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Tuesday Ticker Change 4/18

How far along are you?

How big is baby?

Any appointments this week?



GTKY: what's one of your most memorable birthdays? 


How old is baby?

Any appointments/updates for baby or mom this week?



GTKY: what's one of your most memorable birthdays?

#1 DD Aug 2014 @39weeks via CS

#2 Due May 2,2017 hopeful VBAC

Re: Tuesday Ticker Change 4/18

  • @MrsFox2008 Have you and your DH been together since 16?
    @slowmo New Orleans for 21st sounds awesome!
    @emilyalso 30th (or any birthday) in NYC sounds like a blast! Only been twice, but always had such a wonderful time! 
    @L1C4gal Oh jeez! I would also be very nervous if someone informed me of that worst case scenario. I hope when you go next week they are able to give you more peace of mind. 
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  • @slowmo that's awesome your mom joined you and then called off! 

    @MrsCPALeslie definitely get yourself some stool softener :) 

    @lilylover27 thanks! All went well. I get the cramps too but they are very short lived! 

    @emilyalso your 30th sounded like a blast! 

    @L1C4gal thanks! Yes it's fun looking back and talking about all the memories we have together :) I'm sorry you got that news, I haven't had to deal with that but I can imagine its scary. 

    @Louise_Belcher you're one busy lady this week with appointments! I hope they all go well!! DH and I have been together since I was 15 and I have known him since I was 14 :) 

    @Kipperoo I'm glad to hear from you! Also glad she's getting back to her birth weight. I think it's great you're taking time to take care of yourself. I really need to remember that this time around :) 

    #1 DD Aug 2014 @39weeks via CS

    #2 Due May 2,2017 hopeful VBAC

  • SWE2SWE2
    500 Love Its 100 Comments Second Anniversary Name Dropper
    Wow what fun birthdays! 

    @MrsCPALeslie I have been taking fiber gummies and those help immensely! If I don't take them I am so backed up. 

    @lilylover27 those cramping sensations are Braxton hicks. Mine started last weekend. 

    @emilyalso oh man you only puked once!!!! Sooo jealous of you I was a puking machine from 5-6 weeks until 28-29 weeks. So. Much. Puking. 

    @L1C4gal wow! What a rollercoaster you are on. Scary that they give you both best case and worst case scenario. I hope everything goes smoothly and that you are in good hands with your hospital staff. 

    @Louise_Belcher tell me about this peanut butter. I live in Indiana... also what a fun birthday! 

    @Kipperoo  glad your check up went well. That's one thing being a STM has over FTM, you know what to expect and what to do differently. 

    @CherryBananas woo hoo for sleeping and getting stitches out. Means it's almost baby time! Also DAMN girl what an awesome H you have! That sounds like an awesome way to celebrate your birthday! 

    How far along are you? 35 weeks

    How big is baby? Pineapple! Or bunny

    Any appointments this week? Had a regular check up today.  Baby is still head down which I'm happy to hear otherwise just slow and uneventful 

    Symptoms? Starting to get Braxton hicks and had some back pain but otherwise same SPD, peeing all the time etc. 

    Rants/Raves/Questions? None 

    GTKY: what's one of your most memorable birthdays? I have a lot of fun on my birthday. In college we combined a couple friends and had a "you honk we drink" party at the end of the semester which was fun for my 22nd. For my 25th we had a party bus take us around Grand Rapids. I think we will do a belated 30th as it's in 2 weeks and I can't get around much nor drink and we will do another party bus or one of those dinner river cruises with a DJ in a Chicago. 
  • @Louise_Belcher We ordered PB from them for our family at Christmas. We ordered 3 for ourselves too, SO GOOD!
  • @nda_roxybabe OMG! No way! How did you hear about it?

    @SWE2 It is basically candy/peanut butter that you eat with a spoon. The types that my mom got us are Dream Big (White Chocolate Pretzel, Go Lucky (Chocolate Toffee), and So Happy Together (Snickerdoodle Popcorn). I found it when DH and I worked for Purdue and played hookie to Indianapolis for the day. It was at a little shop there called Goose the Market. They have a list of places on their website that they sell the peanut butter and they sell it online. It is worth a look! Be warned that it is addictive :)
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  • Checking while my son watches a movie (mom of the year over here).

    @MrsFox2008 - Aww! High school sweethearts?

    @MrsCPALeslie - I second all the Colace recommendations. I've taken it off and on this pregnancy, and it has helped a lot.

    @lilylover27 - I'm starting to get a little cramping on occasion. Nothing crazy, but enough to put me on edge!

    @emilyalso - Four shows, wow! I lived there nearly a decade and saw maybe three?

    @L1C4gal - That's a lot of scary info all at once. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and that the U/S shows improvement.

    @Louise_Belcher - Good luck at all your appointments! Hope the chiro keeps working magic!

    @Kipperoo - Glad baby is doing so well! And good job making self-care a priority. Sooo important.

    @CherryBananas - Your birthday trip sounds amazing. I would kill to stick my toes in the ocean right now.

    @SWE2 - Your birthdays sound awesome! I hope you're able to do something fun for 30. 

  • @Kipperoo - DS is only 17 months old, but I feel like I have already forgotten so much of what it was like when he was brand new. Reading your post, I now remember how hard it was just to keep him awake long enough to eat! 

    @SWE2 - I was definitely not trying to brag! I have ALL OF THE SYMPATHY for women who are sick during pregnancy and know that I have lucked out. I really just wanted to demonstrate how much I truly loathe the throat mucus stuff. 

    @slowmo - I basically plan trips to the city around how many shows I can see. I'm nutzo for the theater! 
  • @Louise_Belcher H heard it about it on a podcast! I liked the chocolate cherry one, snickerdoodle, and white chocolate popcorn.
  • Yeah, my DH is not the type of guy to make big, grand, romantic gestures (maybe one day I'll tell you about how he proposed lol) so that was really special for me that he even thought to do something like that. 
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  • @mrsrep123 - Yay for scheduling your last shift! 
  • @mrsrep123 I hear you on the swollen ankles. My feet and ankles are so swollen, even my compression socks aren't helping. None of my shoes fit and it sucks.
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