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Symptoms Week of 2/19

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How is everyone feeling?

Re: Symptoms Week of 2/19

  • 5w 6d here, and still not too bad. I just feel... off. But able to function fine. No food aversions yet, some bloating... 

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  • I had awful cramping over the weekend.  I know it is normal (& my h had to remind me this happened before), but Friday night they actually woke me up.  Honestly it made me really nervous.

    They seemed to have subsided and now I'm back to the usual overall general yuckiness.


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  • The headaches have started. I had them with DD and luckily, I don’t think they lasted too long, but they are baaaad. Still have low grade nausea all day every day, but I’m able to force eat and keep it down so I guess I’ll try not to complain!
  • 7w 6d

    Nausea, Nausea, Nausea, Vomiting, Nausea. Food aversions to EVERYTHING and tired. 
  • I think I'm a little over 6 weeks. I'm having nausea off and on. It was really bad yesterday because I didn't eat enough before taking my prenatal. I was so sick all day. I'm going to try taking it with lunch instead to see if that helps. Most days the nausea doesn't kick in until about 11am and is pretty much gone by dinner. I have no appetite, but I am less sick when I eat so I'm forcing myself to keep eating every few hours at least. Still super bloated and my abs hurt so bad. I feel like I did a bunch of sit ups, but it's actually just my abs giving up.
  • 5w 6d -- the nausea has been constant for about 5 days. I finally broke the seal yesterday and vomited. I'm exhausted, bloated, and all foods repulse me. Trying to stay positive and tell myself that since my symptoms struck early, maybe they will abate early as well! 
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    Is eating all of the foods I had aversions to last time a symptom? Haha. I’m trying to take full advantage of being able to eat while I still can. I remember only being able to eat a handful of acceptful foods for like two months last time. 
  • I'm now up to 3 diclergis pills a day. And still got sick again last night  :(:(:( hoping that today is different. I've been more productive today than the last week. Ready to see this sweet bean ok the U/S next week!
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  • Nausea and some vomiting. Eating helps some, but at night it really doesn't matter if I have eaten... plus the low backache
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    7w3d Same symptoms I've had for a couple of weeks, exhausted, sore nipples, on and off nausea, bloat, but now a few new ones sprinkled in: super gaggy with the tooth brush, my hips are starting to bother me when I sleep already, I also usually sleep in a variation of fetal position and it's now bothering my lower belly.  

    Edit to add all the pee, all the time
  • 5 weeks 5 days, and the nausea is in full effect.  The evenings are usually ok (the opposite of last time) but the rest of the day is awful.  I went out to a (fancy!) dinner with my husband last night, took one bite, and had to spit it out for fear of vomiting on the table. Despite all the nausea, i haven't thrown up (i also never threw up last time either) and i can't help but think i will feel better if i do.  Will I?
    Also, will someone just hold me?
  • 5w today and feeling good! Which does worry me a bit...I have sore nipples and some low back pain but that is about it. I hate to hope for the other symptoms but it just makes me nervous since this is my first pregnancy and I have no idea what to expect.
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  • Only about 5 weeks, but noticed my nipples are really hurting.  Still nursing my 10 month old who never took a bottle and is far from mastering the sippy cup. Ouch!
  • 5 weeks and 3 days.. not sleeping, cramps, and nausea.  I’m also experiencing rage as a mood swing! Once when someone almost t-boned me and yesterday at a TSA agent at Charlotte airport. Some people should just not be given authority! I’m actually a very calm person so this is new. 
  • 7 weeks 1 day

    nausea nausea nausea.

    I forgot how miserable the nausea is. Did I mention nausea? Forcing myself to eat every time I get nauseous. 

    My hips are already hurting even with exercise. Exhausted even after getting 9 hours of sleep last night. 
  • Im a side sleeper, but sleeping on my hips is so painful right now. I slept like crap last night and the same for my nap today..
  • @meltonjl I was going to try to make myself work out or at least do some yoga tonight to see if that helps but after reading your comment maybe it won't  :)  I hope you find something that relieves your pain!   It's crazy how fast stuff happens in subsequent pregnancies.   
  • list gets longer every day.....headaches (they are awful), bloating, gas, and nausea that comes and goes. I never had bad nausea with DD so I’m hoping that’s the same this time around.
    Also anxiety (blood draws every other day pretty much and I stress out every time waiting for the results)...finally over the last few days lack of appetite. Nothing sounds good and I eat about half what I was eating before, which I am a bit overweight so maybe that will help with not gaining too much! 
  • @meltonjl @sammierose464 my right hip is already screwy so I am feeling the hip pain too.
    Me: 25 | DH: 34
    Married since 2010, TTC since Dec 2013
    Dx: PCOS
  • 4w1d, no nausea yet which makes me nervous ... but feeling lots of twitches/flutters on right side, and aching BBs (they're not sore to touch yet, just a general aching awareness that they're there, if that makes sense), and of course I have to pee All. The. Time. Anyone else get those flutters/twitches? It's obvi not the baby, I assume it's just my uterus growing and stretching, but it's oddly comforting and unsettling at the same time.  Can't wait for the 6w first appt!
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  • 5w+5 here...the fatigue is getting me the most right now.  I could totally nap sitting up at my desk if that wouldn’t be inappropriate.  I get nausea for a good part of the day also.  I think I’ve gotten used to the sore boobs and cramping, they’re still there but I don’t notice them as much.  This bloating is super annoying...either become an actual bump or go away!
  • 5w2d here, and mostly feeling bloated and gassy.  Been having gas pains/pressure after eating the last couple days, which isn't too comfortable.  Also starting to feel round ligament pain when sneezing or making sudden movements.
  • 5w 1d - feeling a bit fatigued and I’m always hungry. My bloat seems to have left after I finally had a BM after a week. Funny how that works! Hahaha! Mostly having paranoia as a symptom because I’m 33 and had a LEEP in Oct and I’m generally infertile. I feel like this is destined to fail but I am praying and trying so hard to stay positive. I even bought myself a snoogle on Amazon today! Which I’m so stoked about because the back pain was awful with DS. 
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    Having to pee all the time, digestive weirdness, low level nausea starting up...and I got those little twitchy flutters too @legalmamanyc
  • @lest12 I was having realllllly bad cramps too. Try chugging a ton of water. Like 20 glasses a day. the cramps got way way better. 
  • Im 6w6d .... I’m incredibly nauseous and emotional. Fingers crossed this phase goes by quickly 
  • I’m 6+1 today, and super nauseated. Which is actually reassuring because I woke up with bleeding last night, heavier than spotting, but it seems to have stopped. I have an u/s booked for Mar 1, so I probably won’t really relax until after that. 
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  • @kate437 @sammierose464 @meltonjl my right hip is already really hurting. I’m actually worried for how it’s going to be as I get bigger, because it’s a post baby issue. 
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    7w1d sore boobs. Finally had a full day without uterus stretching mini pains/discomfort. Still bloated but not as uncomfortable, think that has to do with the uterus pains. Waited too long to eat,got very nauseated and forced myself to eat and drink something. It finally went away and was able to eat dinner. Overall I have it pretty easy. FTM and just waiting for the MS to start. Don't think my mom had it for any of her kids, hoping it is genetic! Eyes are welling up with tears for all the things. Oy. Dh and I got a good chuckle out of it while watching a movie. Sigh I am going to miss watching movies. I like cartoon and Pixar movies but I like variety :) 

