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Let's talk NURSERY!


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  • @vvitchhazel so are you going to have two cribs? 
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    @jlemons-2, we have 2 cribs. They're both convertible so should last the life of our kids. We will end up with 3 cribs altogether.
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  • @jlemons-2 Yes and no. The crib DD has transitions into a toddler bed. LO will be in a crib in our room, but we're not buying a second one. I have a friend who is done having babies and we're taking hers until her brother has kids... But he doesn't even have a girlfriend yet, so we're fine. 
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  • NME44NME44 member
    Is $100 that much for a crib mattress? I feel like that's what we spent on just a standard mattress.
  • @NME44 You can definitely get a crib mattress at Walmart or Target for less than $100. It's the chemical free, fancy cotton, etc. kind that get really expensive. 
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    @stillclever17, I googled what we got. It's a sealy from babies r us that flips to a softer surface for toddlers. I guess it was $80. Not fancy cotton or chemical free, though. 

    @jekasi, no, we used our nursery for both babies. My son went to his room for nighttime sleeping at 8 weeks and was almost immediately sleeping through the night. Having him in our room caused us to wake him more than he would have naturally woken on his own. My daughter also went into her room at 8ish weeks, but she didn't sttn until closer to 5 or 6 months.
  • @jekasi so cute! We also used our nursery a lot--did most diaper changes in there (still do) and DD started sleeping in there at 4 weeks. We debated letting the new LO have the nursery and moving DD, but we decided to let her keep it and make the other room LO's. DD will likely still be in a crib (16.5 months) when LO is born and we don't want to disrupt her too much. 

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    @jekasi we have that same crib/dresser for DD. I love it :) The monsters inc theme is super cute too! 
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  • I'd love opinions from STM (or TTM, etc.) on sharing rooms. We have a 3 bed 1 bath (soon to add a 2nd bath!), but I'd like to keep my guest room/sewing room as is (at least for a while).

    Thinking about having baby take over the crib and getting a lofted bed with storage underneath for DD (she'll be three-ish by the time baby will need the crib).

    Is that crazy or should I just get DD a twin + trundle bed (one of the ones that makes a king when it is extended) in the guest room and kick her out when we have guests? The main guest we host is my MIL. Also, this baby is a girl, too, if that informs any opinions. Also, DD started sleeping in her room early (like 2-3 months old), so that might happen again...(although might not!)

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  • @lavashiner Im not a STM, but I would recommended having the girls share a bedroom.  It just seems like the easiest solution for you. 
  • DD already offered to share her room with the baby.  She is so sweet..but we will see how it all actually works out!  The baby will probably sleep in our room for the first couple of months but we will set the nursery up as a shared room.

    For DD we had an origami themed room.  I had origami fabric I sewed curtains, pillow covers, and crib bedding out of.  We made an origami mobile which is still hanging in there actually.  DD now has a jenny lind bed which is totally precious, but we will have to move it to the opposite wall when we bring the crib back in there.  a little rearranging but it will be cute I think!

    When we get into a bigger house I'd like this next baby's room to be constellation themed.  Not over the top space themed pinterest-like, but something with cute sheets, curtains, etc.

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    @lavashiner, I won't have my kids share a room yet bc, quite frankly, they would never sleep. Either a crying baby would wake up the toddler, or if my two big kids were in the same room together, they would chat and play and have a grand ole time. I would just consider that when thinking about moving a baby in with the 3 year old; will the baby keep her up all night? 

    I would think moving your daughter into a room with a trundle and kicking her out for guests is the best decision. Or, you could have the baby sleep in your room for a longer period of time. This time our baby will share our room for a year, I predict. (The others slept in their nurseries starting at 2 months.)
  • Thanks, @NME44! The possibility of the baby keeping the toddler up worries my husband, too, but DD is a great sleeper! I think we'll have baby in our room for longer, too, and we might make the decision based on how both of them are sleeping when the time comes...
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  • I'm one of the few who will NOT have a nursery. I think they are fun to plan/decorate and all of the themes and colors are freaking adorable.
    However, a nursery isn't very practical for our family. I have always kept baby in our room until they sleep thru the night. I like the convenience of just walking 3 feet to the crib/bassinet for midnight feedings. And then I always just move baby into the shared room with older siblings.
  • Well, DH and I have already been really excited about getting the baby's room done so we already have most of it done! There is no crib yet, we should have it by the end of the month. I will tell you the #1 thing that I bought for decorating and ABSOLUTELY am in love with......"removable wallpaper". This stuff is basically like the wall decals. It just sticks up on the wall and you can take it right now. I was able to even undo it and repositon it on the wall as needed. It turned out AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so much easier than painting, and everyone is amazed with it. HIGHLY recommend for anyone looking for that extra something. I will try to load some pics (I'm not very good on this site). 

