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June 2018 Birth Announcements

Hi Ladies... no rush- keep these LOs cooking, but one of our PGAL ladies is at risk for being our first delivery this week... so we probably should start this thread.

Stolen from another BMB. Post your announcements here! PLEASE do not comment here unless it's an announcement, LOVE-ITs are a great way to say congrats without clogging up this post. 


***Please do not comment on this thread unless it is your birth announcement***


Use this thread to share baby's name, birth date, birth stats, pictures, and etc. 
Please share your birth story as a separate thread if you are comfortable doing so!

**Please try to use spoiler boxes on pictures!**

"Love Its" are welcome and appreciated on this thread, but please refrain from commenting with anything other than your story and baby's/babies' details

***Keep in mind there is a 30-day limit on editing anything you post, and pictures cannot be deleted at this time. Any photos and/or information posted becomes proprietary to The Bump, granting the XO Corporation rights to use this in any way they choose (see http://www.thebump.com/terms.html).***

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me 35/ DH 39
married 8/22/2015
BFP#1- 4/2014 edd 1/1/15 mmc/d&c 6/2014
BFP#2- 10/2015 edd- 6/29/2016 mmc/ d&c 12/2015
BFP#3- 4/30/2016 DD1 12/27/16
BFP#4- 9/26 edd 6/5/18


Re: June 2018 Birth Announcements

  • @BumpAdmin sticky please!!
    We are so excited to grow our family!
    DD #1 Born 10/3/2014

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  • Ive been having alot of pressure and contractions

  • 25892589
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    edited April 2018
    jazzyfa30 said:
    Ive been having alot of pressure and contractions

    Whoa. So you came here to announce that you’ve given birth?

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  • bb722bb722
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    Whoa triplets!!! Congrats!!!!
  • Our first child, Dean Alan was born 6-2-17 by unplanned C-section. Was 10 days early and weighed 6lbs 8oz and 19in long. Good luck to everyone else!
  • Joanna Hope. Born June 5, 2018. 8lbs, 20.25 inches 
  • Wow. My baby girl was born June 5 also, at 37 weeks, 5 days.
  • DS was born on 6/8/18. I was induced at 6am, he was born at 2pm. He is perfect!
  • Saoirse Flora Ann Parrish 
    June 16th 2018
    7lb 14oz 
    Austenista  glitterfingersBringmemylongswordho
  • Ellerie Judith 
    June 23rd, 2018 at 9:18pm
    8 lbs 6 oz
    20 1/2 inches long
  • Theodora Hopper
    June 20, 2018
    8 lbs 6 oz
    20 inches long
  • *lurking*

    Congratulations @doxiemoxie212 That was an incredible story! It scared the shit out of me, but it was so beautiful. You're an amazing mama already! <3 
    People think we become mothers when we give birth but the truth is we become mothers the moment we start calling our babies to us in our thoughts, dreams and prayers. Some paths are short and some are so long that you can easily forget where you were headed.

    How I feel all of the time.
    My 7 Year Journey ***Tw in spoiler***
    IVF #1 - September 2018; Follistim, Menopur, Cetrotide & Lupron/HCG combo trigger; PGS; ICSI
    Back on Levothyroxine
    FET #1 - October 2018; cancelled, all PGS aneuploid
    FET #1 - November 30th, transferred anyway
    Wondfo BFP 5dp5dt, CB Digi 6dpt, 
    1st Beta on 7dpt 93
    2nd Beta on 10dpt 510!

    TTC #1 since 2011. Tried for 5 years before we knew there was a one year rule.
    Diag w/MS 2016; w/PCOS & IF 2017
    New RE 2018; PCOS diagnosis taken away, IF due to ovary adhesions, but prev. RE insists PCOS IF

    IUI #1 July 2017 w/100mg Clo+trigger; BFN; benched w/big cysts
    IUI #2 October 2017 w/50mg Clo+trigger; BFN; benched w/big cysts
    IUI #3 February 2018 w/5mg Femara+trigger; low P
    BFP February; mc March; Subclinical hypothyroid started Levothyroxine 
    IUI #4 March 2018 w/7.5mg Femara+trigger; BFN
    Medicated cycle & TI April 2018 w/7.5mg Femara+trigger; BFN
    Tried several cycles on our own; all BFN
  • Kamryn Everleigh 
    June 19th, 2018
    8lbs, 3oz, 21 inches 
    She was 2 days overdue and we had a difficult delivery but she is my heart!
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