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  • @ccvslp I’m sorry you are struggling with sisters announcement. That is difficult.  I was in a similar situation after my first loss my 22 year old niece announced her pregnancy.  I really wasn’t happy though about her situation with her age, no job and new boyfriend.  For a while i couldn’t even talk to her.  Eventually I was able to talk to her and love the baby.  I’m still not happy with my niece and her decisions but that’s a whole other story.  You are entitled to your feelings and you will eventually be in a good place with your feelings and sister.  Hang in there. 
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    So.... through google... myself, a speech therapist... realized the lab made an error with my whole chicken pox debacle.  Not the clinic that called me and said I had no immunity... nor my PCP who I faxed the lab results to who ordered the shot.  Me.  
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  • I got cut off... long story short the fertility clinic ordered a blood draw for varicella and didn’t specify antibodies.  The lab drew IGM antibodies, which are only positive during or right after actually HAVING the acute infection.  I need IGG antibodies tested to show my immunity, which I likely DO have, because I DID have chicken pox.

    wow.  Just wow.  

    So I had an unnecessary booster knocking me out from my next ovulation, but if I were a betting person I’d say I’ll be back at it the next cycle and not getting a second stinking booster.

    I can’t even make this up anymore.  I’ll be making sure all parties involved are called and informed of their mistakes and what happened as a result tomorrow and then I will be damned if I’m paying for the vaccine or another blood test.  
  • @ccvslp What?! That is...I don't even know what to say; I'm at a loss for words. I'm so happy for you that you aren't going to be benched for several months! I'm sorry you have to be benched for this month though because of this stupid debacle. Please let us know how everyone reacts tomorrow when you tell them they were all wrong! Good for you for researching it so you can advocate for yourself! 
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  • @ccvslp wooooow. I'm so glad you caught that. So irritating that it happened in the first place. 
  • @ccvslp that sucks.  I can’t believe that happened.  Glad you caught it though 
  • @ccvslp Um, I can’t even. I mean, how does this even happen?! Ugh. I’m so sorry! I would be livid. Definitely give everyone involved a piece of your mind!
  • @ccvslp OMG I would be furious!!!!! I'm so sorry this happened to you but on the bright side,  I'm glad you found out now instead of finding out after you had waited to have the second shot! 
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  • @ccvslp That is terrible!  There's really no excuse for that, and I hope you gave everyone hell for it!  Glad you found out now though so at least you didn't lose another month :)
  • I am officially WTO now!  First AF just finished up and I can't wait to start using OPKs!  I've put H on notice that he will be a busy boy next week ;)  My day three blood work came back and I'm pretty happy with the results.  FSH is a little higher than I'd like, and DHEA is on the low side, but not bad for 40.  Turns out I'm anemic, which I suspected, so my doctor will probably just up my iron supplements.  I see my OB tomorrow for my post D&C appointment, so I'm finally feeling like things are starting to move!
  • Good news @bakerstreetboys back on the BD train!
  • @ccvslp that’s crazy! Why can’t people just do their jobs correctly! Especially when it affects other people! Glad you figured it out after just one, sorry you had to go through that.
  • Thanks for the mutual expressions of outrage, everyone.  I was on the phone all day yesterday and the end result is using my school records signed off from the doctor saying I had the pox to consider me immune (verified by the CDC... yes they called the CDC; this is all so extra.)  I’m out this cycle because of the unnecessary shot anyway, though.  The lab’s director was NOT happy with my story and is supposed to not charge me for the messed up test, file a formal complaint, and take disciplinary action with the employee and follow up with me.  My PCPs office is supposed to not charge me for the vaccine, although I saw it hit my insurance paid in full today so whatever... they can deal with it because they’re on my sh*t list, too.

    Today’s fun: (yes there’s more!) insurance has still not over a month processed an out of network referral for me to see the RE in the new closer location to me.  Same doctor, new location needs new referral, is out of network but I knew that and have OON benefits that are just a little different... shouldn’t be that hard, right? Wrong.  Two hours on the phone last week and a letter was supposed to be sent that I found out today has never happened.  I told them I have my own job and paperwork and it’s pretty ridiculous I’m taking hours at a time to babysit other people’s paperwork.  I got a new lady to do this magical letter and it was supposed to be faxed to me urgently.  Then a second lady who was ALREADY working on it calls me, goes over it, and it’s supposedly all set again.  I’m DONE with them at that point and THEN the billing lady from the RE calls me; insurance called them and isn’t sure how to handle my out of network labs and ultrasounds so they need to research a bit more first before sending this golden letter.  I was giving her one word answers and silence at that point.... I told DH I’ll pay them double to just leave me alone.

    I originally had two RE appts to see who I wanted to go with and the second was IN network but I didn’t think that really mattered since infertility services aren’t covered anyway.  Now I’m SO not wanting to spend ten hours on the phone every time I have an appt or ultrasound or blood work.  I’m so mad I cancelled that second RE appt in January but I thought I was simplifying and calming things down by just choosing one doc and going with it.  I called them back and made an April 12th appt.  I will attempt to hang in with the confused insurance chicken pox crazies next cycle to see what happens and go from there.

