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just read this on the 3rd trimester board....

Some hospitals are now restricting their visitors in maternity wards to 18 and older for the duration of flu season.  This includes siblings of the newborn under the age of 18.  They are attempting to reduce the spread of swine flu.  

How do you ladies feel about this?  

First of all, arrgh, I am so sick of hearing about this darn swine flu!  My 19 month old's pediatrician practically pinned me to the wall making me promise to get the H1N1 vaccine as soon as it became available.  Umm, pardon me for not jumping for joy over getting a recently introduced vaccine that hasn't really been widely tested while I'm 7 AND A HALF MONTHS PREGNANT!!!!  I don't really care if I am the in the highest risk category.  I want to see 100,000 OTHER pregnant women get it first and have no problems before I jump on that bandwagon.      

Now, back to this hospital thing.  I'm going to call my hospital tomorrow and check on their policy, but personally, I'm going to be pissed if my 19 month old (who has never been to daycare) is banned from visiting me or his soon to be new brother.  I mean, what if I end up in antepartum on bed rest?  Am I not going to see my child for the duration?  Oh good grief! 

Re: just read this on the 3rd trimester board....

  • On the flip side what if your newborn got H1N1 from someone else's child visiting them.

    Not that I don't feel the same way about the vaccination I don't think pregnant women should be the guinea pigs for this vaccination. My mom is a ob nurse and is currently dealing with this in their practice- it is very controversial topic.

    I suppose in the end- what ever keeps the majority safe is what the hospitals are going to go with.

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  • It's inconveniant but honesty I think it's a good idea. I will be disappointed if DS can't visit but at the same time I totally understand the reason behind the decision. How can they go through and decide which kids/minors are safe and which are not? DS is not in daycare but if other kids are there visiting that are in daycare or school they could put us all at risk. It makes sense to me. Especially since I agree with you about the vaccine. That gives me even more reason to understand the decision!
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  • Interesting... I will have to check on the hospital's policy, I will be so sad if my 2 year old can't come to the hospital!  She is getting the vaccine (I hope) so hopefully she will be allowed.

    Also, something to think about, 6% of the deaths from H1N1 are pregnant women, while they only make up 1% of the population... weigh the risk/benefits... the vaccine risks are surely less.   Good luck deciding, I know a lot of people are having a tough time, I know I did!

  • I understand the feelings about this, but I am sorry,  I wouldn't want my small child exposed to or exposing anyone else to any kind of illness.  My mom is the manager of an the womens, infants and childrens departments of a hospital which is now restricting visitors, but  she has always contended that unless they are patients, small children should not be allowed in hospitals.  It is hard, but will (hopefully) only be for a few days.
  • We had a discussion about this on my local board yesterday and someone pointed out that the flu vaccine every year is a 'new' formulation and not overly tested before being released.  The H1N1 is no different... except that being pregnant makes you at high risk for having complications as a result of getting it.  I'd much rather take my risks getting the vaccine...

     While sure it will suck if my other kiddos can't come up to the hospital, I can completely understand a hospital following this rule.  Why endanger all of your little bitty new patients if it's just not necessary? 

  • My hospital is doing this as is my peri's office.

    I think it's GREAT! I do not want my newborn to catch anything because it will just prolong NICU time.

    Yes it will be incredibly difficult. I have a toddler at home who needs me and I need her. But it's really important to limit exposure. People don't think before acting and I don't want somebody's uncle's brother coming in hacking all over the mother and baby unit exposing us to whatever.

    Our hospital is limiting to just the Dad by the way.

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  • I live in New Mexico and this is very common even before H1N1. If it's certain winter months or has been a really bad year for colds they restrict children under 18. It sucks but it's for the best.
  • i have to say that im a little relieved. So many people are so inconsiderate and bring their snotty nosed kids into the hospital. I was in there yesterday for an nst and there were several kids in the admitting area that had runny noses and were coughing all over the place. And im 100% sure that there are some moms that will tell their hubbs or the grandparents to just wipe their noses and hurry them in the room.
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  • I know our hospital had this policy last spring, b/c I saw notices up about it at the Dr's office. So far, I haven't seen any. I wish there was a way to find out if you've already had it- DS, DH and I all were extremely sick back at the end of August, but weren't tested to see if it was H1N1. I don't particularly want to get a vaccine if I already have been exposed and have the antibodies! But we'll likely get DS vaccinated if it means he'll be allowed to come and see Lily- but depending upon when she comes, the vaccine may not even be widely available yet!
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