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TTCAL check-in 10/9

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Good morning, sunshines! It’s somehow Monday again. Already. Time seem to go slow when TTC, but Monday has no problem showing up faster than I’d like...


1. Introduce yourself.
2. Status?
3. Rants/Raves
4. GTKY: If you had to live without one of your 5 senses, which one would you give up? 
Me: 34   DH: 36
Married: 12/2016
TTC #1: 8/2016
MC: 11/2016 at 8w
CP: 7/2017
BFP: 11/2017
EDD: 8/5/2018


Re: TTCAL check-in 10/9

  • 1. I’m Leah. Been here since July.
    2. WTO. CD 10. Started OPKs this morning. NMC 11/2016, CP 7/2017.
    3. Rants: everyone in the WTO thread with me heard about not getting my HSG test done because of a doctor’s office error. Friday was a low point for me. Fortunately, it prompted me to reach out to an old high school friend who had posted about her IF struggles on Facebook in the past. She was able to give me recommendations for doctors AND to give me a little bit of hope back. I realized that I haven’t felt TRULY hopeful since my CP in July, so getting some of that feeling back has really helped this funk to lift! 
    4. It’s tough to choose between hearing, smell, and taste. Vision and touch are staying for safety reasons if nothing else. So, I think I’d give up taste. I don’t know if I’d make it not being able to listen to music and scent is the strongest sense tied to memory recall... Plus if food didn’t taste like anything, maybe I could actually stick to a diet. 
    Me: 34   DH: 36
    Married: 12/2016
    TTC #1: 8/2016
    MC: 11/2016 at 8w
    CP: 7/2017
    BFP: 11/2017
    EDD: 8/5/2018

  • 1. Not new
    2. Still benched while I'm healing from uterine septum surgery. 
    3. Rainy day here. Excited for Hubs birthday this week! 
    4. Definitely smell. 
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  • 1. Introduce yourself. Ancient.
    2. Status? WTO
    3. Rants/Raves I hate rain. It does force me to get more done in the house tho!!! Maybe I won’t have to re-wash laundry today? 
    4. GTKY: If you had to live without one of your 5 senses, which one would you give up? I think I agree with @leahcimmichael. Taste and I wouldn’t care about junk!! 

  • @leahcimmichael glad such a rough situation turned around for you! Hope the new dr works out much better.

    1. Been here a 3ish? weeks now. TTC since 1/17 CP 3/17 NMC 9/17 
    2. WTO CD6
    3. DH and I decided we needed a distraction from the chaos of life lately. So we downloaded roller coaster tycoon this weekend on our computer. We've stayed up wayyyyy too late playing. Feels like we're 12 again haha. But it's nice to hang out and play together.
    4. This is tough because i know smell and taste are closely related. So if food is not going to taste as good without smell anyways, I'd give up taste. 
  • @Kath525 omg I used to LOVE that game. My dad used to call it a time sink! Haha!!!
  • Not new - WTO CD 8

    ugh now that we are back in it with ttc for the rest of year naturally it's got me thinking about it more than I use to and that part is getting old.  Guess my rant is with both our mothers.  We had a patio party last weekend and my mother suggested I give DDs baby clothes to a friend of mine who has an 11 month old.  My mother thinks we aren't trying anymore and I'm too old for that.  DH's mother suggested we look into private adoption.  I had to tell her IVF is cheaper and IVF is $15ishk.  I told her we would be one and done so to speak.  Anyways it put me in a funk yesterday and I told DH.  He told me it's white noise and not to listen to it.

    It would be hard to give any sense up but I guess I'd have to go with smell - I don't think I'd miss that one as much as all the others.
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  • 2. Status? TWW 4 DPO

    3. Rants/Raves Have the day off today for Columbus Day. Home with DS.  Still waiting on results from biopsy hopefully tomorrow 

    4. GTKY: If you had to live without one of your 5 senses, which one would you give up? I think I would give up taste.  I'm not a foodie.  I eat because I have to so if I couldn't taste it..I think I would be alright.  
  • 1. Introduce yourself. Not new, but not old. MC in July
    2. Status? TWW, 5dpo
    3. Rants/Raves, We bought a new mattress and only slept on it twice now and both morningsI have woken up feeling so sore! My neck and upper shoulders hurt so bad and I can't turn my neck. So annoyed!!
    4. GTKY: If you had to live without one of your 5 senses, which one would you give up? Smell definitely.
    Ivy: July 2010  |  Stella: Dec 2012  |  BFP#3: MMC at 11Wk's, July 2017 | Wyatt: April 2019 | BFP#5: Twin Girls due Sept 2020

  • @Mack2342 I wish I had that problem, I sure would be a lot thinner! Hopeful for you that you will get the results tomorrow. 
  • Not very new, 3rd cycle of ttc after MC.