    If you made it this far go pour yourself a glass of wine please and cheers.  Goodness.
  • Has anyone had spotting prior to ovulation?   I know my doc said it might take a few cycles to be back to my normal...but I'm only on cycle day 10.  I feel like this cycle I won't even have a chance to ovulate
  • @ccvslp I’m giggling after reading that last line, but I cannot believe it’s all been that bloody convoluted. Lordy. You deserve some wine, too. 

    @furmama1986 I’ve had spotting right before or around O before and didn’t think much of it. This was before I was a crazy, symptom-spotting TTCAL lady though, so things didn’t concern me as much back then. But really, unless it turns into a period or continues for too long I wouldn’t worry. If you notice it turns into a new pattern, might be something you want to check with your Dr about.
  • @ccvslp what a mess.  I’m glad you made the other appointment maybe it won’t be such a hassle 
  • @ccvslp my goodness! What a nightmare. I always have to battle our insurance about everything as well. So i feel your pain. But yikes!! I hope they can get their crap together and get everything in place for you!
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    @ccvslp - You have been thru the ringer!  I wish I could give you a hug!

    Well I'm pretty sure that heavier spotting was my period that started last Friday.  I had some CM today that always happens beginning of cycle before FW.  I'm not going to take Provera which my Doc suggested.  I just really want my body to heal first and see when my next AF will come.  So today would be CD8 for me.  I'm not TWW anymore.  Even though I'm tracking we aren't really TTC this month.  We agreed to just chill and relax for a bit.
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  • Thanks so much @cassafrass15, @Mack2342, @Kath525, @vlagrl29 for the support.  It means a lot from people who “get it” because most don’t.  I’ve had two different friends hear the whole chicken pox fiasco and suggest that I’ve got too many doctors involved.... uh.... no.  I actually just picked one doctor but an RE does not walk in, take your blood and process it herself, and stock varicella boosters, I went to a lab and my PCP as instructed by my one doctors office.  Face palm.  I really wish I could be so blissfully ignorant again.  

    CD 7.  Probably 25-ish more to go.  We are moving home this month (YAAYYY) so hopefully that helps time pass!  
  • Hey ladies, I'm starting to understand how this group I guess I'm back here for now. 
    Last September when my iud was removed I was the most regular I've ever been and got pregnant in November. Had the miscarriage and now for the second month in a row I'm getting off track. On CD 17 and not even any ewcm I usually would've had by now. And now my hubby is gone this weekend so a quick BD this morning before he left and hopefully we'll get back together in time before it's too late. Sorry for the long post, hoping for success to all of you this month! 
  • CD6 today, first post-CP AF ended yesterday, so now I'm just WTO. Got my OPK's ready, seeing how I have no idea when I usually O I'll start testing on CD9. It's probably way too early, but I'd rather overdo it than miss O-day. Husband and I work opposite hours (he leaves for work when I come home), so regular BD throughout the week is logistically difficult. We better get our timing right! 
  • for sure into my next cycle.  Had some more fertile discharge today.  I'm going to go ahead and track O this cycle to see where it's at.  Hope everyone else is doing well in the WTO.
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  • Mack2342  Fingers crossed!  Good luck!

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    Possibly giving up because I just can't even anymore...

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  • Good luck @Mack2342

    Oh hello EWCM, there you are, on day 19... ooook then. 
  • Yay good luck @Mack2342!!

    Ugh, AF stopped Friday, and then today I’m having slight cramps and a little bit of old blood. Two whole days later. I guess it’s true that the cycle after a loss is weird, this never happens to me. Here I was, thinking AF was remarkably similar to what it always is for me, and then nope! I just want my body to go back to normal.
  • Thanks ladies.  I came home and took OPK and it peak so now I’m hoping I don’t O before IUI because I’m certain that’s what happened last cycle 
  • FK that it works out for you, @Mack2342!

    I'm seeing RE tomorrow for a follow up.... regardless of the fact that my insurance STILL does not have their act together.  Some long rambling voice mail was left this morning while I was in a meeting that a manager is on it as we speak and is working with the doctors office and it's in good hands blah blah blah.... save it, people.  You've had a month to get it figured out, my appt is in less than 24 hours.  I'm going anyway, just wondering if I'll be on the phone with them every day until I die getting everything straightened out.

