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  • I don't think I am ignorant I am different and disabled but I am a good friend and I could be one to you too 
  • My feelings are very hurt and I didn't mean to hurt anyone.  I am different and I am trying very hard.  Do you have any friends who are deaf?  It is hard for ne to understand things. Please don't call me names.
  • I don't understand the jokes.  My mom is trying to help me and I have done something wrong when I said I was sorry. I came back to the room because someone talked to me.
  • I can read too.  I have some mental disabilities in learning too.  I didn't want to say anything because people can be mean about it.  I hope you didn't mean to be mean
  • I don't understand I moved rooms and then chef talked to me so I came back to answer and now I am being made fun of.  I have some disabilities and I hope you will be nice and help me because took the help and changed rooms
  • I am not dirty.  I am slower than you.  Please don't hurt my feelings.
  • I have been teased before because I am not as smart as some of the other girls and I cannot speak well because I cannot hear even with my aids.  

    Please don't tease me.  I can't help being the way I am.  I would like to be normal like you.  I am not dirty.  Please be nice to me and other handicapped people
  • Please stop posting. That was clear and direct. Please stop posting here.
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    Wow, I actually read all of this. This has nothing to do with you being deaf. 

  • I am deaf and have learning disabilities because I had problems when I was born but I have a job and it is hard for me to understand some things.  I got married and I can do almost everything other people can do too 
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  • You are not being mean if you stop responding here. You were being mean (accidentally or not) when you made this post. We are begging you to just stop responding here and go join the others that are pregnant and due in April 2018.

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  • I am crying very hard and I was trying to make friends today because we are all going to be moms.  I don't know why inam
    bekng teased.  
  • My mom helped me write the first post and she writes better than I do and I am sorry.  I want to be friends and I have been teased a lot.  I am not dirty I am different because of when I was born.
     I tried to go to the new room and Lund said they don't want me there.  People in my college class are nice to me because I tell them I am different and I try hard.
  • Lund can I come to the momgroup?
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