    I would say 8dpo  based on OPK

    rants- it's monday :( 
    raves- going to east coast for a weeding this week, so happy to see all my friends from a grad school! and I hope the foliage will be still amazing.

    Today I would defenitely give up a smell, since entire Bay Area is covered in thick smoke from a fire in Napa
  • @robyn2201 that sucks about mattress. We've had ours for 3 years now.  I loved it at first but now I need a firmer mattress and no longer like it 
  • @aga31 you will not miss the foliage! I feel like it’s later than usual! 
  • 1. Not new...
    2. WTO- CD 14 I should O tomorrow or Wednesday... 
    3. Rave- I had a wonderful weekend with DH celebrating our wedding anniversary. We got lots of BD in and are in the middle of our everyday marathon.... it was nice to have it not feel just like baby making. Rant- my co worker who knows about my loss just told me today that she is trying for her second. I don't think I'm going to handle this too well if she gets knocked up before I do. Ugh.
    4. I can't make a decision on this one. I'd say smell - BUT it would affect my taste and that is WAY to important to me!

    Me: 37 DH: 35
    Married: Oct 2012
    TTC #1: August-ish 2016
    MC: 04.01.2017 @ 9.5 wks 
    BFP 11.26.2017 - DD born 08.12.2018
    TTC#2: end of 2019
    MC: Jan 2020 @ 12 wks

  • Not New

    WTO CD 7 and anxious to get this month underway.

    Rant: The weekend was far too short for my liking and I'd like a re-do please. I'm on week 2 of no deer. Saw a doe this weekend but before I had a good shot she started her warning call and called us out. I was ticked.
    Rave: DH said he's starting to feel more energetic the last few days so I'm hopeful that it's his T level rising from the Clomid. It may mean nothing at all, but with no other change to his daily life I'm hopeful that's what the cause is.

    I could go without smell. 

    leahcimmichael I'm glad you have some feeling of hope returning. It's a hard road without hope. I'm still ticked off for you and your HSG glitch.

    msstephanielynn I hope you get off the bench soon. Enjoy your DH's Bday!

    sprkls8506 Please keep your rain. We are having our first really nice day in weeks. It's sunny and 45* right now, which is good considering I have to go teach a bunch of guys how to not kill each other with a forklift later today. I hate doing that in the rain.

    Kath525 I totally forgot about that game. It's a total time-suck, but a fun way to spend time together and just play.

    vlagrl29 I'm sorry your mom keeps making insensitive comments and suggestions. I'm not sure I'd handle that well from my mother. We are OOP as well, so I hear you on the IVF. It's not an option for us either. I hope you find you don't need it.

    Mack2342 Enjoy your day at home! I wish we had the day off here. 

    robyn2201 Is there a return policy for the mattress? It does take your body some time to adjust, but that doesn't sound like a good change for either of you.

    aga31 Have fun at the wedding! I had a friend send me an invite to an "old schoolers get-together" at our local skating rink with the people I grew up with. I think it might be fun. little do they know I played roller derby for four years so I can still skate!

    jchpg I LOVE when we manage to make time for BD and it doesn't feel like an obligation. It really changes how you're feeling.
  • 1. Intro: not new, not old
    2. Status: I think I'm in the TWW - I usually rely on my RE to predict O, but since this was the first cycle since MC we went w/o medication and I had my first experience with OPKs. From what I can guess, I'm 5dpo.
    3. R/R: I have today and tomorrow off (today for that genocidal maniac Christopher Columbus and tomorrow because I received a time-off award for my presentation in DC a couple of weeks ago). I'm going to get so much done around the house!
    4. GTKY: Taste, for sure. That way I wouldn't enjoy cheeseburgers so damn much!
  • @jchpg glad you are having a good weekend!!!! 

