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Symptoms Week of 2/19


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  • @shannakaye13 @belo290 lower left sided abdominal pain is often a constipation issue, especially since the GI tract slows down during pregnancy. Increasing fluids and dietary fibre, and even adding something like Metamucil can help. 
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  • @belo290
    My doc ended up having me go into urgent care for an ultrasound just to be safe. Thankfully everything was 100% normal and, bonus, we got to see the baby and heart beating!!! <3 So awesome! 
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  • @shannakaye13 so glad to hear everything is okay! And what a great bonus of getting to see the baby!
  • The headaches have started. With my daughter they didn’t start until about week ten, but they were debilitating. Go away! 

    I also threw up for the first time and can’t seem to eat anything but toast or saltines. Everything else grossed me out. I was never nauseous with DD. 
  • @jennybean80 thanks! 

    Thats’s great news!!! I just got back from the doctor’s as they wanted to confirm everything and they in fact saw the sac in the uterus- still too early to see anything else but still a huge sigh of relief that it’s not anything else. 
  • @jennybean80 - that's what I had thought initially but had been having regular BMs...
    turns out I had food poisoning though, not just MS and cramping... I ended up getting really sick around 1:30am last night. Since I just had the US and everything looked ok and I'm feeling better this morning they're not too concerned, but definitely scary when you read food poisoning can cause MC. So, rest, bland food and trying to stay hydrated today.

    @belo290 - glad you were able to go in and get peace of mind!! 
  • I was kind of hoping for different set of aversions this go around, but it looks like the same ones are popping up again. Chicken sounds gross but still edible for now. Last time I couldn’t eat chicken for almost 6 months. Fridge smells. Next the entire kitchen will smell. Makes cooking difficult. 
  • @tinattt23 I had a garlic aversion last time and it was miserable!! I'm really hoping that one does not come back. I cook with garlic all the time!

    I was starting to cut out meat a couple weeks before my BFP, so I'd actually be pretty excited if I just didn't want chicken any more. It would make it much easier!
  • @SawyerRichardson We didn’t realize just how much chicken we ate until I couldn’t stand it. We couldn’t even have it in the house or go out somewhere that served chicken. DH said that was probably the worst part about me being pregnant.  :D
  • 4w2d

    Last night I was playing video games with DH, and had to stop because out of nowhere I got super lightheaded, and then my stomach went sour. I think it was the PNVs I started taking. It felt like there was a rock in my stomach. I threw out the horse pills and got some gummies, hopefully that helps. 

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  • @tinattt23 I’m with you on the fridge smell!  Just opening it makes me gag sometimes
  • I have heartburn at night. It was my worst symptom with DS. Besides that aches from my uterus expanding, which I feel is happening way earlier this time around, or maybe I am just more aware of what’s happening lol. 
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