    I've got so much anxiety about tomorrow.... and I'm not even moving on anything until the end of the month, now... so.... I dunno.  I think I've had so many appointments go south and just lead to another issue and another test that I'm getting wound up now for every appointment regardless.  
  • So my appt today went well I think.  I actually left feeling okay, which is a first for the past five months. We have a plan for next cycle when l’ll be cleared from the darn pox shot: Letrozole days 3-7, day 12 ultrasound and then five days of estrogen if lining is below five (history says it will be but I’ll try to be positive), follow up ultrasound a few days later to see if I responded to it at all, and then progesterone 3dpo until a negative test day 14 or stay on it to 12 wks.  Phew.  I’m ready and excited and hopeful and pessimistic and nervous all at once.  I’ve heard of lots of women not responding to the estrogen suppositories and needing things all the way to injectables so I’m just really hoping something in our world can work out nicely and I can be someone that it works for!!
  • Glad you had a good appointment and now have a plan @ccvslp

    AFM, I had IUI yesterday and temp spike this morning so I’m heading over to TWW
  • It's nice to have a plan @ccvslp - I finally feel I'm coming out of the crazy I was in thanks to my naturopath.  Turns out all the stress I put myself under due to all the crazy clomid effects I had caused adrenal fatigue and higher than normal cortisol levels.  She's been a life saver.  I'm on a supplement to support both those things and a detox tea twice a day.
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  • It is nice to have a plan!  Now we wait.  Starting to get EWCM, it's going to be so annoying to O in a few days and have to ignore it.  Rawr.  I'm also pretty grouchy about finances at the moment.... we dumped everything we had into having to rebuild our house and have seen nothing back from anyone at fault.  Add the medical bills since my MC to it and it's stupid.  I would love to be able to go out to eat without guilt or take one last vacation while it's the two of us (FK) but the house depleting it all before the pregnancy stuff has screwed us out of it.  We should be able to and we would be able to if not for that.  It really burns me... I'm going to be angry until there is some resolution and probably even after that.  

    March is the longest month ever working in schools (I think anyway) but I'm so glad it's finally here - I'm hoping it brings some good things!!!  I turn 30 next Wednesday; maybe a new decade will shift some juju around!  
  • @ccvslp - we have spring break in March starting the 19th.  I'm glad I did the clomid in Feb and not march like I was debating because DDs bday is March 18 and we have some fun plans scheduled.
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  • @ccvslp So glad your appointment went well and you have a plan going forward! But I’m sorry about your house issues. How long have you been waiting for a resolution? 
  • @cassafrass15 The whole mess started slowly last March so it's been almost a year, however, a formal letter was mailed from our attorney to responsible parties in August.  So for about six months things like realtor's insurance have been "working on it."  They are in absolutely no rush, and I'm over here simmering because it's really affecting other areas of our lives now, as if it wasn't enough by itself!  All I can do is have faith and stay involved/not give up on the issue.  
  • I just have to rant. Currently CD13, negative OPKs, I'm sure O is close because my CM is doing its thing... but now husband is sick. There is no way he'll want to bd while sick. He has a more "let's take it as it comes" approach to ttc than me, he definitely won't bd without being in the mood because a stick tells us to. Next month he'll be out of state for 10 days, with my expected O day smack in the middle. So, unless my negotiating skills are completely on point and we bd in the next few days, I'm out for a couple months.

    Aaand if that happens, and I do get PG a few cycles from now, I'll be in my first trimester with all the joys that follows while on vacation at home in Norway with my parents and in-laws. A 13 hour journey while exhausted and nauseous with my in-laws who are grandchild crazy (we're not telling anyone until first trimester is over) is NOT my idea of a good vacay. 
  • @grebretso So I am totally not someone who can easily follow this kind of advice, but here it is - try not to live too many steps ahead.  Just start with this month and what you can or can’t do.  I live months and months in the future in my own head quite often, too, but it’s so much energy... I never could have predicted four months ago that I’d still be twiddling my thumbs and about to start a medicated cycle.  You just never know and it gets so exhausting!  Hugs to you! 

    AFM, I will probably move over to TWW tomorrow; positive OPK today and I generally O within 24 hours of that.   TWW for me on the bench will be two weeks of waiting to start my first medicated cycle, though.   Gosh I get nervous butterflies thinking about that... but ready or not it’s coming!  Moving back into our house the weekend of the 17th and I should be starting a new cycle the 20th (ish?).  I seem to be O-ing day 17 two cycles in a row which is some slightly earlier and more consistent stuff than I’m used to with PCOS.  I was pretty headachey last week, though, and my skin is FLIPPING out right now, though, so as usual my body does what it wants.  Lol 
  • @ccvslp Thanks for the advice, and you’re totally right. I need to work on dealing with uncertainty, I’ve always dealt with it poorly and it’s such a waste of energy. I’ll try to relax, whatever happens is out of my hands anyway!

    Good luck with the move and the medicated cycle! Sounds like good things are happening! 
  • Can I ask a question here?

    Just to start, I'm so sorry that everyone has to be here. I hope our time here is short!
    *TW I think* After a blighted ovum at the beginning of February and a D&C last week I'm wondering when to expect my period.
    Last Thursday I had an ultrasound that showed retained tissue after using cytotec. The ultrasound also showed that I was likely to ovulate very soon, but needed a D&C, so there wasn't much to do about it. My question is, should I still expect my period in a couple weeks? The D&C wouldn't mess with my hormones in a way to affect my period would it? Maybe it'll just be a lighter period?

    Thanks so much for your best guess!
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