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  • And it begins. Hungry but all food sounds meh. Few waves of nausea here and there today. Randomly got pissed at DH for cutting DS's lunch wrong. Haha. Seriously in need of a nap by noon.
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  • DS and I are both currently down for a nap. Lol. I thought “sleep when the baby sleeps” was just for newborns, but apparently it also applies to KU mamas with toddlers.
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  • 6w 2d and I feel like I'm going to start my period. I also have a lot of gas which can be embarrassing, lol. Today was the first day I felt a little nauseous, but it went away quickly.
    Before I found out I was pregnant, my appetite has increased to the point where I don't feel full, even though I am eating much more then before. This is a big plus for me since I am trying to gain weight. 
  • 4+2 and I’ve had the poops all day, which of course includes lots of abdominal pain. Then, I got my first wave of nausea for about two hours. I almost left work it was so bad. I had to go to Vitamin Shoppe and grab some ginger gummies. 
  • 6w 3d - The nausea is still consistent throughout the day but a little less intense than last week! I'll take it! Heartburn is also still there - but I heard an old wives' tale that the more heartburn you have, the more hair  your baby will have so there's that! haha

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  • 7 weeks today... on and off nausea in the mornings... crackers and breakfast bars help. My boobs are still killing me and growing by the day... also I’m ALWAYS hungry, I eat and 30 minutes later I’m hungry all over again. I’m very petite and have always eaten very small portions and been satisfied so this is very new to me...
  • 6w 5d here.... I haven't had a lick of nausea yet (knock on wood). Sometimes I start getting that really "meh" feeling in my stomach but it hasn't made me feel sick. My mom said she didn't really have nausea so I'm hoping that carries over to me. I also think it could be because I'm drinking like 150 oz of water a day, and I only start feeling gross when I'm really thirsty . I am constantly starving. But not everything sounds good.

    Otherwise, tired and moody. Boobs stopped hurting. I do still feel pressure, not necessarily cramping. I've been constipated and gassy so I think that's most of it. And sometimes hard to pee because of the pressure too. 
  • @sarahzett it’s true! I had terrible heartburn with DD and she had a full head of hair at birth!

    4w 1d and I’m bloated as hell. I look five months pregnant already and nothing fits me. I’m hoping it goes down soon. I’m also super hungry all the time. Trying to enjoy the last couple of weeks of eating before the MS kicks in. 
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  • 7w6d

    The nausea that disappeared middle of week 5 is back. Eating doesn’t seem to help it.  My diet got screwed up over the weekend while I was on vacation, and I am hoping that after a few days of my normal routine, my stomach will settle down again.  

    I’m also still being a super picky eater.  Dinner was a couple of clementines, sharp cheddar, saltines and a glass of milk. It took me two hours to figure out that particular menu. And a trip to the grocery store. 

    Tired super fast and out of breath really easily.  The out of breath part kind of freaks me out. I almost feel like I am forgetting to breath. 
  • 5w2d I am so moody today! My poor secretary is very nice but super annoying and I feel like i could blow up at her at any moment. She just says dumb stuff and I can’t listen to it today. Also, I had no idea the “pregnancy brain” could kick in this least that’s what I’m blaming. I called the vet yesterday to get one of our dogs in for updates for her shots, and I called the wrong vet! I called the vet we used when we lived on the other side of the state 3 years ago, and argued with the poor receptionist for about 5 minutes that her records were wrong and that we have in fact been there in the last couple months as opposed to 2015 like she said, and also that she was scheduling us with the wrong vet. Ugh...I hope this doesn’t last but GL to MH and coworkers because I don’t think this symptom is going away...
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  • @knottieamusements clementines and cheese are my jam right now! Also, the out of breath is pretty normal. 
  • I think the constant nausea might officially be here. I thought it was the PNV causing it so I decided to skip it today and I actually feel more sick today. Now I'm wondering if my vitamin actually was helping my nausea. How are you all managing to drink water? My OB told me I need to drink a gallon a day and that just isn't happening right now. I'm lucky if I can do 50 oz. I am thinking about buying some of that LaCroix water in either lemon or lime to see if that helps. I really hate any of those flavor packets you add to water so those won't work for me. I've tried Ginger Ale, but I think the sugar actually makes me sick. Lemon water is ok, but not great. 
  • Hi all! (6 weeks today!) I commented earlier with bad morning sickness. I wanted to update and say that after a very bad day yesterday (couldn't keep even water down, almost threw up three times in front of my class -- I'm a teacher ) I finally broke down and tried to B6/Unisom combo my OB recommended. It's honestly a miracle worker! I'm not 100%, but at least some foods sound good to me and I can keep water down (Wendy's frosty + French Fry combo and goldfish crackers to the rescue!). I'm not going to tell you the dosage that my doc told me, because I do think it's a good idea that everyone check with their healthcare provider before taking new meds, but if you're suffering extreme nausea, this may be the thing for you! I am super drowsy now, but I function much better sleepy than sick to my stomach. 

