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  • @chopchop25 i second what others have said about low back soreness is (probably) ok, I actually called the on call doctor last night bc I was having some pretty bad cramps with a little lower back pain (more on my hip) but anyways...she said cramping and pains are normal because everything is stretching down there...but if it gets to be more painful, or it’s on one side, definitely call. I believe mine was just extremely painful gas :( I don’t remember any of this with my DD! I’m still having weird pressure feelings so I’m hoping everything is ok.
    @jengibre_zorro me too! I swear I’ve sneezed more since in the last 3-4 weeks. I thought it was prob just the crappy air in our office building but who knows!
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  • @nmbrcrnchr1 thanks, super helpful! I've had some aches on one side, but more in the arch and only after my blood thinner shot each night. I've saved that one to ask the doc about next week, but I assume I'm just having some sort of reaction to it.
  • tinattt23 said:
    Treated myself to a new face soap yesterday. It’s blueberry acai something or other. Should smell great. Nope. Can’t stand it. 
    Haha this reminds me of hand soap my parents had during the first pregnancy... I almost barfed every time I washed my hands there. Eventually I bought them new soap. 

  • Dry heaving. Several times a day. I’ve never had MS like this and it is kicking my trash. The never ending nausea thing is already old. Waking up throughout the night to run to the bathroom because you feel like you’re going to vomit is exhausting. And did I mention dry heaving?! Ugh.  
  • bel194bel194 member
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    @jengibre_zorro I've been sneezing like crazy too! I think my coworkers are starting to get annoyed... 

    Sore boobs, easily winded, and vivid dreams have been my biggest symptoms so far, which are new to me compared to past pregnancies. Also, I'm not quite to the point of MS yet, but I have a constant gaggy feeling. 
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  • Nausea has been pretty bad early in the day and the the other half I am bloated and gassy. 

    Anyone else dealing with ichiness at night? I couldn't sleep last night since my feet were so itchy, I ended up taking a benedryl 
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  • So.  much.  snot. 

  • Fatigue, fatigue, and more fatigue. Also bloating, some shortness of breath on exertion, and diarrhea.
  • sarahzett said:

    6w 3d - The nausea is still consistent throughout the day but a little less intense than last week! I'll take it! Heartburn is also still there - but I heard an old wives' tale that the more heartburn you have, the more hair  your baby will have so there's that! haha

    I don't know though, I had the worst heartburn with our youngest and he is three now and still looks like a balding old man. :D
  • 7w4d and I am feeling the nausea, bloating, gas, and some diarrhea. I have been really trying to eat easy to digest things, but still have a lot of digestive issues. And tired... 

    How do you all manage to get a workout in when you feel like this? Do you just push through? 
  • diaphena I totally agree about the shutting the door at work! One of my co-worker knows I'm pregnant so she helps me deflect people. My poor DH probably doesn't know if he should talk to me or not half the time. 

  • How do you all manage to get a workout in when you feel like this? Do you just push through? 
    I've given up hope for now...I keep telling myself that I'll pick back up when I feel better. I'm hoping it'll start getting warmer soon (and not raining) so DH and I can go on walks. We have a park near us that has a nice walking path around a playground so SS can play while we walk.
  • @kosmo86 Yes! Itchy feet last night! But I didn't think it was related to the pregnancy. What a weird symptom. 
  • @amanda_ru - I think it is due to increased blood flow!
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  • chopchop25chopchop25 member
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    Having weird pressure/uncomfortable  (not painful, but noticeable and distracting) sensations on the left side of my vagina, feels like near the labia. The most similar analogy I can provide is it feels like when you hit your funny bone, that reverberating feeling. More noticeable when I sit.

    Anyone ever had anything similar?

    edit: called Dr since it was starting to become super distracting during meetings - figured I'd share in case any other newbies get this feeling - doc says it's likely just the uterus expanding and adding some pressure!
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    7w 4d Let's see.. I have bloating & gas, sore boobs (hurts to roll over in the middle of the night :( ), crazy dreams, super tired, peeing every 20mins, hungry all the time with cravings that change constantly which makes food shopping super fun. I wanted a salad so bad today I bought a second lunch :# Not the worst thing to crave but now I'd kill for a cupcake.

    I also have such bad acne! Which is very unusual for me and weirdly I want to take DH to bed whenever he is within 3 feet of me the poor guy LOL I keep waiting for MS to set in but so far I've been lucky and maybe felt nauseous a total of 3 times? (knock on wood)
  • 4w6d I've had lots of symptoms of varying degrees since I got my BFP almost 2 weeks ago, but for the most part I have felt pretty good. I'm trying to enjoy it since I know they may get worse as my first trimester goes along.

    The most regular symptoms I've had are metallic taste (had that pretty soon after ovulation), constipation, diharrea, gas, started bloating this week, sore boobs on and off. The sore boobs started just in 're evening when I removed my bra, but now my nipples hurt all the time. Had some cramping on and off too. Fatigue is starting. I fell asleep at 7pm last night.

