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  • @winnie1122 there are dog walkers that come over....my girlfriend had her LO in December.  She hired someone come over a few times a week to let her extremely active hound, Porter out to both walk and play. It did a world of difference! Not sure what site but its like a care.com for pets. Their clientel consists of stay at home mom & dads of all different reasons and you're paying them to work so NO JUDGING on their part. We commend you and you shouldn't feel the least bit guilty or bad you dog is getting out! You are looking for a solution where some ppl wouldn't and give up!
    My female frenchie has been struggling with LO a bit and guards her toys and food and craves our attention. Our solution, we pick up her toys when he is around crawling so she doesn't feel nervous to want to guard, feed her when LO goes to bed for the night and play with just her so she knows she is still part of the family! 
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  • I could definitely ask around for kids on break, that might be a good solution. This dog has endless energy though, so I can throw the frisbee until she is seriously on the verge of passing out and she still won't give up, and once she cools off she's ready to go full speed again within 10 min. She is 8 or 9 (not sure since we got her from a shelter) and hasn't slowed down one bit since we got her 7 years ago. Here's a picture from this morning after I tried tethering her so she wouldn't get dognapped. I clipped the line to the fence since it was the only place in the yard I could clip it to, but I didn't think this was a spot she could jump. Apparently she really can jump out anywhere on our fence. And it is not hot yet, she had only been out for maybe 20 minutes at this point so it's further proof she only jumps because it's fun. 
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  • winnie1122 - she is super cute :)  I feel like i've heard that dogs are less likely to jump things if they can't see through them.  Maybe you can get something (outdoor fabric?  I dunno...) to cover the fence line?  When you're in the yard with her does she act like she wants to jump?  Maybe reward her with something extra valuable to her (ham, eggs, not dog food or dog treats) when she is near the fence but not jumping.
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  • @john5111 Will has eczema and I really like the Aveeno baby oatmeal soak. You just mix half the packet in the bath and let them soak for 10-15 mins. It always works when his eczema gets bad or if he has a slight diaper rash.Aveeno has a whole line of baby eczema products.  I like the nighttime balm too. 
  • Starting to feel stressed out about the first bday party on Saturday....also there's a storm cloud in the forecast
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    @winnie1122 our 75 lb German shepherd is also a huge attention whore. Since DS she has gotten sbit more annoying with the barking and whining and has started digging in the yard. I'd try a morning and even walk (great for LO and you, too), some brain toys, and higher a kid or someone to come play and extra walks throughout the week. There is no judgment. I have a neighborhood kid who just adores my dog and they watch her while we're out of town. 

    Training really tires their brains out. You could keep snacks in bowls on the counter in a few rooms and whenever you're there you take 1-2 mini to work on a new trick or command. 

    Also realize that LO will get used to the dog and learn to watch for the tail just like the dog will get used to the baby and watch for her. My dog is an oaf...she just runs into things. She's learned to be gentler around the baby, but DS has been pushed over and jumped over a few times too. Now when the dog is bugging DS, he just pushes her away and "yells" at her. 


    @austinjl...you got this! It will be amazing (and if it rains, then it becomes a wet play day)
  • Omg!!! First haircut!! So cute!
  • Congrats @winnie1122 !   We've done health insurance through the healthcare.gov website when my husband was transitioning jobs.  But maybe check with your state too! 
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    @winnie1122 congratulations!!
  • @winnie1122 Congratulations!! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you and your family. 

    Sorry I cant be of any help with the medical question. 
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     1) Congrats!!
    2) You should be able to get onto Medicaid for all prenatal and L&D care. I'd call your state Medicaid office and ask. They can be a pain in the ass to deal with, but will be worth it
  • A guy at work (who's WAY out there!) announced to everyone his wife is 7 week pregnant. Eeks! My heart dropped when he said it. They've been married for 10 years and this is the first pregnancy to stick this long (his words). Now he won't stop doing research and telling us what he wants his wife to do. Is taking the baby home with the placenta still attached a thing?? Apparently he told one girl in the office that they cannot cut the cord without authorization just like they can't circumcise without consent and he wants to take the baby home, placenta and all and let it fall off naturally. WTF??
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    @HoneyBear40 I've actually heard of that. My opinion, it's gross and waaaay to back to nature, but to each his own, and it IS in deed a "thing".  If wife is obliged to it, they'll have to look for a place that allows it. Most hospitals won't. It would need to be a stand alone birthing center or home birth with a midwife who's on board. But 7 weeks is REALLY early to be telling the world. Especially for someone with a history of multiple miscarriages. I hope everything works out for them. And that he calms down off the crunchiness. 