    @ELeighMay good luck with the forklift lesson!! 45* sounds chilly! Is that normal for you guys in October? It is like 75* muggy and rainy here. Not really the norm but def can happen in New England!

    @cassafrass15 enjoy ur time off!
  • sprkls8506 45* is pretty normal for this time of year here. We've had many Halloween's where we've had snow. It's dark around 6:45 now so the temps get down to 30ish. I am so used to the cooler temps that I'm not sure I could live anywhere that was warm year round. I actually get sick of summer, and this weather is awesome. We sleep with our window open.
  • @ELeighMay one year we had snow and tons of people lost power. The next year we had a tropical storm and people lost power. Both are rare! We have also had Halloweens that are 80*! I do love wearing my flip flops through October! I can def understand getting sick of summer! I don’t mind winter until Jan. Then I am over it. 
  • @ELeighMay - I'm just not ready to get rid of DDs baby/toddler clothes.  She was kinda shocked I was still saving them.  Dh said last night that I'm not infertile and people need to stop bothering me about it.  He said I was just pregnant last december and it takes the body a bit of time to adjust- I'm like "DH its going on what 9 months of TTC after loss?  Pretty sure my cycles have adjusted by now".
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  • @ELeighMay If you want to hang onto every piece of clothing until your DD has her own kids that's your prerogative. They need to back off you about getting rid of baby things. Unless it's taking up space in their closet it's none of their business what you do with it. I don't understand why people think they should give their input on things like that. Do you say anything to her, or just let it go?
  • @EleighMay - I usually just let it go. I avoid  cause I don't want to hear about how I'm menopausal age and shouldn't do it again.  I made the mistake confiding with her back in june and was all stressed out and I guess what I said made her think that we were done having kids.
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  • vlagrl29 That's understandable. I'm sorry you have to deal with that on top of the TTC stress.
  • @ELeighMay - she said most people space their kids really close in age and we didn't do that and I'm having a last egg call.  I told her a bigger age gap was my plan all along. It's not a last egg call. I'm not as stressed about it now as I was back then. I needed that mental break that I got over the summer months to be more at peace with it.
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  • 1. Been here since July.
    2. On CD25, but not too hopeful after some spotting today. 2nd cycle trying after MC
    3. Raves: had a great weekend playing with art this weekend and relaxing. Best Friend got engaged this weekend as well. This coming weekend we're going to a papercraft and stamping show at the local convention center and probably seeing the next disaster movie (our tradition to quietly heckle in a mostly empty theater).
    RAnt: Every time I turn around someone else I know is announcing their pregnancy. I know I'm probably overly sensitive, but with my hope for this cycle pretty much in the toilet, I had a bit of a pity party.
    4. Its hard to choose between taste and smell. I love to cook, and I'm not sure if I could do without taste, but without smell it wouldn't matter anyway... so taste. Maybe I'd lose some weight!

    @leahcimmichael - I hope that things look up soon. I'm so sorry that happened to you, but hopefully a new OB will help get things on the right track.

    @msstephanielynn - wishing you  speedy recovery!

    @Kath525 - my BFF has been banned from those kinds of games, because she'll forget to eat or sleep while playing! lol

    @vlagrl29 - that sucks that your family is making such hurtful comments. Hope things get better soon!

    @Mack2342 - I hope you get good news soon!

    @robyn2201 - That sucks! Hopefully its just a case of breaking in a new mattress?

    @jchpg - glad to hear it was a good weekend!

  • 1. Introduce yourself. D&E on August 4th. 
    2. Status? CD1
    3. Rants/Raves 
    I'm feeling hopeful this cycle. That's all. :)
    4. GTKY: If you had to live without one of your 5 senses, which one would you give up? Smell

    @vlagrl29 I not only have all of DD's infant clothes saved, but I have her infant car seat out in my basement like I'm ready to use it at any moment. I feel like if I put it away, then it means that I'm not going to get pregnant. Very irrational. Saving baby clothes, on the other hand, is rational. :) It's odd that anyone would be shocked about that. 
  • @fishee333 I have all baby equipment too. I just can't do it because a major meltdown would occur. Heck I still have maternity clothes too!
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  • I was able to part with baby gear but not the clothes!!! It was still sad getting rid of the gear! 
  • Oh wow @sprkls8506 - I'm just not ready yet. Told dh if I'm 39 and still not pregnant I will then. The only things I've sold was the stuff I had doubles of that my mom gave back to me. I didn't want it taking up space. I had 3 freaking walkers!
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  • The space is why I got rid of it! Altho the clothes take up plenty of space as well!!! I figure I can have fun picking out new gear if it ever happens...
  • Sorry I have been AWOL, with work jobs on weekends and during the week so busy most days I don't even have time to eat much less check TB! ha ha!
    @vlagrl29  sorry about the confrontation with your mom. Your second post kinda ticked me off....what does she know about "most people" and "last egg call?!" (sorry). 

