbucks (corporate) and is a coffee expert!

  • @kbernal2021 I'm sure it looks great.  Give it a few hours before you do anything drastic (pictures can always be filtered or changed to B&W  ;)  ) Doing a braid or twisting back the sides might give a chance for more blond to come through without permanently changing the color.  The fading shampoo at CVS from Clairol can take the edge off, or mixing a little baking soda with your shampoo.  I've had new stylists color me orange instead of rose gold or copper before - in extreme emergencies you can do baking soda and dawn or kiss the money goodbye and do "color oops" from Target/CVS/etc which takes all color out.  

    I'm in the opposite boat - I got mine done a month or two ago and it's just not growing out how I like but I feel too cheap to go have it done again...or find another new person... I guess I made a mistake mentioning I wanted to go more balayage than highlights for grow out purposes so she went ultra conservative and painted fake roots on me and I feel like it's just black underneath when I'm naturally auburn... She didn't go as pink as I wanted and now it's just brown and blond tips...  I have a tube of the temporary pink/peach so I'm thinking I'm going to just do a DIY spa night and use that and shave and do my nails - no showers for me but we're doing MD dinner tomorrow with the in-laws; it's been a shit week and mama wants to feel pretty
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  • Thanks everyone! I’d be game for a coming home outfit thread if anyone else wanted one ( @foxbaby2016

    maybe I’ll pack a warmer outfit and a cooler outfit and decide when we’re there. 

    @kbernal2021 I’m sorry about your hair! I’m sure it looks beautiful though! 

  • @zande2016 LOL what a pee show off!
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  • @zande2016 that is so annoying! My pee flow gets like that first thing in the morning- especially if I’ve manage to sleep through the night. And then there’s lots of pressure. I know I have an entirely full bladder idk why it feels like it needs to pace itself on the way out. 

  • There are a lot of things I love about our house but the kitchen layout is so poorly planned. The guy before us redid it himself and it's attractive, but awkward. I discovered some ants coming from the window frame a couple hours ago so I took the opportunity to clean and reorganize the counter. I hope this arrangement works. The island behind me in these pictures is now cluttered with stuff I took off these counters tho...
    ...and I saw another ant. Don't think the bug spray I used works.

    Isabella & Julian & and now #3!
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    @zande2016 +1 with the slow pee stream. I probably have like one good pee session a day but otherwise I’m lifting the belly and moving around to see what i can squeeze out.
  • OMG @zg49 so cute! I designed mine in Canva as we didn't have fun controllers on hand. I saw so many fun onesies on Etsy that are nerdy and can't wait to get some - mostly for DH's enjoyment!
  • As if I didn't feel like the weeks are going quickly already, had my 32 week appointment this morning, and when I was checking out they had me schedule all the rest of my appointments through my due date! AHHHHH! So much to get done still, mostly at work, but still some things we need to get done around here and doesnt' feel like there is enough time!

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    @noideawhatshesdoing i had to do that shortly after first tri. But now it feels like i see the doctor all the time and no long before it’s every week. Time is flying!!
  • The braxton hicks are unreal tonight almost like one long one that is not gojng away. ugh so uncomfortable thank goodness the inlaws are here this weekend so I will have some help with dd. Anyone else kind of feel achy and sick from them? 
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  • @lindsayleigh1989 yes. I get an icky headache with mine. Hate it!
  • Is it weird that I have not gotten BH? I don't know what they are supposed to feel like...aside from baby moving and a few instances of lightning crotch I don't think I felt anything else!
  • @kissableviv with my first I didn't notice them til I went over and they hooked me up to an NST, and they showed me it was happening. Then I could kinda tell on my own. They became way more obvious with each pregnancy.
  • Me too with a lot of Braxton Hicks!! I was so tired last night I was able to fall asleep and ignore the fact that I was having actual cramping on and off....and woke up with it continuing this morning. Sometimes the cramping is accompanied by tightening and that breathless feeling, other times not. Gonna chug some water and see what happens. please please please don’t make me have to go to L&D on mother’s day Weekend!! 
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    @zande2016 fx they get better!! 
  • +1 to the BH. 2 nights ago every time I laid back when trying to go to bed (from sitting up to laying down) I got one. It was like something was triggering them while on my back, needless to say that was a night spend sleeping propped up when I already sleep terribly. My entire body hurt yesterday and was so achey I think as a result of the BH and the weird sleeping position. Nothing for me to believe they're the real deal yet though so I'm not concerned. @kissableviv with my first I never felt them, even hooked up being induced when they showed them happening I didn't feel them. This is my 3rd pregnancy but second baby and I'm definitely noticing them now that I know what real contractions feel like. My Dr said they would be more apparent to me this time around for those reasons.
  • I’ve been extra BH crampy lately too, nothing timeable but I’ve actually been noticing it more, it even woke me up a couple times this week.. Though she moves so much sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between BH and her pushing against me. 
  • @acunamatada same here, sometimes I think it’s just pressure from him pushing 
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    I was told that lots of baby movement can cause uterine irritation and create more contractions. Hope you ladies get some relief!
  • Mine seem to have calmed down since this morning. I think the pedicure/relaxation helped 
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