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  • That little girl is DS's soulmate. For real, he is so obsessed with waffles.....
  • @adirat @fwtx5815 I don't want to tell anyone at work either.
    I'm going to see how long I can go without telling work. 
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    BFP Jun. 5, 2017; MMC Aug. 2, 2017 at 11w6d
    BFP Nov. 20, 2017; ended in CP
    All the tests. Everything normal except treated for ureaplasma and DH potentially has high DNAF.
    BFP Dec. 25, 2017; EDD Sep. 5, 2018; DD arrived Aug. 26th
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  • @spottedginger That was very nice of you! Getting a group of guys organized can be so difficult! 

    @megnwingate So jealous! I get to sleep in tomorrow and I literally can’t wait. An entire week of it?! I’d be a new woman. 

    Me: 28   H:30
    TTC #1 Since 5/17
    BFP 7/14/17 - CP
    RE Dx: MFI, Unilateral Tubal Blockage
    12/17 - Clomid + TI
    BFP 12/22/17 - EDD 9/3/18
  • @SkilledSailor perks of my job...but with the good there is bad. In order for me to get 7 days off I work 3-10 hour days and 4-12 hour days (7 days) straight....I’m exhausted when I get home. 

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  • How do people feel about the HDBD thread? I know we’ve had a few of them but not a ton of participation. I don’t mind starting it, but it seems like we have more members who are reserved about sharing pictures than not. Thoughts?

  • @nlc8424 I like that thread! I just forgot to take a photo last week. 

    Me: 28   H:30
    TTC #1 Since 5/17
    BFP 7/14/17 - CP
    RE Dx: MFI, Unilateral Tubal Blockage
    12/17 - Clomid + TI
    BFP 12/22/17 - EDD 9/3/18
  • I'll share more on HDBD when there's actually something to share @nlc8424. I mean this bloat is cute and all, but...no, not it actually isn't. And it looks the same week to week. 

  • nlc8424nlc8424
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    @Patience7150 I don’t necessarily feel too bloated at this point (11+3), but I’m bumping out with an inability to suck it in haha. I’ll continue to start the thread as long as there’s interest!

  • I'm totally all for it, it just makes me sad that Wednesdays I'm not at home until 7 pm, and my nanny house has no mirrors big enough. :(
    Me: 31
    DH: 30
    Married 7/18/15
    1st born at 35+4 on 6/6/16
    Team green turned BLUE!
    BFP 1/1/18, due 9/7/18 Team Green

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  • I’m for hdbd, but once my bloat is actually baby bump. 
  • @nlc8424 I'm definitely in the hesitant camp but the way I look at it, if you like the thread, you should start it and whoever participates participates. 

  • @nlc8424 Thanks. It's really kind of you to share your experience so honestly. I haven't been consistent but I have taken a few. 

  • @SkilledSailor I noticed that this morning, also. So far, at least for me, this pregnancy has gone by fast and hope it continues to. 
    Me: 33 DH: 31 Baby: 9/2/2018 BabyFruit Ticker

  • @yosemite2018 yay for almost 2nd trimester!
  • One of our cats has a sensitive stomach and she has been throwing up all over the house today...not the best thing when you already have morning sickness yourself. I’m avoiding the piles waiting on DH to get home and clean it up.
  • @klj0228 that happened to me last pregnancy while my freaking husband was out of town! His freaking cat, not even one of my pets, but his cat was puking all over. I had to like kinda back up to it looking out of the corner of my eye and throw a ridiculously huge pile of paper towels on top. Then dry heave and gag a while. Come back and try to clean it without looking. Ugh. It was awful!!!!
  • @Patience7150 Oh no!!! Your poor LO. Glad you were able to get her seen today. 

    Me: 28   H:30
    TTC #1 Since 5/17
    BFP 7/14/17 - CP
    RE Dx: MFI, Unilateral Tubal Blockage
    12/17 - Clomid + TI
    BFP 12/22/17 - EDD 9/3/18
  • @Patience7150 aw I'm so sorry things were so bad! I hope more antibiotic drops help her feel better soon. You're so right, mom instinct definitely trumps all.

  • @Patience7150 that is so sad. Tubes are meant to correct those issues. Not have more while freshly post op. Your poor little one, momma bear instinct is always right. 
  • @nlc8424 Are they putting you on levothyroxine for the pregnancy? I know that pregnancy can exacerbate thyroid issues and sometimes return to normal afterward.

  • @nlc8424 Oh gosh that sounds horrible. I totally agree, demand that bloodwork!

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