    The hunger is real and started pretty quick! No real nausea yet only if I eat too fast. I wake up in the middle of the night starving, anyone else? Cheese has become my new best friend, what cravings have you guys had? Also, intense thirst! Woke up last few nights with such dry mouth.

    Also, most of my symptoms are in the evening and night. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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  • @chopchop25 - my issue may be different, but I have actually developed a cyst on my labia in the last week.  My OB’s office just said to watch it and if it gets too big/painful then come in.  

  • How do you all manage to get a workout in when you feel like this? Do you just push through? 
    I find it's easier for me to work out as soon as I wake up and then it gives me a little more energy throughout the day. I'm super sleepy by 3pm and have been going to bed anytime between 8-10pm so if I wait until after work it's just not happening. Even 15mins of yoga makes me feel better and is a good distraction from some of the other unpleasant symptoms I've been having.
  • @whitbit108 I've just been trying to take walks when the weather is nice and do some light prenatal yoga at night.
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  • @knottieamusements hope your cyst is okay and you're not experience too much discomfort!
  • So I'm thinking my plan of cutting back on the coffee is not going to work out. DD is all over the place and I just have zero energy to keep up with her. The exhaustion is real.
  • @macheno I've had bad issue with starving overnight. It was terrible. I finally bought myself some ensure to drink in the middle of the night. My snacks weren't helping. It helps me feel alot better and I can fall back asleep. 
  • @lynzev I had something similar today with after work and dinner. Nothing sounded good but not nauseated. I was super hungry all day but was able to eat until dinner. Finally ate and felt better after eating something. 

  • Hi guys.

    I had some cramping last week but no bleeding. This afternoon started off with some dark brown spotting. Then turned into a heavier more red. I put a pad on and there was nothing on it. Now is a mix of dark brown/light red when I wipe. No cramping. I plan on calling the doctor first thing in the morning. Any moms have experience with this? I’m trying not to panic but am pretty scared. 
  • @kkmiller1881 No cramping is a good sign! Try not to panic. This happened to my sister with her first, all was OK. Definitely call your Doctor, and try to get some rest. Uncertainty is the worst these first few months.
  • @lynzev yep! I'm trying to use it to force myself to eat healthy food, since nothing sounds good anyway and eating moves to a mind over matter task.
  • @lynzev - that has also happened to me a few times. I have a few strategies that have helped:

    1) eat a small snack, no matter how it sounds to you. A piece of cheese, some peanuts, chocolate, whatever. Just get something in your stomach. (When I realize I’ve started grazing, I switch to something healthier if appropriate.)

    2) assume you are nauseous even if you don’t think you are. Eat some of whatever helps you with that. Saltines, ginger candy, etc. 

    3) think of something you enjoy eating as a comfort food, and try that. Start with a bite or two, and ser how it goes.  A glass of milk works for me, and also Mac and Cheese. 
  • @knottieamusements Thank you sooooo much! Those tips are great!
  • I'm tired all the time and my nipples hurt pretty much all the time. I'm starting to break out. Thankfully I'm hardly nauseous anymore but I feel like I'm going to gag all the time. I can't even talk for long periods because I feel like I'm on the verge of being sick. I'm greatful it's  not worse as I was so sick with my first pregnancy. 
  • @chopchop25 I have been having lower back pain as well!
  • shannakaye13shannakaye13 member
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  • shannakaye13shannakaye13 member
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    I'm happy to hear someone else mention it being uncomfortable in the fetal position. I normally sleep like that as well and would usually sit on the couch with my knees tucked up. I haven't been able to do that for at least 2 weeks now bc it's uncomfortable and I'm only 6w6d today. It's crazy that it became so uncomfortable so quickly!
  • I've been getting moderately intense lower abdominal cramps, mostly on the left side, that cause me to suddenly feel like I either need to poop or puke, but don't usually do either. Is this normal? I'm not having any bleeding and have been having bad MS off and on for the last week, difficult to even get water down at times. Sometimes the pain goes into my left lower back too. I'm 6w6d.
  • I’ve just started having this issue where when I standup from sitting for a while (like relaxed on the couch), I get exquisitely sharp pains in my pelvis.  I’m assuming that these are the round ligament pains several people have mentioned. 
  • @shannakaye13 I’m dealing with the exact same cramps without bleeding as well. My cramps are pretty central to the lower belly but sometimes I notice it more on my left side. It’s defintiely worriesome but I’m going to talk to my dr. on Monday. I’m also getting lower back pain a bit too. I’m 5 weeks 1 day. 
  • @belo290
    I ended up calling my doctor today, just to be safe. I'll let you know when/if I hear back. I'm sure it's nothing, but I'd rather be annoying and call than not and have something happen....
  • 6w5d..... MOOD SWINGS (mostly anxiety and depression), highly sensitive to smells, nauscea, fatigue. All my tastes have changed; i used to be on ketogenic diet but now fat and protein make me grossed out. Ive been listening to my body and eating fruit (mostly citrus and blueberries) and healthy complex carbs (oatmeal, lentils). 
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