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First Baby Product Bought


Re: First Baby Product Bought

  • I'm likely getting the Dockatot. Not for night but for naps when I'm right next to baby. At night baby will sleep in the Bassinest. For naps, we relied too heavily on the swing with DS and it was a very hard habit to break. I want to make sure we don't do that again and feel comfortable with the dockatot for that purpose. 
  • I almost forgot! Last week Aldi had video baby monitors with all the features I wanted, so we had to get one and a boppy like nursing pillow with cute little whales
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  • Dh surprised me with a new glider rocker last night!  This is my third kid, hopefully, and I've never had one!  Best part was it was marked down from $190 to $35 because of a tiny scratch on the arm that we already fixed with a wood marker. 
  • @allowachick   Aldi had them?? How much?  i should check here lol
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  • @psuxray07 $70 I know selection depends on your store
  • I bought an Erin Condren planner to keep track of pregnancy things. I feel like there's so much to keep track of and don't want it getting lost in stuff with my regular agena. It will include the rest of 2017 and all of 2018 so I'll be able to record baby appointments which I know there will be a lot.
  •  I have researched the different baby loungers for safe sleeping  At the time of the birth of my first baby. dockatot was the most famous one baby lounger but there were some reviews showing that dockatot is not much safe. i have searched for different loungers other than dockatot but in my view, if you use the lounger under your supervision these are absolutely safe for your babies. i
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