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Anatomy Scans

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Here we will chat all things A/S related! If you've already had yours, let's hear how it went. If you haven't but have any questions, comments, or concerns, fire away!

Oh and I almost forgot, pictures too!! 

Re: Anatomy Scans

  • mrs_tacos said:
    Our A/S is 11 days away! I'm so excited to see the baby again, and get 100% confirmation he's a boy. I've already mentioned this, but if that 10% chance comes true and baby is a girl, it's going to take me awhile to wrap my head around that. I think I might even feel a little grief for the son I thought I was having. 
    And I think that would be completely normal! Dont let yourself stress about it though, okay? Hugs, Tacos. <3
  • @MrsVP614 I think the techs are usually pretty good at knowing when to have you turn away from the screen. That said, sometimes things happen. My SIL said that when she did the A/S with my nephew, the very first thing that came up on the screen was his penis. Like, he was positioned just right to say, "Hi, y'all, I'm a boy." The tech was surprised and told her that they usually try to save that particular angle for the end. SIL thought it was funny, but she wasn't team green. 

    I would just tell the tech I didn't want to know and remind her before she gets to the potty shot. 


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  • lilpootslilpoots
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    @jena333-2 low lying placenta is pretty common around 20 weeks, but is very likely to move out of the way soon. I agree that your spotting is probably related to that. Luckily you have the vast majority of uterine growth ahead of you.

    Eta: I am still thinking good thoughts for you that everything looks great at your next scan
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    @LaceyC1020  That's awesome that she cooperated so well! Was there a reason your Dr wanted to do the AS so early? 

    My A/S is a week from today... I go back and forth  between excited and nervous. Just 100% ready for it to be here!
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  • Our AS isn't until May 2nd. I will be 21+2 then. I hate that they scheduled it so late, but the MFM's office will not do any AS earlier than a minimum of 20 weeks. I am so ready for it! Poor DH got all excited and though the AS was at this next appointment on Wednesday. He is still holding out hope the US tech was wrong when she said girl. Lol
  • @JNR6510 mines May 2nd too!! I'll be 21+4! (: 
  • @HollyGolightly09 Not that I'm aware of..unless it was because of my history. TW--our first had major development problems.

    I was also experiencing a lot of spotting early on and a subchorionic hematoma so that could be why too.
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  • Team green, as well. We were last time and just reminded the tech to not say anything. She warned us when they were doing anything near what may reveal the sex. 
  • Team AS on May 2, too! I'll be 21 weeks by then.
  • Won't have my AS until the second week of May and the wait is killing me!! We haven't seen LO since my 8 week u/s and I'm dying to know the sex so I can start shopping/decorating  :)
  • @hmclaren I'm due at the end of the month, so I won't have my AS until May 10th. Are you in the UK? Just asking, because your last US was so long ago.
  • @lilpoots No I'm in the US! I guess I'm considered low risk so my Dr. typically only does ultrasounds a few times throughout the pregnancy. We had the first at 8 weeks, then heard the heartbeat on the doppler at 12 weeks, I had a quick checkup this week at 16 and then AS at 20.
  • @hmclaren my doctor does the same! I'm low risk as well and we got a dating ultrasound, hb at 12 weeks with the doppler (every appt after 12 we hear the hb) and our AS at 19. Given there are no issues later, our AS is the last ultrasound from my doctor. But I'm too impatient to see baby again and I'll get at least 1 more elective before he's born!
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  • I am at 16w6 and have not had my scheduled. My next dr appointment is April 27. I am anxious to see my little one and see everything is good. 
  • We just scheduled our AS for next Friday I'll be exactly 20 weeks! Our last scan was actually just yesterday and they told us 90% sure it's a girl. FTM here so I'm still not sure how to take the whole 90% thing, lol. I know they can't be 100% sure but should they be able to tell 100% at the AS or if anything like 95%/99%?
  • I had my scan done Tuesday but it was a surprise for our reveal party we had yesterday so we didn't actually get to see the picture until yesterday. When we went into to do the scan she asked us right away if we wanted to know then or wait. We said wait but we wanted it to do a reveal party so she just had us look away anytime she went anywhere near his legs. The only issue was the baby was moving a lot and I could tell it took her a bit to get a pic of the babies "parts". When we did the reveal we found it it was a boy. We looked at the scan picture later and realized that it said "looks like a boy" as if she wasn't sure. And in the image itself it does not look like a normal boy part. It was WAY too big. I am beginning to think it was the umbilical cord. We have a son already and we have his anatomy scan picture from 20 weeks (this one was done at 18 weeks) and his looks more like what you would expect. This one just does not look right haha. So we are requesting a new scan to see if we can get a better picture to be certain it is a boy. I read a few posts of people saying they had the same issues with their scans where the umbilical cord got in the way and it took a few tries to find out for sure what the gender is. Anyways good luck guys! Our scan came out great tho, baby is healthy and growing well and the placenta is placed in a good spot so thats good. It was kind of in the way of parts of the scan though. 
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