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    @eazybreezy225 I won't have a. Urseru this time around either (#3).  I am still torn on what to do.  So I set up a crib in my sons (larger) room and have him sleep with my daughter (trundle).  Do I wait to find out what he/she is then put the baby in the gender specific room and bunk the other two? I do think baby will stay in my room until schools out in June to keep consistency for the kids.  We'll see!  
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  • What furniture colors go best with gray walls?  We trendily gray-ified the room earmarked for nursery purposes way back when we moved in, but I can't figure out what would look good besides white furniture.  Which is fine if we are having a girl, but I just can't picture white furniture in a boy's room.  Black maybe?  Or should we just repaint altogether?

    Blerg.  I feel like I'm spinning my wheels for another month before I can buy or register for anything! C'monnnnn anatomy scan! 
  • @elcd458 - We have a gray living room with dark brown furniture and I think it works.  I think you need to go dark brown - a medium brown looks funny (to me).  

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  • anyone doing a combined home office/ nursery? lol
  • @elcd458 Anything works with gray. All of the walls in our house are gray, and we've got every color furniture - white, espresso, wood. But my favorite is reclaimed wood with gray. It looks so good. Maybe try a light wood or rustic wood if you're not down with the dark brown ;)
  • @elcd458 we were going with white bedding if it were a boy. It don't think it matters. I can't think of another color that would look good either. Maybe reds? 
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  • @elcd458 Everything goes with grey! I especially like white and reclaimed wood with it.

    Colourwise I've spotted some cute rooms online with teal, pink, yellow or(and) orange pops of colour.
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  • NME44NME44 member
    Our babe will just sleep in our room for an indeterminate amount of time. We bought a mini-crib today and figured out dimensions of furniture that will go in there. Coincidentally, we've decided that the "changing table" will just be a bookcase we already have in the room. 

    @jackiesmom324, if you count our desk and computer being in our bedroom along with the crib as a "home office," then yes, we're combining all three  :#
  • @Mandayno did you get your decor at Hobby Lobby
  • @jlemons-2 yes I did!! All 50% off that day!! 

  • @jlemons-2 yes I did!! All 50% off that

  • I thought so! I'm obsessed with that store!
  • So I was way behind the ball on this knowledge, but they have an app and there's weekly coupons on there!!! 

  • I did not know that either. I'm going to download it now. Thanks!
  • @elcd458  I'm going with gray walls, white furniture and pops of teal.  We're having a girl, but I want to keep it gender neutral for hopefully next time.  Gray goes with anything....which may be why my entire closet is gray/black.  Love the neutral colors!  ;)
  • atackatack member
    What would you do?  

    We have three bedrooms.  My almost 6 year old has her own room and my son (4.5) has his own room.  His room is large enough I can fit a crib and another dresser and the changing table.  She's so upset thinking if it's a girl it will go in her room and a boy will stay in her brothers.  We are team green!  

    So, baby will stay in my room mostly until June (when school is out) but I want a place for clothes and changing table and naps.  Needless to say I wa a planning on setting up a mini nursery within my son's room (in the corner).  I almost could separate with a little wall curtain or something?  

    Does anyone else else have another idea?  Also I hate his oak wood furniture but he as our second and we were given it all and I glad you took it.  It's cute for him.  However can I blend a different furniture type and make it flow?
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  • @mrsorigami is that a lock? As in, lock the drawers bc my kid changes clothes 15 times a day or pulls them all out of the dresser? Neat! I need one for my 8yo.
  • I am SO excited to (hopefully) find out the sex at our A/S tomorrow. We aren't painting and won't even do a theme, so it won't be super gendered, but we currently have three pieces of art that we'll hang regardless of sex. I'm not ready to commit to where they go until we have more, and I don't want to buy more until we know. Also we have a couple of crib sheets, one being white/navy/turquoise with anchors and whales, one with gray/cream sheep. I'll probably register for at least one 'girly' one if it's a girl. And I might register for a bedding set for when LO is older and can have a blanket in there.
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  • kyrwynkyrwyn member
    I'm excited that we sort of have nursery colors and a theme now... The walls are already very lightly grey, and I've been drawn to navy and grey/white neutrals and elephants, with bright accent colors to liven things up here and there. I got these three plank cut outs for nursery wall art:
    I think they're perfect!  And if I end up feeling they are too "bland" then I have quite the collection of fat quarters and a staple gun I can use to spice up the cut out's negative space with bright colors. 
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