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  • DD2 has her top 4 and bottom 4, gaps and then her molars. It looks like it is normal to get first molars before canine teeth.  DD2 was acting like she was teething but I didn't realize it right away because I wasn't looking far enough back to see the molars coming in  
  • @holly142 That's my concern - S doesn't have the lateral incisors on the bottom yet but the bump in her mouth is by the molar. We've got her 1 year check-up on Friday I'll just have to remember to ask about it!
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    @HoneyBear40 I'm going off what his pedi said. She said that his upper teeth next to his front two would be next, but he's shoving every teether and object as far back down his throat as it will reach, so my guess is molars
  • We still don't have the top front teeth over here. I feel like when they finally do come in (likely in the next month) he's going to look so old!
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    @austinjl yep! And we are also in a big "pull down" phase. Everything reachable gets pulled down
  • FTM53 - YES!!  She can reach things on the edge of the kitchen counter because she is so darn tall (ridiculous) so we have to be extra super careful with knives and hot things because it never mattered before.  EEK!  Just the beginning.

    @ldsjm123 - woo!
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    @shaylalr You Go! Good luck! I know it will be hard, but doable. So exciting to be sacrificing for a great goal! 
  • @shaylalr That's awesome, what a great way to punch debt in the face! We need to do something like that, but I'm not sure I have the guts. I'll be so interested to hear about the journey!
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  • Love the idea of living in an RV! We too love Dave Ramsey. 
  • Anyone else have a LO who pees through diapers like it's their job at night? Lately B has been waking up with his pajamas and sleep sack soaked. I tried sizing up, nope. Sizing up and using an overnight diaper, nope. So tonight we're trying Sposies. Basically it looks like a maxi pad you put in their diaper. Fingers are crossed that it works. If it doesn't, what am I supposed to do? I'm not waking a sleeping baby to change his diaper. 
  • If that doesn't work, what about a cloth diaper over the disposable? 
  • shanparadise - we were having that issue for a while then sized up and an overnight but now she is a bit bigger and really ready for the next size for her day diapers (same size as her night diapers)...I'm just trying to use up the size 4s that I have and she peed through her diaper/jams last night...ugh.  I feel like size 6 would be swimming on her. 
  • @shaylalr I am also a big dave ramsey fan! Having student loan debt paid off sounds amazing!!!
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    So...I have sprained BOTH my ankles...
  • @FTM53- oh no! What happened? I'm so sorry. 
  • I feel like I've been gone forever. The bump needs to get their crap together. They unbanned me for like a day and have been working since then to fix it. This happened the entire time I was pregnant. Hoping this is really fixed. 

    Man, we're cutting molars now. She also throws major tantrums. I explain to her why we don't hit or do whatever it is she's doing while comforting her. I think she's too young to really understand and I know she's just expressing her feelings the only way she knows how. 

    After I graduated I lived in a super small studio and paid as much as I could on my loans. 2 years later I paid off 20 grand.  But now my husband owes a house in loans so basically I just paid mine off to pay his. :( I wish he would be on board to do something like that @shaylalr I hate debt and he doesn't seem to care. 

    @FTM53 oh man! Hope you feel better quick. I can't imagine chasing after julia with two sprained ankles. 
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