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    AJ will copy "uh oh" sometimes and I LOVE it. So adorable. My favorite is reading his favorite bedtime story at night he "snores" with me during the snoring parts (story is The Bear Snores On). It's amazing 
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  • Hahaha I bet the snoring is really funny @ftm53!
  • @FTM53 Hahaha that's how I feel every morning...great picture 
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  • HOLY TANTRUMS!! I know a few of you ladies have had some experience with this. What's the best approach?! 95% of the time it's been in the house, when she isn't getting what she wants. But the other day at a restaurant she wanted to run around. Well it wasn't the best place because we were sitting near a line of traffic - so her options were high chair or sitting with us. Clearly wasn't what she wanted and she let us know it!! LOL my husband eventually found something to entertain her but it was work!!
  • I'm so tired. It's been 1 month of teething (3 out of 4 molars are in). Plus remodeling a house and heartbreak/helping a friend fighting cancer. DD2 is spending her first night at the grandparents' tomorrow night. I'm worried because I'm still feeding her 2 times per night. I pray things go well! I had planned on quitting night nursing when she turned one but decided to wait until she's done teething. Teething and moving in the same week is enough as it is! I've been reading all posts but not responding as much as usual. 
  • Also needing help on how to react or not react to tantrums. He seems too young to totally ignore it, but old enough to begin learning not to throw himself around. 

    We are also very familiar with "no" here and he definitely understands what it means. Most of the time he listens, but he's just started being "defiant" on purpose. Like he will throw a toy or book (and he knows the difference between throwing and "gentle" because he will often switch back and forth when I say each word), but when I tell him no, he'll do it again and then to look at me and my reaction. Same with throwing food on the floor, although it's mostly throwing toys and books. I've started saying no a few times and telling him to be gentle, demonstrating, and then taking the toy away if he continues. It's rough. 
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    @kburg15 for tantrums I generally state his feelings and explain to him what's going on "I see you're angry that I closed the door and told you no. It's okay to be angry when we don't get what we want, but we don't always get what we want"
  • For tantrums here, I kind of just let her do her thing and I don't pick her up. I do try to explain to her why I did or didn't do whatever she's upset about, but I'm kind of in the "ignore it and maybe she'll stop" mindset right now, especially since she throws them all.the.time.
  • Random... but is anyone else's postpartum hair regrowth coming in a completely different texture? Mine is growing in in ringlet curls while I previously had pretty straight hair with a little bit of wave to it. 
  • For tantrums, we've just been getting on her level and saying "no mam!" and let her finish it. In the coming months I'll be more discipline minded, but she's still too little (imo). They also are still small. 
  • Elijah got baptized this week and he pushed the priests hands away from him multiple times.  Lol.
  • @LDSJM123 - We are likely taking a trip to the Keys this winter and thinking about getting an air b&b type deal...I'm thinking the same things you just said...won't be much of a relaxing trip, lol.  She'll be almost 18 months at that point so I'm not sure if that will make it easier or harder...
  • I don't think it's a UO, lol! You're very right. This is not the easiest age to travel with them at. They're just so curious about EVERYTHING!! I'm hoping 18-24 months things level out more?!
  • Slight change of topic but it's my random for the day...and a rant.
    Last year I was so impressed by what my body could do. Today I'm frustrated at my body and wishing it would go back to my pre-baby normal when my period came like clockwork. I'm on BC and didn't have my period when I was supposed to last month. Took 2 negative pregnancy tests and chalked it up to stress, emotions, and intense workouts. Now today when I'm not supposed to get my period until next week when my pill pack runs out I've got (what appears to be) my period. Grr...
  • @HoneyBear40- I went on the same bc I had been on for 6-8 years and I was having 2 periods a month.  Called my doc, got a higher hormone pill and now I only get one every 2 months.  I have my annual this week so we'll see what he says about that.  I think its pretty normal though
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    Having the same period issues. Currently on the implant and a pill to see if it helps. So far, only moderate change (got 3 days period free). So incredibly frustrating. I'm hoping once I'm fully weaned from BF (in another month or so) everything will normalize 

  • @kmurdock925 Same here - I went on the same pill I had been on before once I was no longer able to BF. My annual isn't until September and I just hate calling the doctor's office with period/pill related questions. They always have me talk to a nurse and it always seems like she doesn't believe me when I tell her I've taken a negative pregnancy test.
    @FTM53 I'm glad I'm not alone! Kind of wish mine was BF related. Sadly I "dried up" 9 months ago...
    Good luck, Mommas!
  • My period has only been back for a couple months but it's the most annoying flow strength. Too heavy for a panty liner, too light for a light tampon. 
  • Any babies out there cut molars yet???  I think Elijah is working on some.  Man, this teething thing is nothing to mess around with!
  • I'm dreading molars :(
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    I'm not sure yet about molars. A few days ago, AJ was really fussy and pulling his ear and he's been wanting to eat everything and basically shoving it so far back into his mouth he chokes. The last two days he's been snotty and wanting to eat less and his cheeks were puffy this morning and he's more clingy and sleep is off. I'm hoping it's just teeth/molars and not a cold
  • I'm pretty positive Elise is getting her molars. Everything caused her to have an emotional break down yesterday. I felt in her mouth and it's super puffy. 
  • M is so "behind" in the teeth department! She's just starting to cut the first of her front top teeth. She's sitting at 2.1 teeth right now. Lol 
  • @holly142 - that sounds like a party I want to attend!
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    DH truly does not understand "teething". DS has had periods of fussy and drooly since 3mos and I have called it teething since it's a no brained that teeth are moving and his mouth hurts even though he only have 4 actual teeth. DH gets super mad anytime I say teething thinking I'm ignoring a serious issue. Especially since dr said he wasn't teething at 3 and 6mo appointments. 

    I keep eel saying that I HAD braces as an adult. I actively remember how 100% painful it was most of the time and not just after an adjustment, so even if his teeth aren't "cutting" they still are moving slowly down. And DS seems to cut teeth in pairs. His bottom two cut just 3 days apart and his top two less than a week. I'm betting he's going to get his eye teeth and molars in groups, too. 
  • @austinjl Ruby has her top two molars half cut, and her bottom two are super close. I can feel the points under the gums. It. Is. Miserable. She's a tough girl but this is breaking her. Girlfriend has ten teeth already, soon to be twelve. Beck is stuck at six but I'm pretty sure he's cutting two bottom teeth in addition to his molars getting ready, his gums are super puffy. I just don't know how to help my Ruby girl. All out tried and true teething relief methods are not cutting it for her molars. 
  • @LDSJM123 E also only has 2 teeth, and neither of them are fully grown in yet. She started cutting the first one at the end of May, so we're super behind.
  • Elijah doesn't like any of his teething toys but he does like to bite down on clothes or towels.  I guess that feels good?  Whatever works, weird baby!
  • Working on molars here too. One too left has come through and I can feel the others aren't far behind. We had a few painful days for that first one. SO NOT looking forward to the others. She's always had a healthy appetite but she wanted nothing to do with food!! And just appeared miserable with a fever. 
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    AJ is not into eating much either. Only really soft foods. 
  • S has been off lately and last night we found the source - a bump on her gums! But it's not the next tooth in line on the bottom, it's her molar?? Anyone else's LO have teeth growing "out of order"?
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    @HoneyBear40 I think AJs are coming in out of order. I think his molars are starting in, but his eye teeth are supposed to be next
  • @FTM53 I don't know if there is supposed to be an order but she only has 2 bottom teeth so in my mind it should be the one next to the bottom not a molar! Glad she's not the only one..
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