    1. I think y'all know me. One of the wise old owls. Well, maybe not wise, hee hee. 
    2. Was going to test tomorrow (our 3 year anniversary!) but spotting started this morning. *shoulder shrug*
    3. Rave-SO HAPPY to see one of our 'regulars' graduate @MooFish2364!!!
    4. GTKY: I already smell very little. Helps when doing Pap smears, ha ha! My brother can't smell at all since he was born and doesn't taste much. Must be a family thing.
    Me: 39 DH: 39
    CP 1/25/16 4.5 weeks, developed Graves' disease
  • 1. Introduce yourself. Not new anymore.  

    2. Status? TWW, 5dpo.  

    3. Rants/Rave - I'm away for a conference until tomorrow, and while I'm having a great time exploring a new city, I broke out in hives yesterday after I got off the plane, and it's driving me crazy.  On the plus side, being away is helping to distract me from the TWW (and helping to keep me from irrationally POAS at 5-6dpo...)  

    4. GTKY: If you had to live without one of your 5 senses, which one would you give up?  This is a tough one... I guess I would say smell, although that's almost like choosing two senses, since losing smell will have a huge impact on taste as well.
  • @amberruka - it is what it is and I'm just trying not to mention anything ttc and baby related to her. I had to remind her DD was a very strong willed toddler and I had hard times parenting her so I wasn't exactly wanting to reproduce at the moment.  Sorry for your spotting.
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  • @vlagrl29 my DS is only 2 but I still have his jumpy seat in the family room lol. He hasn't used the thing since he became mobile.  Also I not only still have my maternity clothes but I still wear 3 pairs of pants 
  • I was wearing the maternity shorts proudly today! @Mack2342
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  • Oh I still wear maternity clothes all the time lol.
  • @vlagrl29 This is insane your mom would call you menopausal. Most women have menopause onset after 45. Tell your mom to do some research before giving you ttc advices. Sorry I am so rough but things like that just really piss me off, like people judging me for getting married late and starting family late and so on. Seriously, if that person wasn't in a grad school for the last 6 years of his/her life I just say  to f off. Everyone's life is different, plus it's not like you can really plan it (as we all know it). You have another (at least) 5 years of being able to conceive.
  • @aga31 - something about peri menopausal can last 10  years  IDK anything about it yet lol.  She said she wanted another kid (i'm an only child) when she was my age but my dad didn't want any more kids.  she resented him for 10 years because of that.  But now she says she's happy she didn't have more.  But it's not a last egg call for me!  We've always wanted 2.  lately though now that i've been thru this process it really makes me appreciate the 1 I do have and realize its such a miracle and blessing to have a child.
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  • @kath525 I loved that game. My DH and I have recently been playing bop-it! Getting really competitive.

    @vlagrl29 Sorry about your MIL. Sounds like she needs to MYOB!

    @cassafrass15 Love days like that. Hope you’re able to enjoy sparkling clean house!

    @aga31 Enjoy the wedding. Not sure where you are coming but Southern MA hasn’t even really started fall yet. Up in the mountains/NH has it going on good though!

    @nessie1313 Sounds like a fun weekend, enjoy!


    *TW* PG mentioned

    All this talk about baby stuff has me reminded that a friend is coming down in 2 weeks (she beat 3 years of infertility and is pregnant with her first) to borrow some of my stuff (swing, halo bassinett, bouncer…stuff that isn't worth buying if you can borrow!). I’m really not sure how I will do unpacking everything and having all the memories come back to me.There are some things that I won’t let anyone touch. At least if I cry, she knows and understands what I’m going through. 

  • @msstephanielynn that will be hard.  
  • @msstephanielynn that will def be hard but so generous of you to share!
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