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Let's talk NURSERY!


Re: Let's talk NURSERY!

  • @beary67 Awww, what a precious nursery for your twins! You did an amazing job- way to rock it!
  • @leilagphillips I wonder if you should paint the ceiling with a white paint in a satin or eggshell finish? Make it less porous and more washable? 

    Our goats kick up a lot of dust in the backyard, so I have taken some precautions with the rooms that have windows onto the back

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  • @amber_waves Yeah, I was hoping we could avoid painting it just because it's a pain, but that might be the best option.
  • @leilagphillips I think they make ceiling paint for bathrooms now that comes with anti-mold properties. That might help too. 
  • Oh my lord, that nursery is amazing! @beary67
  • @beary67 love the nursery. Where did you get the hamper? 
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  • @dkizz82 We got it online from Home Depot!

    Amazon has the same one, but it's about $15 or so more.  
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  • @ShyTonia Great job on the mirror and the dresser. I love the idea of adding legs!
  • @muskratbaby Nice!! I'm so nervous to put up our decal, I feel like I'm going to screw it up!
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  • @ShyTonia I love how thrifty and creative you are - I'm the same way! Our powder room mirror was thrifted and painted, along with so many other things in our house. I actually painted the canvas prints in the nursery myself with art supplies my MIL got me for xmas last year. Also, I'm loving the owls in your nursery!! My sister is owl-crazy, so I've adopted a fondness for them. 

    @djd0404 If you have a big decal, I recommend recruiting some help to hold it up and find just the right placement. DH was busy with our bathroom remodel, so he couldn't help me with placement, but the decal we got wasn't too big or painful to install since all the little stars were separate and I could pick where I wanted them to go one by one. The moon was just a little trickier because I wasn't sure what height and angle I wanted it at, so I started with just a little of the paper peeled back and stuck it in one spot and then I moved it a couple times before peeling off the rest of the paper and fully sticking it to the wall. 
  • @muskratbaby thanks!  I always loved crafting since I was little so much so that actually opened a business up two years ago for custom home decor! My main product that I sell are sailboats made out of driftwood! I live right on the water/ by the beach so it’s really big in my area. Also things made out of recycled pallet ;) 
    I LOVE owls and having a baby girl has given me the perfect excuse to really get into to them. Lol all my friends say they see owls everywhere now. So much owl stuff. 

    I love that moon decal!
  • @collectiveliving Looks good!  We went for similar colors and I think that's the same chair we got too!  I really like it.

    I'm waiting to post mine once more is done.  I ordered all the wall decor from etsy almost two weeks ago and it's been slowly trickling in.  This weekend we're painting and hanging the shelves, and want to have a lot done before H's family stops by on Sunday so we can be like, "Ta da!" (Since it's completely transformed from the guest room where they would sleep).
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  • That is beautiful, very relaxing.
  • breezybee said:
    I've got some Nursery room inspo here. If it's boys, we'll do Blue/greens instead of blush pinks, but overall, it'll be the same for either gender. 

    this is so beautiful, very relaxing
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