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I'm just here for the sex..


Re: I'm just here for the sex..

  • atackatack member
    I want a girl - I think it's natural to have a preference! I have one of each and if it's a boy I will be totally fine.  My son is totally a mama's boy.    This pregnancy was unexpected, not planned and totally a surprise - so really the gender doesn't matter, but I still am hoping for Girl - Boy - Girl!

    @GraysonsMama I feel ya! I'm hoping DH will stay team green for me!
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  • @vvitchhazel Congratulations! 

    @GraysonsMama I love being team Green with my 1st! 
  • dkizz82dkizz82 member
    @babytime24 congratulations!
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  • Well the wait is on!! Hehe just had my blood work drawn and should know in 7-10 business days :)
  • @dkizz82  Thank you!!

    @Knottie0956840   They told me it would take 14 business days, but it only took four!
  • is it ridiculous that 1 of the many reasons i'd love a girl is so i can have fun with disney princess related things (decor, toys, even clothes) lol
    Me: 31  DH: 32      <3 DH since 12.2009       Married 08.2013       EDD 12.2017
  • @AMCsquared that's awesome. :)

     We've starting telling people and it's the first question they ask, are we finding out gender? My response is helllll YES we are! Lol 
    My side of the family hasn't had a boy since my 12 year nephew. And since then 4 nieces! So a boy would be a nice switch up. And I grew up with 4 older brothers so I love the whole big brother idea. 
    On the other hand my hubbys side of the family is ALL boys, so a girl would be awesome for that reason! Soooo we will see!
  • @AMCsquared um yes. I want someone to share Disney princess stuff with. BUT luckily I have two awesome little boys who will dance and sing moana with me whenever I want lol

    @ShyTonia that's exactly how it was for me and my DH, I am from a family of all girls. I only have sisters, and so does my mom. But my husband is one of four boys, his dad is one of six boys, and so far there have only been grandsons. I LOVE little boys, but a girl would be nice :)
  • I mean really I'm almost 32 and I use a beauty and the beast pillow case lol so can u imagine the fun I'd have? I hate feeling so drawn to one side :/
    Me: 31  DH: 32      <3 DH since 12.2009       Married 08.2013       EDD 12.2017
  • UO, probably... I, other the other side, am hoping to shelter my daughter's (OMG plural SQUEE!) from princess stuff. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Disney fiend... But I don't like the princessy thing. It's so different now than it was when I was little and I think it's kind of gross. Then again, the little TV my 16 month old DOES watch consists of Adventure Time and Gravity Falls.
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  • It's funny, DH is actually WAY more into Disney (both the films and the world) than I am. He actually walked out in the middle of the recent Beauty and the Beast film because in his words, "It was ruining the original for me!" lol. His family took many trips to Disney World when he was growing up so it's all just very nostalgic for him. I have a few favorite movies and enjoy most of the more recent animated films, but overall don't feel as attached to Disney stuff as he does. But, he's also an engineer and super into dinosaurs, so I feel like our kids will get a good mix of princess and nerd haha.   

  • @AMCsquared those are my two favorite classics as well!
  • dkizz82dkizz82 member
    @AMCsquared Belle is my favorite. 
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  • I can't find out til July 18th which seems so far away! we were team green with out first and we ended with a boy, we are both really wanting a girl this time! My husband wants to find out and not tell anyone but there is no way I can do that so we will find out and then just have our parents over for supper to tell them! 
  • Yesssssss. @dkizz82 @leilagphillips it's totally terrible but I think I'll cry if I don't get to reexperience them. Dammit gender norms and related activities/toys etc.
    Me: 31  DH: 32      <3 DH since 12.2009       Married 08.2013       EDD 12.2017
  • on the sex topic... i'm wondering if i should not allow my DH to come to whatever appointment (16/20 week) that will determine the sex. bc he CANT KEEP A SECRET. he proved it with our pregnancy news so how would he suddenly be able to keep his mouth shut on the sex? hmmm. i dont want him taking my fun out of that.
    Me: 31  DH: 32      <3 DH since 12.2009       Married 08.2013       EDD 12.2017
  • @eazybreezy225 OMG!!!! That just makes me so excited for you guys!!!
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  • @eazybreezy225 that just made me smile. Congrats I'm happy for you :)
  • @eazybreezy225 Woooo! Congratulations!
  • Yayyy @eazybreezy225 that's awesome. How diD SO react? 
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    | FSH 13.2 
    Oct. 2016: Clomid + TI
    IVF: ER 3/1/17; 5 retrieved, 3 mature & fertilized
    Results: 2 PGS normal embryos
    Planned on August 2017 transfer
    Natural BFP 4/3/17,Expecting baby boy via RCS 12/7/17

  • Marley629 said:
    Yayyy @eazybreezy225 that's awesome. How diD SO react? 
    Like a kid in a candy store! Lol
  • @eazybreezy225 so awesome!! Congrats!
  • @flowerpower5838 more power to you! Lol  <3
  • dkizz82dkizz82 member
    @AMCsquared pee on the draino. Haha 
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  • Hahaha I did do the baking soda one lol. I had also forced my previously pregnant friends to do it over the years 
    Me: 31  DH: 32      <3 DH since 12.2009       Married 08.2013       EDD 12.2017
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