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  • @syssa-o I’m so glad you’re not friends with her anymore. What a toxic human being to be around. It must be exhausting for her to be so self-absorbed. 

    Also, I think I remember that person being a drive by too? I *slightly* get wanting to plan one for yourself because you’re a control freak and want it your way, but I will agree that I think it would be really rude of someone to reject others’ offers of hosting a shower for them just because they feel it wouldn’t do a good enough job. Planning a party is a lot of work and belittling someone when they offer feels very wrong to me.  I think the proper response in that situation is “Yes, I would LOVE for you to throw me a shower, it’s so kind of you to even offer. Hey, if you don’t mind, there are a *few* things I’d like to run past you for ideas?” That way you still get your input but you’re not being rude to someone who’s being really selfless for you. 
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