    In other news, I have been wondering why my symptoms seems "double" what they should be for how far along I am (nausea hit me like a ton of bricks the first day of week 5) and did some research. I am a fraternal twin and, guess what, have a higher chance of having twins than the average lady. I'm actually very excited by the news! One healthy baby is all I want, but I wouldn't say no to two! :) 
  • @acciocoffee - A GALLON?!?! Hah! I don't really like drinking water that much either. My sister got me a Contigo thermos for water that has a sippy top and I found that I actually tend to drink more water with it at my desk. I can sip it while typing thanks to the straw! I also have a sore throat today so I threw a bullion cube into a thermos of hot water - I've filled the thermos up twice now. 
  • I'm with @kimberbeep, @acciocoffee. I have a water bottle with a sippy top and I drink a ton more with it than I do with my other water bottles. No clue why!
  • @kimberbeep I know! It's crazy! I actually do already use a Contigo water bottle at work because it helps me drink more water if I don't have to tip anything. DH says I'm too lazy to lift things. Lol. I used to drink 3 of those a day, but to get a full gallon I would need to drink 5. Right now I'm about at 2 on a good day. I like the idea of the bullion cube though! I've been drinking chicken broth when no food sounds good so that would make sense. I will have to try that. 
  • @chopchop25 we are all kids and heart and love straws!
    @kimberbeep @acciocoffee I use mio (liquid version of like crystal light) I like water but just need variety some times! Or I will do some lemon juice and a little sweetner to make my own lemonade. I probably only get about 40-60 oz a day on a good day buy it is way more than I used to drink!
    I did have a G2 Gatorade yesterday. 

  • 4 weeks and either 2 days or 5 days. Regardless nausea is in full swing today. My breakfast tasted like wet dog this morning (cue run to the toilet), then after lunch I was back at the porcelain thrown because...progesterone I suppose. Either way, I’m definitely grateful for it but still. The struggle is real. A little tender in the chest but mostly nausea today. 
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  • @kimberbeep @acciocoffee @chopchop25 I fourth the sippy top water bottle. I just sit it in front of me at work and drink it without thinking about it. It's really helped. I've been drinking 4-5 a day, and still dying of thirst. I pee like every 20 minutes now. But my problem is I only drink at work. Once I get home I forget about it and on weekends I'm lucky if I get through one bottle a day.
  • 6w+6 here! Nausea is REALLY bad. I threw up on my way to work yesterday, in my car, in my lap. Luckily it was just water as I can't stomach much these days. But so gross. I ordered some chrystalized ginger slices off Amazon, hoping they help. I'm ready for bed by 7pm every night and last night my toddler was up for 2 hrs and wouldn't settle...whyyyyyy.

    @acciocoffee I have trouble with water too. My doc told me you can count juice, non caffeinated tea etc in your liquid count which helps. I drink a lot of lemon water these days.
  • @nasalot188 Last pregnancy I kept a cup in my car just in case that happened. It happened once and I randomly had a cup in there from drinking juice on the way to work that morning. It was pretty lucky. After that I just kept one in there all the time. Now that you mention it, it is probably time to bring back the cup. Let us know if those ginger slices help! I just ordered the Preggy Pops, but expectations are low at the moment. 
  • @acciocoffee - I drink 2-3 La Croix every day.  They have like a dozen flavors, so I can switch it up.  (I’m drinking a tangerine flavored one right now!)

    Even before getting pregnant, I had issues with artificial sweeteners; they give me severe heartburn. The La Croix has a lot of flavor but no artificial sweeteners.  

    I just try to always have a beverage in easy reach, whether at home, in the car, or at work. It may be TMI, but I keep track of my hydration based on the color of my urine rather than volume of water consumed. 
  • Random question but this is my first pregnancy (to last this long) so I'm clueless. Those of you experiencing hardcore MS, how do you conceal it? I'm worried once I get hit with it everyone in my office of 15 people is going to know I'm expecting, and I really didn't want to tell anyone until several more weeks down the road. 
  • @lynzev With my first pregnancy I really wanted to surprise everyone so I worked way too hard to hide how sick I was. I would keep saltines in my purse and snack on them when nobody was looking. I pretty much just snacked on bland foods and apples all day. I only threw up at the office once and it was so fast I didn't have time to think. I actually threw up in my trash can. Luckily nobody saw that. I felt bad for the cleaning crew though. It was a really small office and I think the only people who knew in advance were the one coworker I told and my boss who figured it out because her desk was directly behind mine. Most people are watching you a lot less closely than you think they are. Unless they know you were trying to get pregnant, they probably won't notice small changes. 
  • @lynzev - This is also my first pregnancy. I was super worried about that too, as I thought all women spent weeks throwing up.

    I’m 8w today, and I haven’t thrown up once.  I’ve had a bit of nausea, but nothing like what some of the other ladies are dealing with. (That said- karma will catch up with me tomorrow.)