  • @HoneyBear40 It's called a "lotus birth" and it is super in right now. I've seen videos on it and to me it's a little... much. I also haven't seen a whole lot of science on how it would be helpful. Since I had twins, I didn't have the option of delayed cord clamping or anything, so alternative birth methods are interesting to me. 
  • I've heard of that too! No judgment to anyone who chooses it, but the "stump" alone was enough work for me (even just to look at). I couldn't wait until that thing fell off. We did do delayed clamping until the cord stopped pulsing though...
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    DS has been exceptionally clingy today. He'll play by himself just fine as long as he's in my lap or sitting right next to me touching me. If I get up to do anything, he starts crying. It's nap time and he's currently SCREAMING cause I put him in his crib (not normal for him). I'm so on touch overload and DH is coming home in a few hours from being gone for a week, so I know he's touch deprived. This morning has been rough
  • Elijah has been super clingy too the past few days.  I feel bad for him but I also want some space too!  Hope your afternoon goes better @FTM53
  • Yep, @FTM53, we're going through that too. Super super clingy. Another leap maybe?!? I'm hoping her new found walking discovery helps. 
  • Speaking of walking, today I found myself wishing he could walk more easily on his own because he is getting SO HEAVY!!! I was running errands with him this morning and it was such a workout, haha. He is getting braver and braver with walking, but we still have a ways to go before he doesn't need to be carried in public. 
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  • Elise can walk on her own well enough, but she will not come when I call her and wanders off sometimes. I really don't think she understands because I tried training her but after almost a month she still doesn't get it! I don't let her walk by herself in public yet for that reason. I'm hoping soon!!
  • @LDSJM123 i wish her grandparents would stop buying her stuff. This was our goal too. I envy your accomplishment. 
  • yup...we are def in leap 8...full force
  • @FTM53 @shanparadise @kburg15 - I'm glad you ladies had heard of it! No one in our office had and it is just a little too extreme for most of us. I really doubt our small town hospitals will let something like that happen but we'll see. I don't think there's a birthing center anywhere close...
  • To continue with the ranting, feel free to tell me if I'm being petty, reading too much into this....or on point.

    Some background: My husband has a college best friend that we've been close to. We've always done lots with he and his wife. Anyway, fast forward - things seem to have changed, and I really cannot figure out what it is. Heather offered to help throw my shower, which was super nice and I was incredibly grateful. But after L came along, I'm *thinking* she expected we'd be like them, and leave our kid at the drop of a dime for nights out, vacations, etc. Well it's just not possible. We don't have a black book of family to call on like they do. Shockingly our friends without kids have been more understanding of our new life than our friends with kids, so we've gradually shifted our friend circle some. By last fall I'd say, things really got different. If she texted me at all, it was short to the point texts. We pretty much only hang out now within a group setting. My husband meets Rob for lunch, or beers to maintain their friendship. Half the time I don't even want to go to the group gatherings, but I do for the sake of my husband. I think I always do a really good job at socializing while I'm there. I'm pretty sure the other ladies in that group would be shocked to hear how I feel!

    Now on to the birthday. This was kind of my last straw - she texted that morning and asked what time the party is, because she (I quote) threw away the invitation. Could you have said you misplaced it? Could you have said Zoe drew on it? Your dog ate it? Anything would have sounded nicer than you threw it away!! I wrote back 12pm. That was it. So then she said they'd come early, because they were bringing an extra EZ Up for us. They showed up at 12:30. Whatever. I had already made the decision that there would be enough people there that I could use to pass my chat time....I didn't have to spend much effort making uncomfortable small talk with her. They got L some light up picnic basket toy and wrote on the fold up card attached to the gift bag from Zoe. We've always really put a lot of thought into gifts for Zoe, and the cards because they're important to us! So there was that, too. 

    After most people left, I kind of exploded and told my sister and one of my other BF's that knows them the background and asked their opinion. Everyone thought the invite thing was pretty low. I mean it was clearly intentional that she said what she said. I asked them for some advice on what to do - Do I talk to her and be like what's your problem? Do I just keep "letting it go"?  My sister kind of said, it is what it is. Sadly friendships change over time, even the ones you make later in life. And I'm certain she's right. It doesn't have to change my husband's friendship with Rob, but I certainly won't be initiating any couple crap any time soon. She's pregnant with baby #2. She hardly knows how to parent one child "full-time" so can't wait to see how she takes on two. Especially when their endless list of sitters isn't as willing because two is more work than the one.

    Anyway, I just feel stuck between a rock and a hard place with her. Since this has all begun, I've tried each time to treat her as if there's nothing wrong and kill her with kindness, but I'm kind of done at this point. I'd love to think I'm making something out of nothing, but I don't think I am. I mean I wouldn't sense all the hostility if it weren't there, right?!
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