    *edit to add more stuff 

  • 5wk +3 Well headaches have started popping up. I almost never got headaches before!  Other than that...boobs!! Omg they hurt. They’re so heavy they’re starting to make my back hurt too. On a better note, I’m either less nauseous than last week or I’m getting used to it. Still feel cruddy just haven’t been throwing up near as much. 
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    6 weeks my only symptoms are sore boobs, increase in appetite & minor cramps. 
  • @lest12 I was having realllllly bad cramps too. Try chugging a ton of water. Like 20 glasses a day. the cramps got way way better. 
    @breannestafford1 - Great suggestion!  Thanks :)


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  • @SweetSweetTooth I am right with you. FTM 7weeks +1 and just waiting for MS to start...... but maybe it won't.

    Really, now that I have addressed my dry skin issue, the only symptoms are on and off breast and nipple soreness, uterus growth cramps, and a sudden exhaustion at about 7pm.

    I am normally a grazer, eating all day. I think that habit has helped me keep MS from popping up but who knows. Symptoms are weird and random!
  • 6w1d and the desire to not eat anything has started, I guess it’s mild nausea but I don’t feel anywhere close to throwing up, thank goodness. I am hungry but nothing sounds appetizing.
    Strong neck pain, which I also had before pregnancy after an injury, has returned. Hoping doc will clear me for my PT guy at the office because he is magic.

  • 5 weeks 5 days, and the nausea is in full effect.  The evenings are usually ok (the opposite of last time) but the rest of the day is awful.  I went out to a (fancy!) dinner with my husband last night, took one bite, and had to spit it out for fear of vomiting on the table. Despite all the nausea, i haven't thrown up (i also never threw up last time either) and i can't help but think i will feel better if i do.  Will I?
    Also, will someone just hold me?

    From my experience throwing up does not relieve any of the nausea (although it always feels like it should)...yesterday I was sure that my lunch was sitting like a rock at the top of my stomach, but even with my lunch gone that rock was there. :( (sorry)
  • 8w, 1d here and I’ve been fatigued and had a bit of nausea. Thankfully no vomiting ((knock on wood)) but bouts of nausea. I feel pretty lucky that most of the time, I’ve felt pretty good so far ((again, knock on wood)). 

    TMI but I’ve had diarrhea for the past two days. I actually decided to stay home from work today and work remotely due to a “stomach bug” and I’m glad I did. I feel pretty good otherwise but yuck. Turns out there are other colleagues out sick today too. And I’m rambling haha...
  • @bethica83 oh cool that we have the same date! Are you a FTM too? That uterus growing cramping is so weird! Since I am a fluffy lady and the bloated stomach is not going away I think I am going to hit up target tomorrow to see what kind of maternity pants they have. I did also order from Kohls as I had a gift card and I am worried I will see someone I know in the store as we have not announced yet. Hopefully this weekend though! 

  •  Like @bethica83, I graze throughout the day. That seems to keep the nausea to a tolerable level. I have yet to actually get sick. I had bad cramps in weeks 4 and 5, but they've seemed to calm down. Now I'm just really tired, a little lightheaded (but I'm anemic), and have these headaches that come and go. I've been losing weight since I found out, but I'm going to attribute that to a healthier diet and cutting out the alcohol. It's funny how it takes a little blueberry growing inside you to start adopting a healthier lifestyle. 
  • I'm 8 weeks today! In the last week I've started having these dull cramps and a weird, uncomfortable feeling in my uterus, which I'm assuming is everything stretching and growing to make room. I still haven't been very nauseous, still just little waves of it, and when I first wake up and my stomach is empty. As long as I eat frequently, I'm okay. Besides that, still have sore boobs, feeling really tired by the end of the day, and indigestion and other gut related unpleasantness, haha.

    Oh I should probably mention the rage, too. Yikes  :# stuff that would normally be a minor annoyance makes me straight up angry. I've been shutting my office door at work way more often than usual because I just can't take some of my coworkers!

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  • 6w5d and the MS has found me. I feel terrible all the time and have vomitted a few times. Excessively sweet or salty things are making me gag.
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