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  • Also, @wyomama0427, isn't your c-section soon? How are you doing? And @mrs_tacos, how are you doing? Did you find an OB you like in New York? @labby18, are you moved yet and doing okay? Haven't seen @mrsmarygs for awhile
  • I'm impatiently waiting for this baby to come out--38weeks 3 days today. I've been listening to my hypnobabies "baby come out" track daily. 
    Also would love for my painter to come this week and finish up 2 projects.
  • @jessieR358 I'm right there with you.  I'm very impatiently waiting and still haven't determines if my back pain and cramping with contractions, is real or fake... 
  • Still hanging in at 37+4! I have two weeks of work left and on one hand I'd like to just be done now and on the other hand there are still things I would love to do with DS before baby comes. I have a feeling I'll go a bit late anyway but man I'm unmotivated at work!
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  • @tfrangul I can't recall if/what the update was with being able to keep your house. Hoping they cut you some slack so you could catch up!?!?
  • @Carebella Well we were told that if we can come up with the 15K we are behind we can keep the house. We were looking into options to come up with the money and it's just not realistic. My husband and I actually talked about it yesterday and decided that we will stay here and save up money for as long as we can then rent a house in this area and will file bankruptcy to get a fresh start. Not exactly what we had planned but it's the most realistic and practical at this point. 
    When my husband was sick he did significant damage to a number of areas and it would just take thousands to fix everything on top of coming up with the back pay and then also making regular monthly payments....
    Thank you for thinking of us! That means a lot! 
  • I still have 4 weeks left of work. My clients think I am crazy and I feel a little crazy, too. I work for myself, so no one is going to pay for me to take an early leave. Growth scan and strep B test is on Friday. Hoping baby isn't as huge as he seems.
  • 37 weeks today, had my appointment and I'm not dilated, but I am 50% effaced. Not sure what that means though in terms of when baby is coming, as I went up to 41 weeks with absolutely nothing during my first pregnancy, and had to be induced. 
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    @heatherlynn321 I'm 1cm dilated and 50% effaced also. I went to 41+3 with my first and had to be induced (I didn't dilate or efface). My OB went ahead and scheduled an induction at 40+3 but my doula said (and take this for what it's worth) that a lot of STMs will efface first and then dilate when labor starts. So that sounds encouraging to me!! 
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    Definitely not ideal @tfrangul, but from the sound of it they aren't trying to throw you out the door right this second which is nice! Hopefully they give you enough time for your husband to get the good job and you guys to save a ton! 
  • @Carebella once the court files the decree we will have 6 months to stay. This is because of the paperwork we filed already. It's stressful but I believe everything happens for a reason and we both agreed on our walk tonight that we could use a fresh start. 
  • I ordered some compression socks and gloves last night. I hope they help in some way with the swelling and carpal tunnel. My whole arm is involved now, so I'm thinking it could be tendonitis, too. Who knows. Has anyone else had any success with compression garments?
  • Never tried any compression garmets but I can sympathize with you. My last pregnancy the carpel tunnel was horrible! I've done better this time but have noticed the last few nights my hands are going numb. Good luck and I hope you get relief. It's so crazy what the innocent little babies do to our bodies! Haha 
  • @tfrangul the numbness started out as just a night time thing, but now it is worse at night and never completely goes away. My finger tips are always numb in my right hand. I'm glad you're so close to your due date and hope yours doesn't get any worse. 
  • I feel like my blood pressure is often dropping really low, for no reason it seems? Like it's not when I stand up or bend over the majority of the time. Often it's while just walking, or cooking, or folding laundry or something... But kind of scary. Worried that I could loose my balance and hurt the baby!
  • @lexibelly, I'll get lightheaded at random points in the day, but my doctor has said that is likely due to decreased oxygen flow. I feel like I can't get a deep breath with baby girl still hanging up so high. So much fun. 
  • @daisy62103 double the congratulations! I'm so happy for you that you finally got your induction, that it went very well and that your doctor didn't require a csection due to baby b being breech. Enjoy those babies.
  • Thank you so much @lilpoots !
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  • So happy it went well for you once they finally got you in @daisy62103!
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    @lilpoots A friend wore an actual wrist brace at night for carpal tunnel and she said that helped. I wore compression socks every day for swelling..

    So many babies now!!! So exciting.
    I got super engorged last night and it gave me a huge stretch mark near my cleavage. I'm..   devastated :(

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  • Thank you so much @lilpoots !
    Gorgeous babies, and what lovely names! My middle name is Faith also and I love it.
  • @tfrangul that's great news.  Tomorrow us baby day for you.  

    Just had appointment, since I have a scheduled section, they don't even check me unless I have spotting, which I haven't had since last week. Doctor said all is well see ya next week.  Also mentioned tomorrow, Friday or Saturday would be goks babh days bc shes on call! Iim trying all things to evict baby, but looks like she's staying put!
  • I'm so over being pregnant but I really want baby to hang in there for another 2/3 weeks. My parents land in aus on 8th sept and I'd love to get to spend some time with them before there's a baby in the mix as well!
  • @tfrangul exciting! It's baby day!
  • @lilpoots I have had compression socks for a while, but I don't wear them often b/c it's hot, plus if I wear them, I would have to wear real shoes, which are really hard to put on. But on the occasion I do, they seem to help. My foot/ankle swelling comes and goes depending on what I'm doing I guess. I haven't had as much wrist problems though. Good luck!

    @bridge-and-wall So glad your house wasn't damaged too badly, but that still sucks having to be away from home right now and everything going on around you. I'm sure it all must be really stressful.

    This actually happened a few weeks ago, but I never posted about it. We got a new (to us) car! Yay! We had been really needing one because we both had compact SUVs and with a tall husband, I wasn't sure how 2 car seats would even work in my car, let alone our largish dog and stuff to even go on a weekend trip (which we do often). We would have had to take 2 cars which seems pretty silly. Anyway, there was no money for said new car at least for another year I had guestimated, but as sometimes things happen, DH's grandmother had died in March, and his parents decided to pass out some of the inheritance early and we were able to come up with the rest. We <3 our new Traverse, and it is a perfect size for all our peeps, dog, and stuff. We will be driving it for a hopefully very, very long time. I'm so excited!
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  • @bnmort8 I have been feeling intense pressure since week 34/35. I am now almost 39 weeks with no dialation. Don't rush baby!!! Full term is 39 weeks. 
  • @hatrats My mom loves her Traverse. Enjoy the car. 
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  • @bnmort8 my cervix has been thinned for 3 weeks now. I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow. 
  • I'm so excited to see all the beautiful healthy babies!!! I'm 36+2 and will now be going every week for NST and fluid checks. I have GD but as of right now baby girl isn't measuring too big so unless something changes it looks like they'll let me go on my own and not be induced unless I go past my due date. 
  • I'm 36+4! Had an appointment yesterday and this doctor isn't sure if he's breeched or not. So I'm scheduled for an ultrasound next week. Feeling frustrated as this pregnancy has been less than enjoyable. High blood pressure, carpal tunnel, extreme swelling, etc. His heartbeat is below my belly button but she can't tell his bum from his head. So I guess we shall see!!! 
  •  Just spent the afternoon in labor and delivery bc apparently I can't hold my pee anymore. So there is that..plus contractions but no pattern.... always fun, at least I know baby girl is head down and in place for her exit. Doctor said go home feet up go easy this weekend bc labor and delivery is a zoo, so to keep baby girl in until next week. 
  • @jillibean0871 I love that the doc told you to keep her in until next week. Here's hoping you totally have control over that!

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