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  • @TiffRox81 I think it's just that we have less energy and time to deal with the BS once we have kids. Less patience for it. 
  • Yea I mean....be civil and stuff but it doesn't make sense to go out of your way anymore.  Bummer!  @tiffrox81
  • jomama1618jomama1618 member
    edited June 2017
    So, my cousin's baby mama (2nd kid together, not together. We love her like family though.) e-mailed today saying she was having a baby shower, and could we please let her know when would work for us to come.
    This sounds lovely in theory, but let me break it down for ya mommas! Immediately after reading this I see that she posted a status saying "If I have a baby shower, is anyone actually gonna show up? Cuz if no one's gonna come, like with *****(1st daughter) then I'm not even gonna bother!".
    Ok so, girlfriend is apparently throwing herself a baby shower. She's trying to schedule, plan and have a shower, in a month's time (or less).(Due early August) While catering to people's schedules. For a 2nd child that is the same gender (1st is 3 I believe), who already has all the clothes and stuff (except like diapers/wipes, lotion, baby wash etc). 
    (All of 1st child's clothes went to cousin's (step) sister's daughter (who is baby mama's best friend). So those, along with TONS of clothes (and all othe baby items) other cousin's daughter was given, will go to this new baby (all 3 are girls).
    So WHAT is the point of this shower? She even told 1 person gifts aren't necessary... 
    4 + hours, 1 way, in a car with a (will be)1yr old that doesn't really like car rides much. A couple hours for the shower then drive back. That's a whole lot of nope! (I think she feels like since she came to mine I should come to her's. Difference is I was driven all that way pregnant to have one there. Her drive was about 5 minutes)

    Sorry that was hella long
  • FTM53FTM53 member
    @joberkiser Yeah, that gets all my nopes. I agree with PP, send some diapers and be done with it. 
  • @TiffRox81 I'm also one who tosses invitations after the event, but I'd never tell someone that's what I did with it! So rude. If it was me that'd be the last straw and I'd cut off communication because it kind of sounds like she doesn't care, and you don't need that negativity because you and L are awesome!
  • LDSJM123LDSJM123 member
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    Money question! 

    We're going on vacation. 7 days of house/dog sitting. $150 seem too low? She's a college girl. Can come and go whenever but will be sleeping at our house at night. And we're leaving all the booze/food from M's party for her too (we leave the very next day after the party). She "doesn't care" how much we pay her. It's an easy gig as our dog is used to us not being home during the day, but don't want to come off as cheap. 
  • FTM53FTM53 member
    @LDSJM123 We did $40 for Friday night/Sat/Sun morning for a couple of neighborhood kids. I think $150 sounds fair for a week with food/booze 
  • jomama1618jomama1618 member
    edited June 2017
    @LDSJM123 That's approx, $22 a day, plus food/booze and and place to crash. That totally sounds fair to me!
  • @LDSJM123 As a pet sitter myself, I would charhe 250 for the week, but she is just a college kid plus you are throwing in food. I think it evens out. Maybe leave the 150 and include a tip? I used to get clients who did that a lot. 
  • babycakesdaybabycakesday member
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    @TiffRox81 So now that you mentioned your whole friend thing, I'm feeling like my friend only started talking to me because she wanted me to throw the shower. I can't get this put of my head now. 
  • @babycakesday I don't want to make any assumptions but she sure sounds like someone that could have some ulterior motives. Not being there for you, when you were in hard times...knowing what caring for a newborn is like...is pretty mean. And to bad mouth you later?! Then ask for a shower...Heck no! I'm glad you're not getting suckered into all of that. She sounds like someone that could use being put in her place. Who gives away virtually new items when you plan to have another baby?!?

    Thank you all for your kind words. It really means a lot! I've always thought I try to be a good friend but it's tough to believe when someone makes you feel bad about yourself! They have a busy next couple weeks traveling (without their kid, shocker) so we probably won't see them for a little while. We'll see how it goes. 
  • ^^^ I was wondering the same.  I'm all about a trip or 2 a year with just my husband and I. Or even solo for a girls trip or something. But I can't imagine doing it all the time. Maybe they have retired parents that offer? If my family was offering up to keep them all the time, maybe (?) I'd have a different tone. But that's just not our reality. Working out the logistics to be gone for a long period of time is challenging enough to make me need a vacation. 
  • It's insane. Yes, it's all made possible by the extensive amount of family they have readily available. Right now! Like I said, I think baby #2 is going to be a game changer. Baby #1 is growing up to be quite the pill...largely because she has zero consistency and structure. Each person that takes her has this "just survive the day" mentality so they really don't care about being real strict with her. It's staring to show, lol.

    Ironically she posted this flashback on FB today...I had to laugh. So yes, they've taken her on a couple family getaways...if other fam is present to help watch her. But anything else, nope! 

  • @HoneyBear40 - that is amazing. Did you take her up on it??
  • Anybody have tips on meal planning?  I try but...we still go out to eat too much.  Any tips are appreciated!
  • @LDSJM123 you are superwoman.

    I plan bi-weekly. It's easier in the summer because we aren't always at our place for dinner so I don't have to plan as much! I have a list of my veggie recipes and rotate those so we (almost) always have a veggie.

    I try to plan around what we already have in our apartment but that isn't always doable. I do have a few things I come back to again and again, but we love to try new recipes as well. I do at least one crockpot meal a week, DH cooks twice a week on the nights I work, and I always need something quick once a week when he has his work volleyball league. I have my Pinterest separated into types of meals so I know right where to go if I want soup, a specific meat dish, crockpot, one pot etc. I love doing meal planning but it can be a lot of work! It makes grocery shopping so much easier, and we've found we spend a lot less when we know ahead of time what we're making for those 2 weeks.
  • I have a Pinterest board "Recipes to Try", "Recipes that worked" and "Pinterest Fails". I try a new recipe every week. If it turns out well, I print it out for my binder of recipes. 

    Every week, I choose 1 new recipe plus 4 recipes from my binder, we eat leftovers 1 night and eat out 1 night. 

    I usually dont don't look forward to meal planning. However since we've been eating out so much as we remodeled and moved, I'm looking forward to lots of healthy home cooked meals! But first I need a kitchen sink installed. Plus the dishwasher and counters would be helpful! 
  • Thanks ladies!!!!
  • @austinjl We're guilty of always going out also. I usually spend saturday nights planning out meals. We do two vegetarian nights, and go out on satursays plus a taco tuesday so it ends up being easy. 

    But I'm also guilty of forgetting to defrost meat for the next day. 
  • @babycakesday That's me with the meat. I'll buy ingredients I need for something but forget to defrost the meat and then end up getting takeout instead and then the ingredients go bad in the fridge and I just end up throwing away food. Every time! 
  • FTM53FTM53 member
    @babycakesday @jennyleigh16 I always used to have that issue. Now I do two things: 1) I have defrost meat as part of my nightly routine (set up coffee pot, let the dog out, start dishwasher, defrost meat). 2) When I buy it, i rebag it into portions I need. Then if I really DO forget about it, it's in a smaller portion and will defrost faster in some lukewarm water. 
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