    I think if you read through some of these threads, you’ll get some great suggestions on how to manage MS.  If someone at work asks, just say “I’m dealing with some stomach issues right now; I’d rather not discuss my health concerns.” (Bonus- that provides cover for your doctors appointments.)
  • I forgot the point of what I wanted to say- be prepared in case MS catches up with you, but don’t stress over it.  You will just tie your already sensitive tummy up in worse knots.  
  • I love drinking water, so I already do roughly 90+ oz a day. I have a 32 ounce cup with a straw that I always have with me. I've noticed now it's easy to get over 100oz in because I'm always thirsty.
  • @acciocoffee That's a good idea about the saltines in your purse. I'll definitely start bringing those and maybe some ginger chews to work if it starts becoming a problem. I believe you're right though, people aren't near as observant as I'm thinking they are. 

    @knottieamusements I'll for sure use the "stomach problems" excuse if it comes to that, especially since it covers doctor appointments. I'll probably tell my boss after the first appointment just so she's aware but everyone else I'm going to try and hold off till later if possible.

    Thanks for the response ladies!
  • @SweetSweetTooth Yes I am also a FTM!! :)

    I took my husband through the baby section at Target just to get ideas about things we might want and he was like "Someone might see us!" I mean, you do kinda run into people you know in that store so he had a point... LOL
  • I forgot to add that my main symptom is being sooooo sleepy/tired 90% of the time. But now that I've read through this entire thread, I'm sure I'm feeling stomach flutterings (I wouldn't call them cramps) and mild nausea. The mind is playing tricks, methinks. 
  • @lynzev this is my first pregnancy too, and I often feel like my symptoms are all in my head so I don’t tend to count them. I’ll say to MH, I don’t feel like I have many symptoms and he rolls his eyes at me and says I have all of them except the far (I’m only 5w2d)

    As for water, I’m with everyone on the water bottle at the desk. Yesterday I had to travel between sites for work so I filled one and left it in my car so I had enough. I am thirsty ALL THE TIME and can’t get enough water! Although, I have never been much of a pop or juice drinker.
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  • Treated myself to a new face soap yesterday. It’s blueberry acai something or other. Should smell great. Nope. Can’t stand it. 
  • Hi everyone! 5 weeks 5 days here. I am always hungry! Hunger comes on fast and furious. If I don't eat right away I feel off. I noticed if I eat too much, that's when I feel sick to my stomach.I have only been nauseous a few times. When I feel it coming on I throw on my "nomo nausea" seaband and pop in a ginger tummy drop.   I also have sore breasts and get really tired easily. I've been taking lots of naps and going to bed super early. I also can't drink even a half of a cup of coffee anymore. Makes me jittery. No more coffee for me. :) 
  • So Google has officially made me a nervous wreck - anyone else had or have any lower back soreness? I've had some on and off, right around the spine. Assumed this was just from sitting so much while we've been working from home in the bad weather, but is this something I should be calling the doc about?

    And a second one - a one time incident so I'm intending to just watch right now. TMI so if you're squeamish don't read :)
    I wiped after using the restroom earlier and had a small ball of yellow, snot-like mucous. I've had this once in a blue moon before pregnancy, but is this a thing?

  • Nausea all day unless I’m eating or chewing gum. What does everyone do for nausea? Chewing Gum is my only relief. I get winded by doing the simplest chores around the house. And very tired
  • I'm still thirsty all the time...drinking at least 60 oz of mostly water/a little juice per day, some days more like 90. I have a water bottle that I water intake has gone up so much since I bought it a couple years ago. Definitely recommend picking out a water bottle you think you'll like for anyone who has trouble with water intake.

    I've had waves of mild nausea, but no vomiting yet. I don't always feel hungry, but I haven't had any strong aversions to foods that I typically like. 

    I've actually lost a few pounds since finding out I'm pregnant (probably due to eating better and no beer!), but I've always carried weight right on the front of my tummy, so I still feel like I look a little pregnant, especially when I feel bloaty. 
  • @chopchop25 lower back pain and yellow mucus? Both are very normal for me.

    IM SO TIRED OF VOMITING! I never threw up with DS. Once I get sick there is no feeling better for the rest of the day :neutral:
  • Thanks @cdepperschmidt! So sorry to hear you're still vomiting away. Hope you get a break soon or find something that settles your digestive system!
  • @chopchop25 I also have had on and off minor low back pain. I read it is completely normal and is just the hormones causing your muscles to relax and begin to stretch. I wasn't planning to call the doctor but I haven't googled
    Me:29 DH:30
    TTC #1: 12/2017
  • @chopchop25 I also have had on and off minor low back pain. I read it is completely normal and is just the hormones causing your muscles to relax and begin to stretch. I wasn't planning to call the doctor but I haven't googled
    Just don't do it :)
    There are plenty of 'it's fine' articles out there, but of course those aren't the first ones that pop up. I need to find out how to block some of the other message boards from my search feed (like Babycenter - seems worse than webmd!)
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